Alto's Adventure - Smash two rocks with a boost
Alto's Adventure - Smash two rocks with a boost
Alto's Adventure - Smash two rocks with a boost

Alto's Adventure - Smash two rocks with a boost - Nikhil Gupta

Nikhil Gupta
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Alto's Adventure - How to use the Wingsuit

Hey guys, today I am going to be showing you the more effective way to use the wingsuit in alto's adventure. Hope it helped! Alto's adventure is a really cool game, make sure to get it if you havent already!

[Alto's Adventure] Smash two rocks with a boost

Made with Paz, is slower but keeps boost longer

Alto`s Adventure - level 21

Цели: Расколоть 3 камня за Паза Получить 500 очков за первые 1000 м Сделать гринд во время побега от старейшины

Alto`s Adventure - level 60

Цели: Поймать 3 ламы за один полет в костюме Сделать комбо на 15000 очков Получить 250000 очков за один заезд

Alto`s Adventure - level 22

Цели: Расколоть 2 камня за одно ускорение Перелететь камень под действием пера Сделать 2 сальто в одном лесу

Alto`s Adventure - level 23

Цели: Kiss the rail (сделать гринд на последний 4 м) Сделать 4х комбо Собрать 125 монет за один заезд

Alto`s Adventure -level 56

Цели: Сделать гринд флажков, потом крыши и снова флажков Сделать 14х комбо Расколоть 3 камня за одно ускорение

Alto's Adventure Izel Boost BackFlip

Izelのブーストバックフリップ iPhone用ジャンプゲームAlto's Adventure

Alto's Odyssey Developer Interview

Subscribe For More Live at E3 ► Follow Geoff on Twitter ► Follow Geoff on Facebook ► Watch YouTube Live at E3 -- coverage begins Sunday, June 11 at

How To Triple Backflip In Alto's Adventure! iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/iOS (Tutorial)

The easiest way to do a triple backflip in Alto's Adventure. Tutorial and Tips.

Alto's Adventure - Fly Through an Archway - Level 39 Mission 3

Alto's Adventure - Fly Through an Archway - Level 39 Mission 3 Skip to 02:50 to see the completion of the mission. Played as : Maya ( for better aerial mobility ) Trust me, it took me a while to realize what an archway was in the game. Note: Look out for archways when you approach villages with a lot of roofs and buntings. Your archways could be in between two buntings or at the either end. This is not a tutorial or something, just for those who struggled to know where the archways were.

Alto's Adventure: Two Triple Backflips

Playing Alto's Adventure on iOS and completing two triple backflips in one run. Alto's Adventure is a endless runner game where you must snowboard down a mountain and collect your escaped llamas. There are many goals that you must achieve to advance to the next level. The goals start out easy like Land a Backflip, Grind a Bunting Line & Jump Across a Chasm. But when you get to Level 20 and must Land 2 Triple Backflips in One Run a lot a people get stuck. The key is to use Maya. She is the best flipper. Watch this video where...

Alto's Adventure android: 22 level

Alto's Adventure Дата выпуска: 19 февраля 2015 г. Издатель: Noodlecake Studios Inc Жанр: Платформер Платформа: Android

Alto`s Adventure - level 31

Цели: Купить крылатый костюм Получить максимальное ускорение за Изель Поймать 3 ламы во время действия пера за один заезд

Alto`s Adventure - level 24

Цели: Сделать сальто над спящим старейшиной Сделать гринд в 300 м за один заезд Собрать 3 супермонеты за один заезд

Alto's Adventure | All Characters

Intro Song: "Centipede" by Knife Party Twitter username: @IAmBugman KiK: IAmBugman Join the nation!

Alto`s Adventure - level 27

Цели: Сделать 10 сальто за Паза Собрать 5 супермонет за один заезд Сбежать от двух старейшин за один заезд

Alto's Adventure Cheat: Unlimited Wingsuit Trick | Glitch for Missions & High Scores | No Hack iOS

Subscribe for more tricks and game reviews: This is one of the Alto's Adventure cheats which can be done without any additional hacking tools in version 1.0.0 of the game: You have to use the wingsuit, click on the pause button and resume, then you are able to use the wingsuit for a unlimited period of time. Thanks to SMNK for figuring this out, the developers our informed, so this bug might get fixed soon. Download Alto's Adventure App by Snowman for $1.99 for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): Android: Not available ----------------------------------- This is our homepage with our free apps: Follow us Likes...


Welcome To Alto's Adventure! Alto’s Adventure am doing a proximity backflip in level 34 for those who struggled like me before i got it. Thanks. MUSIC: Virtual Riot - Energy Drink PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBCRIBE FOR MORE HARD STUFFS BEING SOLVED THANKS...