Brothers convince little sister of zombie apocalypse
Brothers convince little sister of zombie apocalypse
Brothers convince little sister of zombie apocalypse

Brothers convince little sister of zombie apocalypse - CBSN

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BRAIN TIME ► Well, we're sure today everyone is more or less familiar with the concept of zombie apocalypse. Yeah, you know: everyone goes nuts, your friends turn into monsters and want to eat human brains or, well, any kind of meat. It might sound a little crazy, but nowadays a scientific mistake can allow anything to happen. So, it doesn't really matter if you believe in a walking dead invasion, because we already prepared a surviving manual that will help you to stay alive.

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All she wanted when she woke up from having her wisdom teeth removed was to meet Ellen... and to look like Nicki Minaj.

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This LAD has been scaring his sister with his "Scare Cam" for over a year. This is one of the best scare prank compilation videos youhave ever seen! To license this video please email: & to view more content visit

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Girl proposes to nurse on anesthesia!!!

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Kid wakes up from surgery, hilariously describes his experience

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"Do I Speak Korean?!" Post Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Sidneys post wisdom teeth surgery! Follow us on IG @kimberkeli @sidxviciousx Music: "Whistle" by Blackpink, Love Yourself album by BTS, "Change up" and "Lilli Yabbay" by Seventeen, "Just One Day" by BTS (her favorite song) *We don't own of this music iPhone case :

Zombie Experiment NYC Could zombies live among us? We transformed a few New Yorkers to find out.

They Killed a Moose And They Want Me To Eat It1

Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom My daughter had her wisdom teeth removed today, and this was her on the way home. Talk about a range of emotion!

The Wisdom Teeth Siblings Meet Ellen(09/17/10)

Ellen can't get enough of the hilarious video of two siblings reeling from their wisdom teeth drugs. She loved it so much, she invited the entire family here to get the full story!

15 Questions to Determine if You Would SURVIVE The ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE | Chaos

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HELLO! My little sister, Sabrina, currently has her Learner's driving licence. I offered to take her out for a bit of a drive to gain some more practice...would you REALLY trust ME as your driving instructor? mwhahahaha Hope you enjoyed this PRANK and the HILARIOUS stunts I pulled on her :D Tell Sabrina how AMAZING her driving skills are. Her Instagram @sabrina_akl Please SUBSCRIBE, Like, Comment and SHARE! Music: Instagram: @whealthbyslaiman Facebook: Twitter: @whealthslaiman Snapchat: @whealthslaiman Mail Address: PO Box 988, Toowong DC, QLD 4066, Australia. If you see this, comment "Ermagerd YES" below!

Maddy on Drugs: I'm Superman! (MUST WATCH! Hilarious Wisdom Teeth Aftermath!)

Hey Youtube! So I got my wisdom teeth out...and apparently I'm superman. Enjoy! Here's the link to my reaction video: |SUBSCRIBE| |INSTAGRAM| |TWITTER|


3 sisters get 8 teeth removed at the same time... You have to see their reactions!! ►SUBSCRIBE! ►WATCH OUR MUSIC VIDEOS! 3 SISTERS | 8 TEETH | 1 HOUR - OH MY!! If you loved this video, please feel free to share! We were so nervous to go and get our wisdom teeth out, but it helped having all 3 of us do it at the same time! Like we said in the video, we apologize in advance for the tears, one-liners, and laughs. :) Talisa and Tavia had their wisdom teeth removed, and Tiana had an impacted tooth that needed to be...