California Earthquake
California Earthquake
California Earthquake

California Earthquake - than217

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And On the 7th Day God Gave Up

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California Earthquake Part 2

The aftermath of the Loma Prieta Earthquake Oct 17, 1989.

5 Biggest Tsunami Caught On Camera

5 Mega Tsunami Caught On Camera — Enjoy the video. Rate, Comment, Share... Thanx For copyright matters please contact us at: Tsunamis are giant waves caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions under the sea. Out in the depths of the ocean, tsunami waves do not dramatically increase in height. But as the waves travel inland, they build up to higher and higher heights as the depth of the ocean decreases. The speed of tsunami waves depends on ocean depth rather than the distance from the source of the wave. Tsunami waves may travel as fast as jet planes over deep waters, only...


Tsunami surging to Minamisanriku town of Utatsu area (Footage provided by viewer) The Japanese text is followed by an English translation. 宮城県本吉郡南三陸町(旧歌津町)を襲った津波の様子を捉えた映像。地元で理容店を営んでいた及川勝也氏による撮影。 地震発生から約20分後、伊里前湾に面し、街をほぼ東西に横断する国道45号線(歌津バイパス)歌津大橋の上、橋梁(りょう)の東端付近から、撮影者はカメラを回し始めた。 午後3時15分すぎ、徐々に湾内に入り込んでくる潮流を捉える。 午後3時20分ごろ、橋の北側に添う堤防付近には、まだ不安そうに湾の方を見つめる人影も確認できる。 しかし、その数分後に状況は一変。波は、水位と勢いを増し、あっという間に堤防からあふれ出た。尋常ならざる状況に危機を察し、撮影者もあわててバイパス横の高所に駆け上がる。 激流が、みるみるうちに街へとなだれ込み、家々が次々と押し流されていく。 橋の周囲(西側)を注視していた撮影者らを、さらに信じられない事態が襲う。 橋の逆方向(東側)、まさに撮影者らの背後から、突然、激しい水流が現れたのだ。不意を突かれた撮影者のすぐ真横、わずか1メートルほど下を、波がどんどん通り過ぎていく。バイパスが東から西に流れる巨大な水路と化し、みるみるうちに、歌津大橋の上部(路面)を海水が覆い尽くしていく。 驚がくし、さらに高台へと避難した撮影者らは、街の北側・高台にある伊里前小学校付近にまで海面が達している様子を目撃する。「全滅だ...」と悲痛な声も響く。 3時半ごろ、今度は引き波へと変わり、逆流で湾方向へと運ばれる建造物が、橋などの障害物にぶつかり、すさまじい音を立てながら、粉々に破壊されていった。 波が去った3時45分ごろ、高台から降りた撮影者は、街の各所を回り歩き、その被害状況をカメラに収めていく。 Footage: Capture of the tsunami attacking Minamisanriku town of Motoyoshi district, Miyagi prefecture. (Formerly Utatsu town) Footage was recorded by Mr. Katsuya Oikawa who used to run a local barber shop. About 20 minutes after the earthquake occurred, Mr. Oikawa began recording with his video camera from above Utatsu-oohashi bridge near its eastern edge on National Route 45 (Utatsu bypass) that runs east-west across town facing Isatomae bay. At past 3:15 p.m. the camera captures the tides that gradually come into the...

Amazing! This is Video You Need To See Before You Die

Amazing! This is Video You Need To See Before You Die Rate, Comment, Share... Thanx Subscribe for new videos: Smash that like button for more and make sure yo share it with your friends! If your Video is in this Compilation please contact me to be credited for it or have your part removed, thank you. The earthquake and tsunami Description: The magnitude-9.0 earthquake struck at 2:46 pm. (The early estimate of magnitude 8.9 was later revised upward.) The epicentre was located some 80 miles (130 km) east of the city of Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, and the focus occurred at a depth of 18.6 miles (about...

6-13-13 - 3 Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Puu Oo Vent Lava Flow Nikon D800

"To use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Brave Bison at This video shows what molten lava can do to simple man-made objects. The can was open and had 2 or 3 ravioli's in it along with a small bit of sauce that caused the steam. The small blow torch like flame that's coming out of the lava after the can is covered is the gas escaping as the can has melted down to nothing. Yes, the can is gone. There's nothing for future geologists to dig up. The islands legal and illegal landfills will keep them busy...

Nepal earthquake video and footage at a road on 25 April 2015

Nepal earthquake video and footage The April 2015 Nepal earthquake killed over 8,000 people and injured more than 21,000. It occurred at 11:56 Nepal Standard Time on 25 April, with a magnitude of 7.8 . Its epicenter was east of Lamjung District, and its hypo center was at a depth of approximately 8.2 km . It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934. Hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless due to the devastating earthquake. Centuries-old buildings were destroyed at UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Kathmandu Valley, including some at the Kathmandu Durbar...

Earthquake hits during live news show as terrified TV crew filmed hugging each other

The earthquake measured a reasonably large magnitude of 6.6 but thankfully no serious injuries were reported The earthquake measured a reasonably large magnitude of 6.6 but thankfully no serious injuries were reported The earthquake measured a reasonably large magnitude of 6.6 but thankfully no serious injuries were reported Earthquake hits during live news show as terrified TV crew filmed hugging each other Earthquake hits during live news show as terrified TV crew filmed hugging each other Earthquake hits during live news show as terrified TV crew filmed hugging each other Weather,Earthquake

My dog Sophie senses 6.5 earthquake in Eureka at the Times-Standard - All three segments

Visit for the full story. ... Sophie is seen 15 seconds prior to the start of the earthquake, looking sharply at the floor and dismissing it. About 15 seconds later she again looks sharply at the floor and bolts to the other end of the room when the rumble starts, trying to locate her owner -- who is not the first person out the door, but the third person out, Jessica. Sophie can be seen directly behind Jessica as her back and tail graze the lower right-hand corner of the screen in the first segment. In the second segment...

8.8 Magnitude Earthquake hits Japan - no comment

A massive earthquake has rocked Japan and sent a tsunami warning across the Pacific. The 8.9 magnitude quake was the most powerful to hit Japan in 140 years, with its epicentre in the sea close to the coastal city of Sendai.... No Comment | euronews: watch the international news without commentary |

Amazing Earthquake Footage (Prt1)

Amazing Earthquake Footage from around the word

Most Scariest Earthquake footages Caught on Tape - The World is ENDING!

An earthquake (also known as a quake, tremor or temblor) is the shaking of the surface of the Earth, resulting from the sudden release of energy in the Earth's lithosphere that creates seismic waves. Earthquakes can range in size from those that are so weak that they cannot be felt to those violent enough to toss people around and destroy whole cities. The seismicity or seismic activity of an area refers to the frequency, type and size of earthquakes experienced over a period of time More -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "CREEPIEST VIDEOS IN YOUTUBE that will scare You! - Caught on Tape" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Buildings Swaying 9.1 Earthquake - Scary Footage

Don"t Forget to SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS Japan - 11 March 2011 - Tsunami Wave height of 40 meters World Worst Disaster. Buildings Swaying 9.1 Earthquake - Scary Footage Japan Jordskjelv #Jordskjelvet taiwan Erdbeben Japan 9.1 Follow us on Facebook ♕ ♕ Bulding dancing Raw footage

Earthquake in Nepal 2015, CCTV footage

CCTV footage of earthquake (April 25, 2015) as it occurred in Tripureshwor, Kathmandu. by: Nepal Police

Unbelievable Biggets Monster Flash Flood Caught On Tape ✔P1

Unbelievable Biggets Monster Flash Flood Caught On Tape ✔P1 ● Subscribe: ● Fanpage Facebook: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- ● Subscribe my channel to watch more videos ● Please help me to goal 10.000 ● Subcriber : ● Fanpage Facebook: ● Watch this out Latest video @ Wake ® Curiosity ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­--------- ●Flash Flood Caught on Camera Compilation 2018 ✔P1 ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­--------------------------- ● Get your popcorn take your seat watch out this funny video compilation & get entertained. watch more videos for Healthy Life ● healthy life= tesnsion free + laugh more ● So @ Wake ® Curiosity = Tension free healthy life ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­--------------------------- ● Dont forget to Like comment and subscribe ● Contact : ***All the credits...

Tornado hits house while kids make first video

Kids are making their first YouTube video and tornado hits house that tears off roof and deck during the video. No siren went off and it came on all the sudden with no notice. Everyone in house was safe but entire house has to be demolished and reconstructed. For licensing/commercial usage, please contact

Incredible CCTV: Moment 7.9 magnitude earthquake hits Nepal

CCTV footage released on April 30 shows the impact of the 7.9-magnitude earthquake on a busy roundabout in the south of Kathmandu. The footage shows a roundabout at Tripureshwor Chowk.. The real force of the shock can be seen when a monument on the roundabout collapses as the quake hits. What are the top stories today? Click to watch: euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe! euronews is available in 13 languages: In English: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: VKontakte:

Building Collapse On Camera - Mexico City - 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake

Breaking News: Sept. 19, 2017 - A power 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit just south of Mexico City causing destruction and chaos around the bustling metropolitan. Many buildings are on fire and people need to be rescued. Prayers to everyone affected.

MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE Compilation - Most Powerful Earthquakes

Amazing earthquake video. The most powerful earthquakes caught on camera. Very high Richter scale waves making the ground move like water. Hide under the table for safety during an earthquake. Top 10 most powerful earthquakes ever recorded. Major ‎: ‎7 - 7.9 Moderate ‎: ‎5 - 5.9 Minor ‎: ‎3 -3.9 ‎Magnitude earthquake strength rating system. Devastating earthquake power compilation. Strongest earthquakes in history. Music by: Art of Silence - Dramatic / Cinematic [No copyright, Royalty free] Please like, Subscribe and hit the notification icon to stay up to date on all the newest VIDSTORM uploads. Peace

Massive Earthquakes Caught On Camera

All video's produced on a tablet and home computer. ( Not Disney Studios .! ) Here at WV420 we care deeply about any thoughts you may have to share. I DO NOT CARE IF : 1) You do not like the music! ( Make your own channel! Or unless we vote and get a 100% I believe we will leave the decision up to me. ;)) 2) You are offended.! (Throw up the flag. That's what it's for.) 3) You disagree. (Evidence talks so go get some...

Nepal earthquake 2015/2072- cctv footage

Nepal earthquake 2015/2072-cctv footage This video is the different video collection clips of the places when the grate devastating earthquake hit Nepal in 12 Baishk 2072/ 25 April 2015.This is also a collection of cctv footage of kathmandu when the earthquake hit it.Many people lost their life as a result of this devastating earthquake of Nepal. Similarly Many houses and buildings were collapsed. When the earthquake hit the place suddenly, the terrified people ran to the street to save their life.Many structure collapsed and fell on the street where the people and the vehicle were moving. Nepal earthquake killed...

5 Scary Things Caught On Camera In The Woods

Top 5 List of SCARY videos caught on tape in the woods! Everything from the supernatural to CREEPY encounters in real life in the CREEPY woods, caught on cam and GoPro. In this video, we do some investigation and analysis of some scary encounters caught on camera in the woods. And even a VERY bizarre scream in the night that can actually be explained. If you want more scary videos in the woods, you can also check out the first video - 5 Scary Things Caught on Camera In the Woods - Subscribe for MORE Nuke's Top 5! Twitter:

Powerful Earthquake in the World - Compilation

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