An Entire Theater Singing The Pokemon Theme Song
An Entire Theater Singing The Pokemon Theme Song
An Entire Theater Singing The Pokemon Theme Song

An Entire Theater Singing The Pokemon Theme Song - Jetmax25

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Sweet Victory (SpongeBob) -Marching 110

This is my arrangement from the arrangers competition through the marching 110. I won and we got to play it at varsity show and palace theatre. This arrangement is based of the version from spongebob. I am the cymbal alternate this year, and Im 20's in this song.

Original Pokemon Theme Singer Jason Paige In Studio Full Theme

Learn more about this song here This is the New Recording. I really do sound the same after 20 years! After 18 years the singer of the Original Pokemon Theme Song appears in the studio to give the Poke-fans a face to the musical voice of their childhoods. Support This Channel Paypal Bitcoin: 1EaaVAvymG2voamuitjKT83A7qZ3iHQgtw Ethereum: 0xbC528eE2a73C386d36c88F582a10737Dc967F25A Do you collect rare valuable Pokemon cards? Buy em here and I'll sign em for free! Get 40 Jason Paige jamz on a 4gb Pikach-USB flash drive at Like my mic? In out by Scarlet 212 Comment on this on my Steemit! Where your comments have super value! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL...

Chicago sings Pokemon Theme Song in perfect harmony!

on 07/17/2016, Pokemon fans gathered together in the city of Chicago and celebrated the fact that we could all catch pokemon together in one spot. This game is bringing everyone together and it's pretty amazing! Chicago sings the Pokemon Theme song, like no one ever has! Join our facebook group called the Pokemon Go Chicago Squad! Link ------ Also, come to our Lincoln Park Zoo Pokemon Go event! Link ------

Disney songs in their native languages #1

I don't own the animations or the songs. They belong to Walt Disney. I have only edited. Pocahontas is in English because John Smith was from England and he taught English to Pocahontas and the film is not translated into Native Americans' languages. The half of the film would also be in English because the half of the movie is about John Smith's crew and how they got from England to America. Frozen is in Norwegian because the studio team went to Norway and they wanted the movie to take place somewhere like it. Arendelle is inspired by Norwegian town Arendal. Part 2: Thank...

Are You a True Pokemon Fan?

It's time to find out if your a true Pokemon fan, don't forget to leave you're score in the comments and send us your questions for the next True Fan video by going to our twitter and adding #DreamTopFan to your tweets! Check out our Facebook page and give us a like\ Check out our website Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Twitch Support us on Patreon All content used is as follows Games: Omega Ruby Alpha Saphire Trailer Music: Pokemon Red & Blue theme orchestral Pokemon Fire Red & leaf Green - Battle Champion Rival Music Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - Cynthia Theme Pokemon Ho-Oh Battle Theme Pokemon Soul Silver - Red...

We Are Number One but it's in Japanese ☆彡

...and everyone in the video sounds oddly feminine. Happy April Fools! ⚠️This version is completely fanmade. There is currently no official Japanese translation for Lazy Town. ⇩ ◆Lyrics translation, vocals & editing: Rindou ◆Translation check & fixes: Rin I might have missed the meme train, but I still had to take out the trash. ◆Lyrics ◆この作品は、「レイジータウン」という子供番組を元に作られたMAD動画です。最近この曲がYOUTUBEで流行っていて、多くのMAD動画が作られています。 当動画は、海外でよく知られている日本のアニメに関するネタや外国人が考察するアニメでよく見かけるものが追加されています。日本語訳は非公式です。 ◆Original video: LazyTown | We are Number One ◆Stefan Karl's (Robbie's actor) fundraiser for healing his cancer ◆Let me also mention that the English translation for Bad Apple was taken from Anime Lyrics dot Com and it was made by the user ToushirouAika.

Pokémon Theme Song

The first theme song of Pokémon

Jump Up, Super Star! Remix- Super Mario Odyssey- The Living Tombstone

Accidental parody remix of Jump Up, Super Star! Super Mario Odyssey Musical (Mario 1up girl). Super Mario Odyssey is available on Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2017! Super Mario Odyssey Trailer: Available on the following stores: ➢ Spotify: ➢ iTunes: ➢ Apple Music: ➢ Google Play: ➢ Amazon: ➢ Newgrounds (FREE MP3): Coming Soon ➢ Soundcloud: Coming Soon Credits: ➢ Music Production - Custom Phase ➢ Lead Singer - Hayley Nelson ➢ Vocal Editing and Vocal arrangement - Fruutella ➢ Backing Vocals - Fruutella. Hayley Nelson and Sam Haft ➢ Mario and Mayor Paulina Animation - Reagan Gustin (GinjaNinjaOwO) ➢ Video Production -...

POKÉMON - All 20 theme songs with lyrics

Subscribe, like and comment! What's your favourite song and season? Content Season 01: 00:25 Pokémon Theme Season 02: 03:42 Pokémon World Season 03: 07:01 Pokémon Johto Season 04: 10:00 Born to Be a Winner Season 05: 12:28 Believe in Me Season 06: 15:08 I Wanna Be a Hero Season 07: 16:01 This Dream Season 08: 16:56 Unbeatable Season 09: 19:15 Battle Frontier Season 10: 20:24 Diamond and Pearl Season 11: 21:04 We Will Be Heroes Season 12: 21:46 Battle Cry - Stand Up! Season 13: 24:28 We Will Carry...

Donald Trump Singing The Pokemon Theme Song

Donald Trump Sings The Pokemon Theme Song 😁 SUBSCRIBE ► Trump Merch ► PewDiePie Sings Pokemon ► Markiplier Sings Pokemon ► Jacksepticeye Sings Pokemon ► DanTDM Sings Pokemon ► Donald Trump Sings Pokemon ► All the Donald Trump songs ► We will make Pokemon great again! Pokemon Theme Song Lyrics: I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was To catch them is my real test To train them is my cause I will travel across the land Searching far and wide Each pokemon to understand The power that's inside Pokemon! Gotta catch 'em all! It's you and me I know it's my destiny, Pokemon! Oh you're my best friend In...

Pokémon - "Pokémon Theme" (FULL Opening) | AmaLee (ft. Natewantstobattle)

AmaLee's cover of the original Pokémon theme featuring Natewantstobattle!  ▶︎ ITUNES  ▶︎ (also on Amazon, Google Play, + Spotify!) ✦Become my patron and help support more covers like this! ➜ ✦ ⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹ ✦ Download: ⊹iTunes: ⊹AmazonMP3: ⊹Google Play: 1/7/17 ⊹Spotify: 1/7/17 ⊹WAV ver: JOIN THE LEEGION! ✦ Subscribe! ⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹ Song: "Pokémon Theme" Anime: Pokémon Original: John Loeffler & Jason Paige THIS COVER: ⊹Vocals: AmaLee ( & Natewantstobattle ( ⊹Music: Jonathan Parecki ( ⊹Mix: Shawn Christmas & Fruutella ⊹Art: Naguri ( ⊹Video: Sokei ( & kuroko ( ⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹ ✦FOLLOW ME✦ ⊹Twitter: ‪ ⊹Facebook: ‪ ⊹Instagram: ‪ ⊹Website: ‪ ⊹Snapchat: ⊹Spotify: ‪ ⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹ ✦WANT TO USE THIS COVER SONG?✦ As long as it's for non-profit use, go...

E3 2012 - Pokemon surprise orchestra Live Music Concert video games live E3 2012

Pokemon Music orchestra Live Overture Music Concert video games live E3 2012 imagine a WII U game or 3DS was revealed? we pokemon fans got crazy over a song lol so you can only imagine how many screams there would be if a wiiu pokemon was revealed for this audience

Pokemon Sing-a-long

What happens when you take a crowd of anime fans that are waiting for a cosplay and then play one of their childhood theme songs? We found out at Animefest 2011. Sorry for the blurry spots. The lights played havoc with the auto focus.

Pokémon Theme / Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions / San Jose, CA

Gotta Catch Em All performed at the Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions concert on July 12, 2015.

The Magikarp Song

An ode to one of the greatest (and weakest) Pokémon of all: Magikarp! Celebrate the beloved Pokémon and sing along to the Magikarp Song! Official site: Shop: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: The Magikarp Song Lyrics Totally pathetic, unreliable. Known throughout the world for being super weak. Maybe in ancient times it was really strong. That’s what the rumors say, but they’re probably wrong. But now it’s so weak, the weakest in the land. So weak that it’s sad, really really sad. The weak Pokémon, that’s you, Magikarp. But though you are the weakest, still you’ve won my heart. Oh, weak Pokémon, my love for...

Snail's House - Pixel Galaxy (Official MV)

✪ Hello! here's the Official Music Video of the song "Pixel Galaxy" which I released on April! ******Buy/Listen to the song here****** iTunes : Spotify : ▲MV CREATORS ★Speedosausage (main MV) ★SouredApple (Background) ★KoizumiHazuki (Character design of snail girl) ★moawling (Official Artwork) ★魔界の住民 (Makaij) (Dream Castle Design) ▲Support me on Patreon! ▲buy my albums on bandcamp ▲Please read this policy if you ever consider using my song on your vids : ▲Follow me on Social Media Twitter : SoundCloud : Facebook : ▲I have official discord server too, join here

Pokemon Theme Song Singing By The First Chicago Pokemon Go Meetup

Chicago Pokemon Go Meetup sings the Pokemon Theme song. Check out our Pokemon Go HIP HOP Anthem here: I started a Pokemon theme song sing a long at the Chicago Pokemon Go Meetup since I had my portable speaker! It was great as everyone jumped in and sung it. Pokemon unites the world, even Team Valor and Team Mystic! The reason I HAD A SPEAKER system was we were shooting video for my DJ/rappper duo, Rapscallion Rascals. We're doing a Pokemon Go! song so SUBSCRIBE!!! : And like and falafel me too.. I...

Pokémon Theme Song (Music Video)

Pokémon (Anime Series) Music Video Music: Pokémon Theme Song by Jason Paige All rights go to Pokémon.

10 Disney Theories That Turn Into The DARKEST Movies Ever

These Disney Theories Will Make You Rethink Pixar Forever Subscribe to our channel : Check Out These Other Amazing Videos: 10 Secrets About The Disney Pixar Universe That Will Blow Your Mind 10 Disney Stars Who Are Not As Innocent As They Seemed Most Disney movies are all sweetness and light, right? Sure, there are moments of tragedy - Bambi's mother being shot and Simba's father falling to his death reduced EVERYONE who witnessed them to tears - but, in general, the movies are all 100% child-friendly. Or so they seem on the surface. But there are actually some theories that turn some...

... (Dragon's Den, Lance/Red) - Gold/Silver/Crys (Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions, Vancouver 2015)

Those strings and drums oh my (Gold / Silver / Crystal) Dragon's Den OST: Lance & Red: Playlist: About the concert: Red/Blue/Yellow 1. Main Menu 2. Pallet Town 3. Prepare For Trouble 4. Born To Be A Champion -- Gold/Silver/Crystal 5. Ecruteak City 6. Songs of the Towers 7. ... -- Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald 8. Ancients of Hoenn 9. Falling Ashes 10. End Of The Road -- Diamond/Pearl/Platinum 11. Dreams and Adventures 12. Routes of Sinnoh 13. The Lake Guardians -- -intermission- 14. Pokemon Center -- Black/White 15. The Day I Became King 16. N-Counter 17. Farewell -- X/Y 18. An Eternal Prison 19. Welcome to Kalos 20. Professor Sycamore 21. Friends, Fights, and Finales -- 22. Gotta Catch 'Em All 23. Kiseki Wed, July 22nd 2015 @ The Orpheum, Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions

Pokemon Theme Battle - Nightmare Before Christmas Ft. Original151

Let's Shoot for 5,000 Likes? Check out our Metronome Battle HERE! Happy halloween! This video was a TON of fun to make. I believe this is week 10 already? For this special we decided to do The Nightmare Before Christmas Theme! So the hype is real! We hope you guys enjoy the video, be sure to leave a like if you do; and dont forget to subscribe for more videos like this! Until next time! :) BOO! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Original151 here! ► Twitter: ► Facebook: ► Twitch: ✔Join Curse YouTube Network! ✔Support My Channel! Check out my featured videos here! Rarest Pokemon:...

Game Theory: Pokemon Are Going EXTINCT! (Pokemon Sun and Moon)

The Pokedex is FULL OF LIES! ►► The TRUTH Behind Fire Pokemon! ►► SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► The Alola Islands have a BIG Problem, and it’s name is Yungoos. Humans on Alola imported the Yungoos to rid the island of unwanted vermin, like the Rattata. What they didn’t realize is that this has a far greater effect than what they intended. Because the Yungoos is not native to Alola, it has no natural predators there, and this allows it to live unchecked! In this episode, I’ll reveal how the imported Yungoos will DESTROY Alola’s ecosystem and...

10 Animated Movie Villains Who Were Actually Right

When you really think about it, Syndrome really did have a point in The Incredibles. 10 Animated Movie Villains Who Were Actually Right! Subscribe to our channel: Try out ThePremium Network for free: Check Out These Other Amazing Videos: 10 Times Disney Ripped Off Other Films - 10 Popular Movie Scenes That Were Changed in Other Countries - Animated villains are great. They give conflict for our heroes and watching their ludicrous plans out before us is always a treat. But what if those villains we always thought were evil were actually more in the right than we thought? Many...