Comment Awards v25
Comment Awards v25
Comment Awards v25

Comment Awards v25 - Comment Awards

Comment Awards
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Comment Awards v147

Welcome to Comment Awards, your #1 source for memes on YouTube. Fresh, hand-selected, dank, uploaded daily. Volume 147. Ok ok ok, a man walks into a bar… just kidding. This is not that. This is memes. This is funnier - The Comment Awards. Memes that’ll have you in shambles. Submit your own at - in #comment-awards-submissions Make sure you subscribe for more comment awards! Subscribe to my main channel - Follow my social medias: family friendly pg clean

My Thoughts on Job Interviews

Hopefully you'll have a better time getting a job than I did. It took me longer than I'd like to admit to finally be hired. Thanks for watching! Twitter ➤ Website ➤

Comment Awards: Rubik's Cube (Speedcubing)

I've awarded the best commenters in the absolutely phenomenal Facebook group Rubik's Cube (Speedcubing). Mains and PBs: Camera Equipment: LG G3 (My Phone) : Go Pro Hero Session : Blue Snowball USB Microphone : Chris Choi is my boi. If you like the video than you get a cookie, and subscribe for a free car.

REALITY DOESN'T EXIST HERE... | Museum of Simulation Technology

In this game... everything you think you know about perspective changes... Subscribe Today! ► Change Your World ► Follow my Instagram ► Follow me on Twitter ► Like me on Facebook ► Horror Outro ► Happy Outro ►

Comment Awards v45

Welcome to Comment Awards, your #1 source for memes on YouTube. Fresh, hand-selected, uploaded daily. Volume 45. Ok ok ok, a man walks into a bar… just kidding. This is not that. This is memes. This is funnier - The Comment Awards. Memes that’ll have you in shambles. Submit your own at - in #comment-awards-submissions Outro song: Graham The Christian - Too Much Clout (ft. Asher Postman) Song can be found on 150+ other platforms like Tidal, Deezer, etc. Make sure you subscribe for more comment awards! Subscribe to my main channel - Follow my social medias: family friendly pg clean

Gordon Ramsay Goes Hard on Twitter

Here's Cowbelly's second edition of Funny Gordon Ramsay Tweets. Hope you all enjoy. Discord ► Subscribe ► Outro song: SNAPCHAT: Clubpenguinsnap Stream - Instagram - Twitter - Thank you to the Titan users on my discord! Kane Houlden

How is this speedrun possible? Super Mario Bros. World Record Explained

UPDATE: This run was beaten on May 25th, 2018 by somewes with a 4:56.245: Watch the unedited run here: - My Twitch: - My Twitter: - My Discord Kosmic (4:56.462 WR) - Twitch: - YouTube: - Twitter: - Warpless WR: - Glitchless WR: - Minus World Ending WR: Notes: At 0:47, I refer to the console Kosmic is using as the Nintendo Famicom Disk System. He wasn't actually playing on the Disk System, just the Famicom. The Famicom is essentially the Japanese equivalent of the NES, and the Disk System is an add-on to it that reads special floppy disks. At 4:06, I...

r/softwaregore Top Posts of All Time

omg my computer is dead. oh well. Business Inquiries:

Kids React to Gay Marriage

Resource links below for more information: Marriage Equality Links/Information: To find information and resources on coming out visit: Matthew Shepard photo copyright 1998 Gina van Hoof Watch the Videos Featured in this Episode: Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal Seattle+The Washington Bus+Jeanne+Alissa = wedding proposal Link to subscribe to our channel: Link to all episodes of React: ---------------------------------------------------------------- This episode featured the following amazing children. Lucas, age 5 Maxim, age 7 Samirah, age 7 Dash, age 9 Krischelle, age 9 Jayka, age10 Elle, age 11 Lydon, age 11 Derek, age 12 Dylan, age 12 Megan & Shannon, age 13 Troy, age 13 ------------------ KIDS REACT #90 - Gay Marriage © Fine Brothers Entertainment

Rules of Survival Funny Moments #7

Good day guys! Another Funny Video for you. Keep sending your funny video guys i'll try to make a full video with video clips that you sent. Want your Funny/WTF moments Videos to be featured in this Channel? Send your video by CLICKING THIS LINK OR SEND IT VIA EMAIL Email: Thank you for Watching! Hope you guys like the video. Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. Other Funny Moments: Senders First clip - kapsapea77, MolliRaisk ----------- Game IOS/Android: Rules of Survival Music: ~NoCopyrightSounds - Kevin Macleod Music ~Chamillionaire - Ridin' ft. Krayzie Bone ~A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera - Say Something


Get 15% off today - with free shipping and free returns - by going here! Give this song a title! PREVIOUS YIAY ► YIAY BOOK ► SUBSCRIBE ► MERCH ► TWITTER ► TWITCH ► FACEBOOK ►

Who Can Climb The Highest Pit In Smash History? (Max Height Custom Stage)

Update: Greninja, Samus, Megaman, Bayonetta, Cloud and Kirby can do it, too. Some of them like Peach, Dr. Mario, Luigi, Lucas and Ness can be improved. Lil Mac, Cpt. Falcon, Mewtwo, Diddy, Sheik, Pacman, Lucario and Bayonetta dont need to use upB to get to the top if you do it correctly. ROB and Max Aura Lucario dont need any walls to get up there. (and jigglypuff blasts all the way up to heaven) I can try recording them, but my laptop always dies and my capture card too... so I can't do that much. If you want to build the same stage, just use...

RIP Vine (Animal Edition)

Best video to watch when you are having a bad day! Hope you like our compilation, please share it, like it, and SUBSCRIBE! Also watch our other videos! WANT TO SEE YOUR PET IN OUR COMPILATIONS? Send your clips or links to: For more funny videos & pictures visit our other links: Instagram ➜ Facebook ➜ Twitter ➜ Blogger ➜ Check out our other videos!! :3 Funny Duckling Compilation: Funny Parrots Compilation: Cats and Dogs React To Farts Compilation: Cutest Munchkin Kittens Compilation: Puppies Crying And Whining Compilation: Funny Ferret Fails Compilation: Dogs Falling Down Stairs Compilation:

The Unbeatable Game from the 60s: Dr NIM

Buy a modern version of Dr NIM! The game of (single pile) Nim can be won by anyone who understands a simple trick. A trick so easy, a 1960s mechanical plastic computer can play with perfect strategy, defeating all humans. Learn the method and proceed to beat your friends, family and colleagues. Read more about single-pile Nim on the Maths Busking site: My Domino Computer. The Domputer. Dr NIM at the Computer History Museum: And someone has put the whole instruction booklet online: MATT PARKER: Stand-up Mathematician Website: Music by Howard Carter Design by Simon Wright

Wormholes Explained – Breaking Spacetime

To support Kurzgesagt and learn more about Brilliant, go to and sign up for free. The first 688 people that go to that link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription. Are wormholes real or are they just magic disguised as physics and maths? And if they are real how do they work and where can we find them? Sources and further reading: Support us on Patreon so we can make more videos (and get cool stuff in return): Kurzgesagt Newsletter: Kurzgesagt merch: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Discord: The music of the video here: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Facebook: THANKS A LOT TO...

Best Pet Instagram Compilation - Instant justice - Compilation 2017

👉 Subscribers : - Best Pet Instagram Compilation Instant karma - Instant justice - Compilation 2017


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Hope you enjoy the video! Make sure to leave a comment, drop a like, & if you want... ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣!!! ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ Follow My Twitter ► MERCH STORE ► Join Our Discord! ► Please ignore any spam, negative, or hateful comments. We're here to have a good time and have a great YouTube Community. Thanks everybody, and enjoy :D

Vanoss first and last time playin Mario Kart! (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Funny Moments)

Vanoss first and last time playin Mario Kart! (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Funny Moments) Thanks for watching and subscribe/like if ye enjoyed ^_^ Social Media: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Discord: Outro animation by Frog Fifty:

Where Do Snail Shells Come From? | Dolan Life Mysteries

From what the first dinosaur was, to how snails get their shells, we answer some of your most burning questions about life GET YOUR VERY OWN DOLAN SHIRTS ►► You can help support our animators (& earn some special bonuses like custom graphics, early video access and your questions featured in Q&A videos) by checking out our Patreon page: CREDITS --- Starring: Danger Dolan DoopieDoOver Robo Animated by: GhostToast Written by: Danger Dolan & Ashton P Music/SFX by: Epic Mountain Music Info sources: Credits music: "Sugar Plum Dark Mix" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Genji VS Hanzo: Cooking Duel [Overwatch Animation]

New Overwatch animation! After 8 months of hard work (and a strike from youtube, lol) it's finally done! In this thrilling episode of Cooking with Genji, our hero faces one powerful challenger: his rival and former brother Hanzo! Watch as they fight each other creating masterpiece after masterpiece! In the end only one will emerge victorious, who will it be? WELL I DON'T KNOW WHY DON'T YOU WATCH IT YOURSELF AND THEN TELL ME? ------------------------------------------------ Animations playlist Overwatch Series: Overwatch is fun: Overwatch never dies: Twitter: Newgrounds:

Checkers and Rally's - Why Two Different Names?

Ever since I released a video about why Carls Jr. and Hardee's go by two different names, I've been receiving an overwhelming number of people suggesting I make a similar video for Checkers and Rally's, so here it is. It's another set of restaurants that use the same branding and seem identical, and this video attempts to answer why. Carl's Jr. and Hardees: Twitter: Website: Recent Video: Vans: Fads: Beanie Babies: JNCO Jeans: The Pet Rock: Fidget Spinners: Company Declines: Kmart: Blockbuster: RadioShack: Solo Cups: Toys "R" Us: hhgregg: Pan Am: ESPN: Gibson: iHeartMedia: Bon-Ton: Kodak: General Electric: ______________________________ Intro Made By...

Can You Solve It? WE DID! | Riddle and Brain Teaser Challenge (Brain Games)

You Can't Control Me! Detroit ► Watch the FULL STREAM!! ► Click Here for More GTLive Action! ►► I'd like to think that we here on Team Theorist are an intelligent bunch. Today we are going to TEST THAT! Let us see if we can figure out the riddles and brain teasers that only the SMARTEST people can solve! Subscribe & hang out with us every day! ►► Follow us on Twitter at @MatPatGT and #GTLive More GTLive Videos: Be SMART or DIE! | Trivia Murder Party ►► The Impossible Quiz: The FAIL Begins ►► ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP GOALS ► Getting INAPPROPRIATE with...

What it's Been Like to be on YouTube

cheers & a toast :7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE for more animations! MERCH: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: DEVIANTART: Behind the Scenes: Wanna Send Fanart? You can send it to me through Twitter or DeviantArt (links above), however if you cannot send it through those methods, then you can email it to me through the email below. DISCLAIMER!! There will not be any notification showing that I have seen your art through this method. I highly suggest using the other two :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music: Simplify the Chaos by ionics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D *dink* i just did a toast to you...

Dogs Who Fail At Being Dogs

Even dogs fail. A funny compilation video of dogs failing. Thank you for subscribing! Unless you haven't yet, then what are you waiting for? :) If you'd like to become a support, please visit


Still better than bin weevils... Merch: Twitter: Snapchat: Memeulous Instagram: Business/media enquiries: Josh - Outro song: wavy - zen ( Outro made by Harry B Game: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.