America BAD Tenants - illegals from hell
America BAD Tenants - illegals from hell
America BAD Tenants - illegals from hell

America BAD Tenants - illegals from hell - GT Pro

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Can't pay we take it away (3) series-4- Episode 5

Paul and Ben attend the eviction of a tenant suffering from a mental health disorder, but are met with a frosty reception. Brian and Del call upon a man who owes a personal debt of £1,900, but he claims to have no prior knowledge of the debt and doesn't even know the claimant. Later, they call upon a taxi firm who owe nearly £3,000 to a supplier. Having previously settled half of the debt with Stewart and Iain, Brian and Del are forced to return after the debtor defaulted on his repayments. Finally, Steve and new trainee Ru attend an...

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A Boston man drives two and a half hours to Connecticut to bring pizza to a 13-year-old girl, and meets Chris Hansen instead.

Runaway mechanic tracked down by car owners

December 02, 2013: He's Australia's runaway mechanic. He takes your car and your money before disappearing. Now, A Current Affair is there with police as angry car owners track him down. December 02, 2013: He's Australia's runaway mechanic. He takes your car and your money before disappearing. Now, A Current Affair is there with police as angry car owners track him down. December 02, 2013: He's Australia's runaway mechanic. He takes your car and your money before disappearing. Now, A Current Affair is there with police as angry car owners track him down. ...

Wrongful CHASE Foreclosure, illegal Eviction Day; 276 Running Ridge, Ojai, CA,

** Illegal Eviction Day for 276 Running Ridge, Ojai, CA by CHASE Bank. We have taken this case to the CA Court of Appeal.The whole Brief can be found on It reads like a Detective story....See more right here.... This home was wrongfully foreclosed on by JP Morgan Chase Bank (and others, including Jamie Dimon) and a group of investors with direct links to WaMu (surprise, surprise) 276 Running Ridge Trl, Ojai, CA, had a WaMu loan, was illegally foreclosed on by Chase Bank (and others) and "sold" without the homeowners' knowledge to insider investors and team on...

ACA Dirty neighbour

Confronting a public housing tenant about his hoarding ways

Squatters force mother out of home and into car | A Current Affair Australia 2018

A Queensland woman was forced to live in her car after she claimed a group of squatters took over her home and refused to leave. Get more A Current Affair at: Follow ACA on Facebook: Follow ACA on Twitter: Follow ACA on Instagram: A Current Affair covers the realms of politics, crime, human rights, science, technology, celebrities and entertainment - all investigated by a dedicated team. A Current Affairs airs weeknights 7.00pm on Channel 9

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Tenants From Hell #8; Cadillac Escalade driving tenant from hell is EVICTED LIVE!

Evicted - Eviction - Live Eviction - Tenants From Hell - Turnkey Real Estate - Real Estate Investing - Property Management - Property Manager - Tenant Nightmare Stories - Tenant From Hell - Landlord Stories From Hell - How to deal with difficult tenants - How to handle tenants from hell - Tenant screening tips - Property Management tips - Multi Family Investing In this video professional #RealEstateBroker #Investor & #PropertyManager #JamesWise goes on location to document an actual eviction LIVE! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 To see more Real Estate info subscribe to the Holton-Wise YouTube channel & follow James on Instagram @JamesWiseHWPG 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 CLICK THE...

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Deputies evict squatters who took over couple's home

A Colorado Springs couple finally gained access to their home after squatters changed the door locks. The rightful homeowners had to go to court and file paperwork to "legally" evict them.

Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! Series 5 Episode 19

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Life In Prison 2017 - Fighting the System Full Documentary

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Another bad Tenant Smh.

Tenant evicted for non payment of rent.

'Serial Squatters' Cost Homeowners Thousands

A North Texas couple gaming the system has been evicted from more than a dozen homes in the last few years for not paying.

Nightmare Tenants S2 E02

Jean Marc Maujean and Danielle Lee Maujean evicted from North London Property

Squatting on the Squatter

Detroit is emerging from bankruptcy. No better time to invest. But you ought to know that squatters are peskier than bedbugs. Charlie LeDuff and the boys are in the Motor City this week, following up on a outrageous story that puts a new twist on the old saying: "A man is the king of his castle." Click here for more:

This is what happens when your tenants wreck your house and find you them....

These renters DESTROYED OUR HOME and broke their lease. They left behind about 200 Dogshit and 16 Chickens to die under our house. This is what happened when we found out where they moved to.

Terrible eviction of disgusting tenants!

This tenant not only forgot to pay their rent... they spent it on junk and left it all for us! The sheriff who evicted them didn't bat an eyelid because he sees this situation all the time in this area.... Be careful where you invest! High crime, high eviction areas can cost you dearly. Even if you run comprehensive applications on every adult and perform routine inspections, you still may have to deal with a situation like this.

Nightmare Tenants Evicted For Refusing To Pay

They're the tenants who want to stay but refuse to cough up. Now, it's eviction day for the nightmare tenants who owe a year's worth of rent.

Landlord makes shocking discovery when tenants move out

She says the tenants were hoarding junk and animals.

Angola Prison - Breakout Prison Documentary 2017

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