Why I am not a big fan of Cardi B
Why I am not a big fan of Cardi B
Why I am not a big fan of Cardi B

Why I am not a big fan of Cardi B - The Inside News

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Cardi B Showed Ellen How She Got Pregnant

R<b>ab>pper C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B v<b>ib>s<b>ib>ted Ellen for the f<b>ib>rst t<b>ib>me, <b>ab>nd t<b>ab>lked <b>ab>bout reve<b>ab>l<b>ib>ng her pregn<b>ab>ncy on "SNL," then expl<b>ab><b>ib>ned just how she got pregn<b>ab>nt... by show<b>ib>ng photos <b>ofb> her twerk<b>ib>ng <b>ab>t Co<b>ab>chell<b>ab>.

After watching this you will HATE Kylie Jenner!! (WORST MOMENTS EXPOSED)

<b>Ab>fter w<b>ab>tch<b>ib>ng th<b>ib>s you w<b>ib>ll H<b>Ab>TE Kyl<b>ib>e Jenner!! (WORST MOMENTS EXPOSED) Kyl<b>ib>e Jenner worst moments rude to f<b>ab>ns. Kyl<b>ib>e Jenner <b>ab>ngry <b>ab>t f<b>ab>ns <b>ab>nd yells <b>ab>t f<b>ab>ns on Ellen show. Kyl<b>ib>e Jenner pl<b>ab>st<b>ib>c surgery. Kyl<b>ib>e Jenner l<b>ib>es <b>ab>bout l<b>ib>ps <b>ab>nd Kyl<b>ib>e Jenner l<b>ib>es <b>ab>bout pl<b>ab>st<b>ib>c surgery. Kyl<b>ib>e Jenner stup<b>ib>d worst moments. Kyl<b>ib>e Jenner re<b>ab>l<b>ib>z<b>ib>ng th<b>ib>ngs. Kyl<b>ib>e Jenner exposed f<b>ab>ke <b>ab>nd bre<b>ab>ks up w<b>ib>th Tyg<b>ab>. <b>Ib> met Kyl<b>ib>e Jenner <b>ab>nd <b>ib>t w<b>ab>s <b>ab> n<b>ib>ghtm<b>ab>re.

Kim Kardashian's Most Questionable Moments...

<b>Ab>fter w<b>ab>tch<b>ib>ng th<b>ib>s v<b>ib>deo you w<b>ib>ll prob<b>ab>bly d<b>ib>sl<b>ib>ke K<b>ib>m K<b>ab>rd<b>ab>sh<b>ib><b>ab>n, there <b>ib>s <b>notb>h<b>ib>ng wrong <b>ib>f you l<b>ib>ke her content, but you h<b>ab>ve to <b>ab>dm<b>ib>t she c<b>ab>n be <b>ab> horr<b>ib>ble person somet<b>ib>mes... ↓ <b>NOTb>E: Th<b>ib>s v<b>ib>deo <b>ib>s just for entert<b>ab><b>ib>nment purposes. <b>Ib> don't d<b>ib>sl<b>ib>ke K<b>ib>m <b>ab> lot. Th<b>ib>s v<b>ib>deo <b>ab>ctu<b>ab>lly <b>ib>s PG CLE<b>Ab>N Top secret: November 20 <b>Ib> w<b>ib>ll be dropp<b>ib>ng <b>ab>n <b>ofb>f<b>ib>c<b>ib><b>ab>l mus<b>ib>c v<b>ib>deo

20 Things You Didn't Know About Cardi B

Surpr<b>ib>s<b>ib>ng f<b>ab>cts <b>ab>bout r<b>ab>pper C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B. Subscr<b>ib>be: https://goo.gl/Hno<b>ab>w3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- True f<b>ab>ns <b>ofb> C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B know th<b>ab>t she’s been <b>ab>round for <b>ab> lot longer th<b>ab>n m<b>ab><b>ib>nstre<b><b>ab>mb> med<b>ib><b>ab> h<b>ab>s been p<b>ab>y<b>ib>ng <b>ab>ttent<b>ib>on to her. They <b>ab>lso know there <b>ib>s <b>ab> lot more th<b>ab>n meets the eye when <b>ib>t comes to th<b>ib>s outl<b>ab>nd<b>ib>sh r<b>ab>pper. Tod<b>ab>y, we <b>ab>re show<b>ib>ng you 20 th<b>ib>ngs you d<b>ib>dn’t know <b>ab>bout C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B. We w<b>ib>ll d<b>ib>scuss her humble beg<b>ib>nn<b>ib>ngs <b>ib>n The Bronx, New York, <b>ab>nd her C<b>ab>rr<b>ib>be<b>ab>n roots. We w<b>ib>ll <b>ab>lso shed l<b>ib>ght on her r<b>ib>se to f<b><b>ab>mb>e, <b>ab>nd who she h<b>ab>s to th<b>ab>nk for <b>ib>nvest<b>ib>ng <b>ib>n her r<b>ab>p c<b>ab>reer. We'll g<b>ib>ve...

why everyone HATES Bella Thorne (WORST MOMENTS EXPOSED)

<b>whyb> everyone H<b>Ab>TES Bell<b>ab> Thorne (WORST MOMENTS EXPOSED) <b>Ib> JUST M<b>Ab>DE <b>Ab> TW<b>Ib>TTER/SN<b>Ab>PCH<b>Ab>T/<b>Ib>NST<b>Ab>GR<b><b>Ab>Mb> <b>Ab>CCOUNT, GO ST<b>Ab>LK ME: @thedr<b><b>ab>mb><b>ab>s<b>ab>v<b>ab>ge Let me know who you w<b>ab>nn<b>ab> see me do next <b>ib>n the comments below :) Sect<b>ib>on 107 F<b>ab><b>ib>r Use L<b>ab>w <b>ib>s <b>ab> US leg<b>ab>l doctr<b>ib>ne th<b>ab>t perm<b>ib>ts l<b>ib>m<b>ib>ted use <b>ofb> copyr<b>ib>ghted m<b>ab>ter<b>ib><b>ab>l w<b>ib>thout <b>ab>cqu<b>ib>r<b>ib>ng perm<b>ib>ss<b>ib>on from the r<b>ib>ghts holders. <b>Ib>f you h<b>ab>ve <b>ab>ny concerns or quest<b>ib>ons on <b>ab>ny content <b>Ib> uplo<b>ab>d <b>ib>n these v<b>ib>deos, ple<b>ab>se cont<b>ab>ct me d<b>ib>rectly through my em<b>ab><b>ib>l loc<b>ab>ted <b>ib>n the <b>ab>bout sect<b>ib>on on my ch<b>ab>nnel.

Cardi B Being Cardi B

<b>Ib>nst<b>ab>gr<b><b>ab>mb>: @beeftube

Cardi B loses support from the music industry | Cardi's career (Let's talk)

C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B h<b>ab>s <b>notb> been h<b>ab>v<b>ib>ng the best week. Ever s<b>ib>nce her cl<b>ab>sh w<b>ib>th N<b>ib>ck<b>ib> M<b>Ib>n<b>ab>j <b>ab>t the H<b>ab>rper's B<b>ab>z<b>ab><b>ab>r <b>Ib>cons p<b>ab>rty, th<b>ib>ngs h<b>ab>ve been slow<b>ib>ng sh<b>ib>ft<b>ib>ng out <b>ofb> her f<b>ab>vor. N<b>ib>ck<b>ib> unve<b>ib>led C<b>ab>rd<b>ib>'s <b>ab>nt<b>ib>cs on Queen r<b>ab>d<b>ib>o wh<b>ib>ch opened the eyes <b>ofb> <b>ab> lot <b>ofb> C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> supporters. People <b>ib>n the mus<b>ib>c <b>ib>ndustry l<b>ib>ke R<b>ib>h<b>ab>nn<b>ab>, Ch<b>ab>nce the R<b>ab>pper, C<b>ib><b>ab>r<b>ab>, <b>ab>nd J Lo h<b>ab>ve <b>ab>ll unfollowed C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B on soc<b>ib><b>ab>l med<b>ib><b>ab>. Beyonce <b>ab>nd J<b>ab>y-Z subtly took <b>ab> s<b>ib>de <b>ib>n the beef by s<b>ib>d<b>ib>ng w<b>ib>th N<b>ib>ck<b>ib>. <b>Ab>llegedly C<b>ab>rd<b>ib>'s l<b>ab>bel <b>ib>s look<b>ib>ng for <b>ab> new fem<b>ab>le r<b>ab>p st<b>ab>r. C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> st<b>ib>ll h<b>ab>s m<b>ab>jor support...

Cardi B Supercut (PART 2): Best Moments from Love & Hip Hop Season 7

<b>Ab> comp<b>ib>l<b>ab>t<b>ib>on <b>ofb> C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B's ('Bod<b>ab>k Yellow', 'B<b>ab>rt<b>ib>er C<b>ab>rrd<b>ib>', 'Motorsport') most over the top scenes from se<b>ab>son 7 <b>ofb> 'Love & H<b>ib>p Hop: New York'. #VH1 #C<b>ab>rd<b>ib>B #B<b>ab>rt<b>ib>erC<b>ab>rd<b>ib> #LHH #LHHNY Subscr<b>ib>be to VH1: http://on.vh1.com/subscr<b>ib>be Shows + Pop Culture + Mus<b>ib>c + Celebr<b>ib>ty. VH1: We complete you. Connect w<b>ib>th VH1 Onl<b>ib>ne VH1 <b>Ofb>f<b>ib>c<b>ib><b>ab>l S<b>ib>te: http://vh1.com Follow @VH1 on Tw<b>ib>tter: http://tw<b>ib>tter.com/VH1 F<b>ib>nd VH1 on F<b>ab>cebook: http://f<b>ab>cebook.com/VH1 F<b>ib>nd VH1 on Tumblr : http://vh1.tumblr.com Follow VH1 on <b>Ib>nst<b>ab>gr<b><b>ab>mb> : http://<b>ib>nst<b>ab>gr<b><b>ab>mb>.com/vh1 F<b>ib>nd VH1 on Google + : http://plus.google.com/+vh1 Follow VH1 on P<b>ib>nterest : http://p<b>ib>nterest.com/vh1 C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B Supercut (P<b>Ab>RT 2): Best Moments from Love & H<b>ib>p Hop Se<b>ab>son 7 http://www.youtube.com/user/VH1

Cardi B talks Trump, Offset and her Sex Life with Charlie Sloth

*W<b>Ab>RN<b>Ib>NG CONT<b>Ab><b>Ib>NS THE STRONGEST POSS<b>Ib>BLE L<b>Ab>NGU<b>Ab>GE* C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B pl<b>ab>ys <b>ab> g<b><b>ab>mb>e <b>ofb> 'Would You R<b>ab>ther'... cover<b>ib>ng everyth<b>ib>ng from Don<b>ab>ld Trump, T<b>ab>ylor Sw<b>ib>ft <b>ab>nd wh<b>ab>t she get's up to w<b>ib>th <b>Ofb>fset <b>ib>n the bedroom. #The8th Tune <b>ib>n Mond<b>ab>y to Thursd<b>ab>y 9 - 11PM on BBC R<b>ab>d<b>ib>o 1.

20 Celebs Who DISSED Nicki Minaj

20 F<b><b>ab>mb>ous people who h<b>ab>ve sh<b>ab>ded N<b>ib>ck<b>ib> M<b>ib>n<b>ab>j. Subscr<b>ib>be: https://goo.gl/Hno<b>ab>w3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- N<b>ib>ck<b>ib> M<b>ib>n<b>ab>j h<b>ab>s cemented herself <b>ab>t the top <b>ofb> the mus<b>ib>c ch<b>ab>rts th<b>ab>nks to her c<b>ab>tchy be<b>ab>ts <b>ab>nd fl<b>ab>wless lyr<b>ib>cs. Her f<b>ab>ns just c<b>ab>n’t get enough <b>ofb> her, <b>ab>nd the entert<b>ab><b>ib>nment <b>ib>ndustry <b>ab>lw<b>ab>ys m<b>ab>kes sure she’s front <b>ab>nd center <b>ab>t <b>Ab>-l<b>ib>st events. But there <b>ab>re some celebs who <b>ab>re s<b>ib>ck <b>ab>nd t<b>ib>red <b>ofb> N<b>ib>ck<b>ib>. They’ve publ<b>ib>cly b<b>ab>shed her onl<b>ib>ne, <b>ib>n <b>ib>nterv<b>ib>ews, <b>ab>nd on n<b>ab>t<b>ib>on<b>ab>l telev<b>ib>s<b>ib>on. From Dr<b>ab>ke to Gucc<b>ib> M<b>ab>ne, Dem<b>ib> Lov<b>ab>to, <b>ab>nd M<b>ab>r<b>ib><b>ab>h C<b>ab>rey, let’s t<b>ab>ke <b>ab> look <b>ab>t the superst<b>ab>rs who <b>ab>ren’t <b>ab> f<b>ab>n <b>ofb> the Queens, New York r<b>ab>pper....

Ariana Grande's Shadiest/Diva Moments

Don't forget to l<b>ib>ke, comment <b>ab>nd sh<b>ab>re w<b>ib>th <b>ab>ll your fr<b>ib>ends! <b>Ab>lso subscr<b>ib>be so you don't m<b>ib>ss <b>ab>ny v<b>ib>deos <b>ib>n the future. Com<b>ib>ng up soon: Ellen Degeneres, C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B, Em<b>ib>nem, Just<b>ib>n B<b>ib>eber, N<b>ib>ck<b>ib> M<b>ib>n<b>ab>j (P<b>ab>rt 2), Kyl<b>ib>e Jenner, K<b>ib>m K<b>ab>rd<b>ab>sh<b>ib><b>ab>n, S<b>ib>mon Cowell <b>ab>nd m<b>ab>ny more! D<b>ab>ngerous Wom<b>ab>n [Expl<b>ib>c<b>ib>t]: https://www.<b><b>ab>mb><b>ab>zon.com/gp/product/B01FRF0L8<b>Ib>/ref=<b>ab>s_l<b>ib>_tl?<b>ib>e=UTF8&c<b><b>ab>mb>p=1789&cre<b>ab>t<b>ib>ve=9325&cre<b>ab>t<b>ib>ve<b>Ab>S<b>Ib>N=B01FRF0L8<b>Ib>&l<b>ib>nkCode=<b>ab>s2&t<b>ab>g=k<b>ib>llerqueen0b-20&l<b>ib>nk<b>Ib>d=f210<b>ab>b4851f178df95f63014bfc68b41 S<b>ib>de To S<b>ib>de [fe<b>ab>t. N<b>ib>ck<b>ib> M<b>ib>n<b>ab>j] [Expl<b>ib>c<b>ib>t]: https://www.<b><b>ab>mb><b>ab>zon.com/gp/product/B01FRF0TS<b>Ab>/ref=<b>ab>s_l<b>ib>_tl?<b>ib>e=UTF8&c<b><b>ab>mb>p=1789&cre<b>ab>t<b>ib>ve=9325&cre<b>ab>t<b>ib>ve<b>Ab>S<b>Ib>N=B01FRF0TS<b>Ab>&l<b>ib>nkCode=<b>ab>s2&t<b>ab>g=k<b>ib>llerqueen0b-20&l<b>ib>nk<b>Ib>d=1b5b68<b>ab>66bf78def1c6943b577e6<b>ab>e1f <b>Ib>nto You: https://www.<b><b>ab>mb><b>ab>zon.com/gp/product/B01FRF0RU0/ref=<b>ab>s_l<b>ib>_tl?<b>ib>e=UTF8&c<b><b>ab>mb>p=1789&cre<b>ab>t<b>ib>ve=9325&cre<b>ab>t<b>ib>ve<b>Ab>S<b>Ib>N=B01FRF0RU0&l<b>ib>nkCode=<b>ab>s2&t<b>ab>g=k<b>ib>llerqueen0b-20&l<b>ib>nk<b>Ib>d=f4fd7<b>ab>31c242bd628f6b79846e36f384 My Everyth<b>ib>ng (Deluxe): https://www.<b><b>ab>mb><b>ab>zon.com/gp/product/B00MW6W0TO/ref=<b>ab>s_l<b>ib>_tl?<b>ib>e=UTF8&c<b><b>ab>mb>p=1789&cre<b>ab>t<b>ib>ve=9325&cre<b>ab>t<b>ib>ve<b>Ab>S<b>Ib>N=B00MW6W0TO&l<b>ib>nkCode=<b>ab>s2&t<b>ab>g=k<b>ib>llerqueen0b-20&l<b>ib>nk<b>Ib>d=8cd75d810719b4<b>ab>324eb99b3e8b1cf79


<b>Ib>f you l<b>ib>ked th<b>ib>s v<b>ib>deo ple<b>ab>se g<b>ib>ve <b>ib>t <b>ab> thumbs up <b>ab>nd don´t forget to subscr<b>ib>be for more v<b>ib>deos l<b>ib>ke th<b>ib>s;) F<b>ib>nd me <b>ab>t <b>ib>nst<b>ab>gr<b><b>ab>mb>: https://www.<b>ib>nst<b>ab>gr<b><b>ab>mb>.com/v<b>ib>dsfor<b>ib>h/ (my other <b>ab>cc @v<b>ib>deos<b>ofb>enty got d<b>ib>s<b>ab>bled)

Cardi B: I Became a Stripper to Escape Domestic Violence

C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B spoke exclus<b>ib>vely to Vl<b>ab>dTV <b>ab>bout wh<b>ab>t m<b>ab>de her become <b>ab> str<b>ib>pper, reve<b>ab>l<b>ib>ng th<b>ab>t she turned to d<b>ab>nc<b>ib>ng <b>ib>n order to m<b>ab>ke her own money <b>ab>nd esc<b>ab>pe <b>ab>n <b>ab>bus<b>ib>ve boyfr<b>ib>end. The Love & H<b>ib>p Hop st<b>ab>r expl<b>ab><b>ib>ned th<b>ab>t wh<b>ib>le she wouldn't <b>ab>dv<b>ib>se other young women to follow her p<b>ab>th, she d<b>ib>d tell us th<b>ab>t str<b>ib>pp<b>ib>ng s<b>ab>ved her l<b>ib>fe. Dur<b>ib>ng the convers<b>ab>t<b>ib>on C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> <b>ab>lso spoke <b>ab>bout the d<b>ab>ngers <b>ofb> gett<b>ib>ng <b>ib>lleg<b>ab>l butt shots, <b>ab>s she doesn't know wh<b>ab>t she h<b>ab>d <b>ib>njected <b>ib>nto her butt dur<b>ib>ng her e<b>ab>rly 20s. You c<b>ab>n check out more <b>ofb> wh<b>ab>t C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> h<b>ab>d to s<b>ab>y <b>ab>bout butt...

Cardi B Best Funny Moments (Instagram) || 2018

Th<b>ab>nks for 150k SUBSCR<b>Ib>BERS. NExt GO<b>ab>l : 160k Subscr<b>ib>bers Next v<b>ib>deo On Fr<b>ib>d<b>ab>y. SUBM<b>Ib>T G<b>Ib>FTED V<b>Ib>DEOS :http://b<b>ib>t.ly/2q<b>ab>KbZ8 SUBSCR<b>Ib>BE TO G<b>Ib>FTED VO<b>Ib>CES 7384444 :http://b<b>ib>t.ly/2rMsmzU <b>Ib>nst<b>ab>gr<b><b>ab>mb> : https://www.<b>ib>nst<b>ab>gr<b><b>ab>mb>.com/peoplec<b>ab>ns<b>ib>ng/ @peoplec<b>ab>ns<b>ib>ng SUBSCR<b>Ib>BE HELP ME RE<b>Ab>CH 150k L<b>Ib>KE SH<b>Ab>RE <b>Ab>ND SUBSCR<b>Ib>BE. THere W<b>ib>ll Be <b>Ab> P<b>Ab>rt 2. Th<b>ab>nk YOU. <b>Ab><b>notb>her Comp<b>ib>l<b>ab>t<b>ib>on <b>Ofb> S<b>ib>ng<b>ib>ng V<b>ib>deos. L<b>Ib>KE SH<b>Ab>RE <b>Ab>ND SUBSCR<b>Ib>BE FOR MORE. <b>Ab>ll S<b>ib>ngers <b>ab>re from <b>Ib>nst<b>ab>gr<b><b>ab>mb> Person<b>ab>l P<b>ab>ges. Next v<b>ib>deo On S<b>ab>turd<b>ab>y. SUBSCR<b>Ib>BE HELP ME RE<b>Ab>CH 100k L<b>Ib>KE SH<b>Ab>RE <b>Ab>ND SUBSCR<b>Ib>BE.Th<b>ab>nk YOU. <b>Ab><b>notb>her Comp<b>ib>l<b>ab>t<b>ib>on <b>Ofb> S<b>ib>ng<b>ib>ng V<b>ib>deos. L<b>Ib>KE SH<b>Ab>RE...

10 Celebs Who Went From TRASH To CLASS

10 F<b><b>ab>mb>ous people who turned the<b>ib>r l<b>ib>fe <b>ab>round <b>ab>nd for the better! Subscr<b>ib>be: https://goo.gl/Hno<b>ab>w3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <b>Ib>f you were to look <b>ab>t some <b>ofb> your old photos, we wouldn’t be surpr<b>ib>sed <b>ib>f you cr<b>ib>nged <b>ab>t your p<b>ab>st f<b>ab>sh<b>ib>on cho<b>ib>ces. <b>Ab>nd guess wh<b>ab>t? Celebs <b>ab>re no d<b>ib>fferent. Some <b>ofb> them wore w<b>ab>cky <b>ab>nd t<b>ab>cky outf<b>ib>ts throughout the<b>ib>r c<b>ab>reers. But th<b>ab>nkfully, they took the <b>ab>ppropr<b>ib><b>ab>te steps to m<b>ab>ke some ch<b>ab>nges for the better. The<b>ib>r d<b>ab>ys <b>ofb> be<b>ib>ng on the worst-dressed l<b>ib>st <b>ab>re over. These d<b>ab>ys, they <b>ab>ll look l<b>ib>ke <b>ab> m<b>ib>ll<b>ib>on bucks whenever they h<b>ib>t the red c<b>ab>rpet. From Kr<b>ib>sten Stew<b>ab>rt to C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B, Jenn<b>ib>fer Lopez,...

Nicki Minaj Disses Cardi B At Met Gala 2018 | Hollywoodlife

N<b>ib>ck<b>ib> M<b>ib>n<b>ab>j c<b>ab>lls out C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B dur<b>ib>ng <b>ab>n <b>ib>nterv<b>ib>ew on the red c<b>ab>rpet. Plus C<b>ab>rd<b>ib>'s te<b><b>ab>mb> <b>ab>llegedly punch <b>ab>nd be<b>ab>t <b>ab> f<b>ab>n. Subscr<b>ib>be to Hollywoodl<b>ib>fe: http://b<b>ib>t.ly/2dUQKs0 N<b>ib>ck<b>ib> M<b>ib>n<b>ab>j <b>ab>nd C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B m<b>ab>y h<b>ab>ve <b>ab>n <b>ab>wkw<b>ab>rd run-<b>ib>n <b><b>ab>mb><b>ib>dst the<b>ib>r grow<b>ib>ng feud <b>ab>t the Met G<b>ab>l<b>ab> on M<b>ab>y 7! Both l<b>ab>d<b>ib>es <b>ab>re <b>ib>n <b>ab>ttend<b>ab>nce <b>ab>t the event, <b>ab>nd N<b>ib>ck<b>ib> even seemed to c<b>ab>ll out her nemes<b>ib>s on the red c<b>ab>rpet. Wh<b>ib>le comment<b>ib>ng on her “temptress” <b>ab>nd “seductress” look, N<b>ib>ck<b>ib> expl<b>ab><b>ib>ned, “You know wh<b>ab>t, bec<b>ab>use <b>Ib>’m the b<b>ab>d guy. <b>Ab>nd <b>Ib> w<b>ab>nted to m<b>ab>ke sure th<b>ab>t the b<b>ab>d guy w<b>ab>s here.” She g<b>ab>ve...

CARDI B - The RICH LIFE - Net Worth 2017 - FORBES ( Car, Hotels, Bling )

C<b>Ab>RD<b>Ib> B - The R<b>Ib>CH L<b>Ib>FE - Net Worth 2017 - FORBES ( C<b>ab>r, Hotels, Bl<b>ib>ng ) C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B <b>ib>s the F<b>ib>rst Fem<b>ab>le R<b>ab>pper <b>ib>n 19 Ye<b>ab>rs to Top the Ch<b>ab>rts, she's s<b>ib>gned <b>ab> mult<b>ib> m<b>ib>ll<b>ib>on doll<b>ab>r de<b>ab>l w<b>ib>th <b>Ab>tl<b>ab>nt<b>ib>c records <b>ab>nd celebr<b>ab>ted by buy<b>ib>ng herself <b>ab> br<b>ib>ght or<b>ab>nge Bentley worth <b>ab> whopp<b>ib>ng $240,000. F<b>Ib>ND OUT MORE <b>Ib>N TH<b>Ib>S V<b>Ib>DEO: SUBSCR<b>Ib>BE: http://www.youtube.com/MrMcCruddenM<b>ib>ch<b>ab>el?sub_conf<b>ib>rm<b>ab>t<b>ib>on=1 **** MORE V<b>Ib>DEOS YOU W<b>Ib>LL LOVE **** RECENT UPLO<b>Ab>DS: https://www.youtube.com/w<b>ab>tch?v=<b>ab><b>ib>T<b>Ib>UWu85Bg&l<b>ib>st=PLXOk6VWlb9y3<b>ab>YG75cOnxX<b>Ib>yVwNdN3HMX The R<b>Ib>CH L<b>ib>fe V<b>Ib>DEOS: https://www.youtube.com/w<b>ab>tch?v=<b>ab><b>ib>T<b>Ib>UWu85Bg&l<b>ib>st=PLXOk6VWlb9y3qLB5-gXZjnbYEsFSS<b>Ib>qVZ <b>Ab>FTER THEY WERE F<b><b>Ab>Mb>OUS V<b>Ib>DEOS: https://www.youtube.com/w<b>ab>tch?v=_f0-jz4<b>Ab>ZB8&l<b>ib>st=PLXOk6VWlb9y33jo7qHJF64zr2UlU7dKMb *** GR<b>Ab>B SOME 'Before They Were F<b><b>ab>mb>ous' MERCH *** https://teespr<b>ib>ng.com/stores/before-they-were-f<b><b>ab>mb>ous C<b>Ab>RD<b>Ib> B'S SOC<b>Ib><b>Ab>L MED<b>Ib><b>Ab> L<b>Ib>NKS: TW<b>Ib>TTER: https://tw<b>ib>tter.com/<b>ib><b><b>ab>mb>c<b>ab>rd<b>ib>b <b>Ib>NST<b>Ab>GR<b><b>Ab>Mb>: https://www.<b>ib>nst<b>ab>gr<b><b>ab>mb>.com/<b>ib><b><b>ab>mb>c<b>ab>rd<b>ib>b McCrudden's SOC<b>Ib><b>Ab>L MED<b>Ib><b>Ab> L<b>Ib>NKS: YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/MrMcCruddenM<b>ib>ch<b>ab>el <b>Ib>NST<b>Ab>GR<b><b>Ab>Mb>: http://www.<b>Ib>nst<b>ab>gr<b><b>ab>mb>.com/McCruddenM TW<b>Ib>TTER: http://www.Tw<b>ib>tter.com/McCruddenM F<b>Ab>CEBOOK: https://www.f<b>ab>cebook.com/M<b>ib>ch<b>ab>el-McCrudden-1649360785312596/ CRED<b>Ib>TS: PRODUCER: M<b>ab>tt Rubel, Quest<b>ib>on T<b>ib>me https://www.youtube.com/Quest<b>ib>onT<b>ib>meQT ED<b>Ib>TOR: Kev<b>ab>l...

Cardi B Ghetto Moments

L<b>ib>ke Rev<b>ib>ews? Cl<b>ib>ck Here: https://www.youtube.com/ch<b>ab>nnel/UCt<b>Ib>H2NTB33Xb6jCdTmRECKg <b>Ab>fter re<b>ab>ch<b>ib>ng my 20 thous<b>ab>nd subscr<b>ib>ber go<b>ab>l. <b>Ib> f<b>ib>gured. <b>Whyb> <b>notb> re<b>ab>ch for 30 Thous<b>ab>nd. <b>Ib>f you l<b>ib>ke my v<b>ib>deos. Go <b>ab>he<b>ab>d <b>ab>nd press th<b>ab>t subscr<b>ib>be button. You C<b>ab>n Vote For <b>Ab> V<b>ib>deo To Be M<b>ab>de Or Request Someth<b>ib>ng Just Le<b>ab>ve <b>ib>t <b>Ib>n The Comments Sect<b>ib>on Cont<b>ab>ct <b>Ib>f you w<b>ab>nt your mus<b>ib>c <b>ib>n my v<b>ib>deos. https://www.f<b>ib>verr.com/justkorv<b>ab>c/fe<b>ab>ture-your-mus<b>ib>c-<b>ib>n-my-youtube-v<b>ib>deos


here's everyth<b>ib>ng wrong w<b>ib>th lele pons bec<b>ab>use <b>ib> h<b>ab>te everyth<b>ib>ng. subscr<b>ib>be <b>ib> guess. bus<b>ib>ness em<b>ab><b>ib>l: chey<b>ib>sb<b>ab>s<b>ib>c@gm<b>ab><b>ib>l.com

Cardi B Throws Her Shoe At Asia & A Fight Breaks Out | Love & Hip Hop

When C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B doesn’t rece<b>ib>ve <b>ab> good enough expl<b>ab>n<b>ab>t<b>ib>on <b>ab>s to <b>whyb> <b>Ab>s<b>ib><b>ab> d<b>ib>sl<b>ib>kes her, C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> gets phys<b>ib>c<b>ab>l <b>ab>nd throws her heel. #VH1 #LHH #LHHNY Subscr<b>ib>be to VH1: http://on.vh1.com/subscr<b>ib>be Shows + Pop Culture + Mus<b>ib>c + Celebr<b>ib>ty. VH1: We complete you. Connect w<b>ib>th VH1 Onl<b>ib>ne VH1 <b>Ofb>f<b>ib>c<b>ib><b>ab>l S<b>ib>te: http://vh1.com Follow @VH1 on Tw<b>ib>tter: http://tw<b>ib>tter.com/VH1 F<b>ib>nd VH1 on F<b>ab>cebook: http://f<b>ab>cebook.com/VH1 F<b>ib>nd VH1 on Tumblr : http://vh1.tumblr.com Follow VH1 on <b>Ib>nst<b>ab>gr<b><b>ab>mb> : http://<b>ib>nst<b>ab>gr<b><b>ab>mb>.com/vh1 F<b>ib>nd VH1 on Google + : http://plus.google.com/+vh1 Follow VH1 on P<b>ib>nterest : http://p<b>ib>nterest.com/vh1 C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B Throws Her Shoe <b>Ab>t <b>Ab>s<b>ib><b>ab> & <b>Ab> F<b>ib>ght Bre<b>ab>ks Out | Love & H<b>ib>p Hop http://www.youtube.com/user/VH1

Jimmy Interviews Cardi B

C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B cr<b>ab>cks J<b>ib>mmy up <b>ab>bout her n<b><b>ab>mb>e's or<b>ib>g<b>ib>n, how f<b>ib><b>ab>ncé M<b>ib>gos' <b>Ofb>fset went out <b>ofb> h<b>ib>s w<b>ab>y for h<b>ib>s propos<b>ab>l <b>ab>nd <b>whyb> she <b>ab>lre<b>ab>dy feels l<b>ib>ke <b>ab> w<b>ib>nner <b>ab>fter "Bod<b>ab>k Yellow," even <b>ib>f she doesn't t<b>ab>ke home <b>ab> Gr<b><b>ab>mb>my. Subscr<b>ib>be NOW to The Ton<b>ib>ght Show St<b>ab>rr<b>ib>ng J<b>ib>mmy F<b>ab>llon: http://b<b>ib>t.ly/1nwT1<b>ab>N W<b>ab>tch The Ton<b>ib>ght Show St<b>ab>rr<b>ib>ng J<b>ib>mmy F<b>ab>llon Weekn<b>ib>ghts 11:35/10:35c Get more J<b>ib>mmy F<b>ab>llon: Follow J<b>ib>mmy: http://Tw<b>ib>tter.com/J<b>ib>mmyF<b>ab>llon L<b>ib>ke J<b>ib>mmy: https://F<b>ab>cebook.com/J<b>ib>mmyF<b>ab>llon Get more The Ton<b>ib>ght Show St<b>ab>rr<b>ib>ng J<b>ib>mmy F<b>ab>llon: Follow The Ton<b>ib>ght Show: http://Tw<b>ib>tter.com/F<b>ab>llonTon<b>ib>ght L<b>ib>ke The Ton<b>ib>ght Show: https://F<b>ab>cebook.com/F<b>ab>llonTon<b>ib>ght The Ton<b>ib>ght Show Tumblr: http://f<b>ab>llonton<b>ib>ght.tumblr.com/ Get more NBC: NBC YouTube: http://b<b>ib>t.ly/1dM1qBH L<b>ib>ke NBC: http://F<b>ab>cebook.com/NBC Follow NBC: http://Tw<b>ib>tter.com/NBC NBC Tumblr: http://nbctv.tumblr.com/ NBC Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NBC/posts The Ton<b>ib>ght Show...

After watching this you will dislike Kendall Jenner!

<b>Ab>fter w<b>ab>tch<b>ib>ng th<b>ib>s v<b>ib>deo you w<b>ib>ll prob<b>ab>bly d<b>ib>sl<b>ib>ke Kend<b>ab>ll Jenner, there <b>ib>s <b>notb>h<b>ib>ng wrong <b>ib>f you l<b>ib>ke her content, but you h<b>ab>ve to <b>ab>dm<b>ib>t she c<b>ab>n be <b>ab> horr<b>ib>ble person somet<b>ib>mes... --- PG CLE<b>Ab>N Next week <b>Ib> w<b>ib>ll be dropp<b>ib>ng <b>ab>n <b>ofb>f<b>ib>c<b>ib><b>ab>l mus<b>ib>c v<b>ib>deo <b>NOTb>E: Th<b>ib>s v<b>ib>deo <b>ib>s just for entert<b>ab><b>ib>nment purposes. <b>Ib> don't d<b>ib>sl<b>ib>ke Kend<b>ab>ll <b>ab> lot.

Everytime Cardi B COPIED Another Artist

<b>Ib>nsp<b>ib>red or Copyc<b>ab>t?

10 Funniest Cardi B Interview Moments

More Celebr<b>ib>ty News ►► http://b<b>ib>t.ly/SubClevverNews <b>Ib>f you don't <b>ab>lre<b>ab>dy know C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B's n<b><b>ab>mb>e, you w<b>ib>ll very soon. She <b>ib>s qu<b>ib>ckly blow<b>ib>ng up w<b>ib>th ch<b>ab>rt topp<b>ib>ng s<b>ib>ngles <b>ab>nd coll<b>ab>bs to mov<b>ib>e de<b>ab>ls <b>ab>nd <b>ib>s show<b>ib>ng no s<b>ib>gns <b>ofb> slow<b>ib>ng down <b>ab>nyt<b>ib>me soon. <b>Ab>s<b>ib>de from her unden<b>ib><b>ab>ble t<b>ab>lent, she h<b>ab>s the most entert<b>ab><b>ib>n<b>ib>ng person<b>ab>l<b>ib>ty <b>Ib>'ve ever come <b>ab>cross so bec<b>ab>use everyone needs some <b>ofb> th<b>ab>t energy <b>ib>n the<b>ib>r l<b>ib>fe, we're br<b>ib>ng<b>ib>ng you <b>ab> l<b>ib>st <b>ofb> 10 <b>ofb> the funn<b>ib>est C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B <b>Ib>nterv<b>ib>ew Moments. For More Clevver V<b>ib>s<b>ib>t: There <b>ab>re 2 types <b>ofb> people: those who follow us on F<b>ab>cebook <b>ab>nd those who <b>ab>re m<b>ib>ss<b>ib>ng...

Nicki Minaj calls out Cardi B...but forgets how she treated Lil Kim

N<b>ib>ck M<b>ib>n<b>ab>j s<b>ab>t down <b>ab>nd d<b>ib>d her f<b>ib>rst <b>ib>nterv<b>ib>ew <b>ofb> 2018 w<b>ib>th Z<b>ab>ne Lowe on <b>Ab>pple Mus<b>ib>c Be<b>ab>ts 1. N<b>ib>ck<b>ib> promoted her two new s<b>ib>ngles B<b>ab>rb<b>ib>e T<b>ib>ngz <b>ab>nd Chun L<b>ib> (wh<b>ib>ch currently occupy the top two spots on <b>ib>Tunes). N<b>ib>ck<b>ib> <b>ab>lso opened up <b>ab>bout her <b>ab>lleged feud w<b>ib>th C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B. N<b>ib>ck<b>ib> <b>ab>nd C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B coll<b>ab>bor<b>ab>ted w<b>ib>th the M<b>ib>gos on the song "Motorsport." The song w<b>ab>s <b>ab> sm<b>ab>sh h<b>ib>t, but there w<b>ab>s some beh<b>ib>nd the scenes dr<b><b>ab>mb><b>ab> th<b>ab>t occurred between C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> <b>ab>nd N<b>ib>ck<b>ib>. H<b>ib>p hop comment<b>ab>tor, DJ <b>Ab>k<b>ab>dem<b>ib>ks, reve<b>ab>led th<b>ab>t N<b>ib>ck<b>ib> wrote <b>ab> few l<b>ib>nes <b>ib>n her verse th<b>ab>t <b>ofb>fended C<b>ab>rd<b>ib> B....