Alto's Adventure - Smash two rocks with a boost
Alto's Adventure - Smash two rocks with a boost
Alto's Adventure - Smash two rocks with a boost

Alto's Adventure - Smash two rocks with a boost - Nikhil Gupta

Nikhil Gupta
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Alto's Adventure - How to use the Wingsuit

Hey guys, today I am going to be showing you the more effective way to use the wingsuit in alto's adventure. Hope it helped! Alto's adventure is a really cool game, make sure to get it if you havent already!

[Alto's Adventure] Smash two rocks with a boost

Made with Paz, is slower but keeps boost longer

Alto`s Adventure - level 23

Цели: Kiss the rail (сделать гринд на последний 4 м) Сделать 4х комбо Собрать 125 монет за один заезд

Alto's Adventure level '11' Land '3' back flips with Maya in one run

Sorry Friend's for uploading late level 5 The OFFICIAL Windows 10 version of Alto's Adventure by Built By Snowman! Enjoy the muiti-award winning game on your Windows device! Join Alto and his friends as they embark on an endless snowboarding odyssey. Journey across the beautiful alpine hills of their native wilderness, through neighbouring villages, ancient woodlands, and long-abandoned ruins. Along the way you'll rescue runaway llamas, grind rooftops, leap over terrifying chasms and outwit the mountain elders – all while braving the ever changing elements and passage of time upon the mountain. Reviews: "A piece of interactive art" – WIRED "One of the best mobile...

Alto`s Adventure - level 22

Цели: Расколоть 2 камня за одно ускорение Перелететь камень под действием пера Сделать 2 сальто в одном лесу

Alto's Adventure 10000 point combo

Alto's Adventure playing on Samsung Galaxy S6. 10000 point combo starts at 1:58

Alto's Odyssey Developer Interview

Subscribe For More Live at E3 ► Follow Geoff on Twitter ► Follow Geoff on Facebook ► Watch YouTube Live at E3 -- coverage begins Sunday, June 11 at

Alto's Adventure Izel Boost BackFlip

Izelのブーストバックフリップ iPhone用ジャンプゲームAlto's Adventure

Alto`s Adventure - level 32

Цели: Пролететь 200 м в крылатом костюме за один заезд Сделать 3 сальто на гринд за один заезд Росколоть 3 камня ускорениями от наледей за один заезд

Alto's Adventure - Fly Through an Archway - Level 39 Mission 3

Alto's Adventure - Fly Through an Archway - Level 39 Mission 3 Skip to 02:50 to see the completion of the mission. Played as : Maya ( for better aerial mobility ) Trust me, it took me a while to realize what an archway was in the game. Note: Look out for archways when you approach villages with a lot of roofs and buntings. Your archways could be in between two buntings or at the either end. This is not a tutorial or something, just for those who struggled to know where the archways were.

Alto's Adventure: Two Triple Backflips

Playing Alto's Adventure on iOS and completing two triple backflips in one run. Alto's Adventure is a endless runner game where you must snowboard down a mountain and collect your escaped llamas. There are many goals that you must achieve to advance to the next level. The goals start out easy like Land a Backflip, Grind a Bunting Line & Jump Across a Chasm. But when you get to Level 20 and must Land 2 Triple Backflips in One Run a lot a people get stuck. The key is to use Maya. She is the best flipper. Watch this video where...

Alto's Adventure | All Characters

Intro Song: "Centipede" by Knife Party Twitter username: @IAmBugman KiK: IAmBugman Join the nation!

Alto`s Adventure - level 21

Цели: Расколоть 3 камня за Паза Получить 500 очков за первые 1000 м Сделать гринд во время побега от старейшины


Welcome To Alto's Adventure! Alto’s Adventure am doing a proximity backflip in level 34 for those who struggled like me before i got it. Thanks. MUSIC: Virtual Riot - Energy Drink PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBCRIBE FOR MORE HARD STUFFS BEING SOLVED THANKS...

Alto's Adventure Cheat: Unlimited Wingsuit Trick | Glitch for Missions & High Scores | No Hack iOS

Subscribe for more tricks and game reviews: This is one of the Alto's Adventure cheats which can be done without any additional hacking tools in version 1.0.0 of the game: You have to use the wingsuit, click on the pause button and resume, then you are able to use the wingsuit for a unlimited period of time. Thanks to SMNK for figuring this out, the developers our informed, so this bug might get fixed soon. Download Alto's Adventure App by Snowman for $1.99 for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): Android: Not available ----------------------------------- This is our homepage with our free apps: Follow us Likes...

Alto's Adventure - Paz Edition | 117,346 High Score! | Paz Character Gameplay!

117,346! SINGLE TRY! PLAYING AS PAZ! Alto's Adventure is one of the most addictive games we have ever come across! What is your High Score? For more Alto's Adventure and more Gaming, Reviews, High Scores, World Records and Ultimate Walkthroughs in 4K HD, Subscribe! #COOKFOOD #COOKFOODGaming #CFG Download Alto's Adventure now! Get it on Google Play : Download on the Apple App Store : Amazon Appstore : Alto’s Adventure – Launch Trailer – Out now for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire : Alto's Adventure Official Website : Alto's Adventure on Facebook : Alto's Adventure on Twitter : Alto's Adventure on Youtube : For more awesome...

Izel is on Fire | Alto's Adventure

Alto's Adventure is a 2015 endless runner snowboarding game by Snowman. The player-character automatically moves to the right of the screen through procedurally generated landscapes. The player taps the screen to jump and perform tricks, and works towards goals, competitive high scores, and upgrades. Snowman, a Toronto-based, three-person indie development team, previously worked on productivity apps before Alto's Adventure. The game was made to emulate the ethereal atmosphere of snowboarding, and was inspired by Journey (2012), Monument Valley (2014), Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (2000), and Windosill (2009).

Alto's Adventure Gameplay - Using Paz for the first time

Gameplay video of the fantastic iOS game, Alto's Adventure ( Paz unlocks at Level 21. He's slow to start, but gains a lot of momentum when he gets going. He also has a longer "sonic boom" than Alto and Maya. Don't expect to be doing many backflips with him though... Recorded on an iPad 2 4th generation, using Reflector ( Comments turned off due to spammers.

Alto`s Adventure - level 20

Цели: Сделать 2 тройных сальто за один заед Сделать комбо на 1000 очков Увидеть три удара молнии

How to avoid elders in Alto's Adventure

Some tips and tricks for avoiding elders in the game Alto's Adventure.

How To Triple Backflip In Alto's Adventure! iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/iOS (Tutorial)

The easiest way to do a triple backflip in Alto's Adventure. Tutorial and Tips.