Circuit bent mechanical furby sequencer - The Furby Gurdy!
Circuit bent mechanical furby sequencer - The Furby Gurdy!
Circuit bent mechanical furby sequencer - The Furby Gurdy!

Circuit bent mechanical furby sequencer - The Furby Gurdy! - thenervoussquirrel

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THE #FURBY ORGAN! tooooo many hours were spent on this project haa LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER DOWNLOADS AND TEES now available :- Check the previous build log video here :- CHECK OUT NERVOUS SQUIRRELS AMAZING FURBY GURDY, the initial influence of this machine! im still looking for furby donations for upcoming projects! i will credit you and stuff in return :D please dont let them go to waste! send them in :D The address is :- PO BOX LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER Big Life, 67 – 69 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1HY more info to come on my patreon! there is a zine on the concept and design...

Circuit Bent Little Screechee Sally Noize Animatronic Doll by Statikstramentz

Bends: Pitch Knob Pitch On-Off Toggle Switch 3 Touch Contacts-pitch up & down, distortion & glitch Reset Pushbutton Switch 1/4" Switching Output Jack -controls labeled in black 1 of 1-SOLD

Circuit Bent Furby by freeform delusion

Circuit Bent Furby Switched mono 2.5mm jack output Green LED Two way glitch switch Loop Momentary button and toggle switch .fd. online Facebook - freeform delusion Twitter - eBay - Search for - Circuit Bent My older Circuit Bending channel -

Moog Circuit Bending Challenge 2016 (the Winner)

My entry for the Moog Circuit Bending Challenge 2016 and I am happy to say I won the challenge. Vola V-System is a video game inspired sequencer with sound cartridges made from toys. The actual bends are simple but the concept makes this machine really flexible in my opinion. It can be a beat machine, "sampler" or toyinstrument. It all depends on what cartridge you use. I am from Finland and I do these noisy things. I am also on Facebook and Instagram. On Instagram as Olascary. Thanks for your interest.

:wrongbot: Circuit Bent Elmo's World.

Some nice lcd glitches from this abominable toy.

Redesigned Furby on Display

A sample of one of a kind, redesigned Furbys. Some stills showing the way they looked before I changed them. There's also a video of animated, interactive Furbys.

Circuit bent Speak and Spell circuit bending

Circuit bent speak and spell.

Soressa's Circuit Bent

These are a couple of friendly circuit bent furbys that I bent with guidance from Giorgio Magnanensi.The big "FunkyFurby" loves to sing!

circuit bent TIMESYNTH-NO ADS

circuit bent keyboard with arpeggiator and vcf built in to an old alarm clock. the sound quality is better when it is plugged in because the speaker i used is only 1" in diameter. this is demonstration of what it can do on it's own.

Circuit bent mechanical Furby sequencer linked to Korg SQ-10

One of a new batch of four Furby Gurdies. This model allows you to program your own rhythms by rearranging screws inserted into the four wheels. There is also a 'trigger out' socket, which has been used in the last section of the video to operate an old sequencer and synthesiser. More details here:

circuit bent LeapFrog Alphabet Pal video out

The knob controls the speed/ pitch, when you go way down, a different sound effect is activated. The video is just effected by the audio signal.

Circuit Bent Keenway Toy Trumpet (Drum Machine) MKII Thank you for watching and please subscribe for almost daily videos!

2005 Furby Commercial

Visit - 2005 Furby talks and listens to what you say.. Just like a lawyer but less than half the price.

An Intro to Circuit Bending

A short intro on how to get started with circuit bending toys, specifically musical instrument toys. For the things mentioned in the video, follow the links below: Spotify jazz playlist: TS100 65W Digital OLED Programmable Soldering Iron TS100 open source firmware: Gearbest links: Products used in the video: Electronic tools and 3D printer deals: 11.11 Sale China Black Friday : No links are affiliate links! I do not believe in affiliate links for things I review, as that (in my opinion) creates a possibility of distrust. If I ever post an affiliate link for any reason I will be completely transparent with this fact. Follow and...

Circuit Bent Goodie Bag - Dora the Explorer BackPack by freeform delusion

Check out my new .fd. youtube channel - A portable benders backpack, all the Circuit Bent units fit inside the Circuit Bent BackPack for the ultimate take it anywhere and play functionality! The Goodie Bag Consists of the following bent items Dora the Explorer BackPack - Pitch Up/Down control, Mono mini jack output (speaker disabled), Green LED which flashes with the sound McDonalds DJ Deck - Switchable Pitch Up LDR, Mono mini jack output (speaker removed), Red LED which flashes with the sound Camp Rock Music Toy - Pitch Up/Down control, Large Switch for White noise, Smaller Switch for Bass pulse. Both of these...

Circuit Bent Furby

This Furby's brain was randomly modified by me and now it speaks robotic noises.

New Modified Furby

I fixed this furby's brain, now he speaks my language.

New Furby 2012 - Overview

Official Hasbro intro video for the new Furby 2012 Edition! For a full preview, visit To see all 10 colors, go to Official Furby site:

Circuit Bent Sesame Street Elmo's Giggle Gang Piano by freeform delusion

Sesame Street Elmo's Giggle Gang Piano switched mono mini jack output pitch up/down control blue LED two toggle and one latching switch - each one will loop the voice of each character singing, and they can all sing together which sounds super!! .fd. online Facebook - Twitter - eBay - My older Circuit Bending channel -

All About Circuit Bending and Equipment : How to Circuit Bend on a Kid's Toy

Learn how to bend a circuit on a kid's toy in this video series that will help you understand how and when to utilize this unique way of making music. Expert: Amanda Claire Bio: Amanda Claire is a lifelong artist, currently living in Austin, Texas, who specializes in all realms of unique crafts. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

Furby Furby Furby # 2

furby havig fun

Early Furby Commercial

A rare commercial from 1998 for the Furby, depicting old prototype Furby models (including one with a red beak) that were never made for sale. I'm not sure if this even aired on TV, cause I only remember seeing Furby commercials with the regular retail models. BTW, the music, singers and announcer sound like something out of a Barbie commercial!

Hack of the Month Club -- Project #10: Circuit Bending

Nic Collins shows you how to do your first circuit bend: change the pitch of a toy by finding and hacking its clock. From the DVD in "Handmade Electronic Music -- The Art of Hardware Hacking" (Routledge 2009).

Circuit bending a toy mini piano

This is me circuit bending a small toy piano I found. The toy is made by Schylling and is called a "mini piano." Originally this toy only had one sound but I found that it had a few other hidden voices and a demo mode. I also added a 1/4" out, volume control, pitch control and body contacts. Here is a link to a second video that has more details on where to connect the switches.