Cardi B VS. Nicki Minaj: Who Is The Queen Of Rap?
Cardi B VS. Nicki Minaj: Who Is The Queen Of Rap?
Cardi B VS. Nicki Minaj: Who Is The Queen Of Rap?

Cardi B VS. Nicki Minaj: Who Is The Queen Of Rap? - TheTalko

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Butt Wait There’s More

Ellen challenged Nicki Minaj to a word game that was all about badonkadonks.

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"Mommy Said... No Boys"! Heaven and Her Mom puts a twist on things, Daydreaming about the #90s on a NYC train. #90s come back !! Heaven plays Cat and Mouse with~ Young Model Jadon Hunt. #1 most Cutest model Ever !! He makes his debut on attempting to bust a move, but really leaves the dancing up to Heaven ( Young <b>Cardib>). Hands down Jadon is the most cutest little boy ever!!! Enjoy this Video as these Kids take you back to the #90s. #talentedkids #lipsnyc #<b>Cardib>B #BrunoMars #finesse #ellendegeneras #ellenkids #littlegirldancer #heavenKing #grammys2018 Creative Director: Tianne King | Mommy and...

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