Darkside | Gacha Life | GLMV | Dare video annoucment
Darkside | Gacha Life | GLMV | Dare video annoucment
Darkside | Gacha Life | GLMV | Dare video annoucment

Darkside | Gacha Life | GLMV | Dare video annoucment - DivaEcho

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I try to post...once a month. Why? Blame school and homework.

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Darkside (glmv)

This song isn't mine But it's a good song😇

Devils Don't Fly // GLMV // 200+ Subscriber Special

Hey guys! Omg we hit 200+ subscribers this week, and 'Secretly A Singer' hit 22K+ views! Im so happy! I thank you all so much for this! I appreciate it! I cant express how I feel right now! I love you guys so much! 💖💕 Disclaimer: I do not own this song, it rightfully belongs to the owner that made this song. Original song: Devils Don't Fly- Natalia Kills Song in video: Nightcore: Devils Don't Fly-Nightcore Wolfie

Darkside , Saints and Devils don’t fly | 3 in 1 GLMV

Music: Darkside - Alan Walker Saints - Echos Devils don’t fly - Natalia Kills Have a lovely day :)

Savage |Gacha Life Music Video

Er..I have nothing to say except sorry for the long wait;^;..

Impossible | Gacha Life | GLMV

Hope u guys enjoyed this sorry I haven't been active that much but school is a pain in the ass 😑 I felt the need to make the end a little bit funny because the video is depressing. 😢 Love yaaaa ❤️😘

Darkside glmv

Join the darkside~ (・ω・)ノ · · · Song used:

~Say my name~/GLMV 💜👌(read description for explanation and translation)

Hey sorry I've been gone I wasn't able to finish any of the part 2s but since it's spring break I think I'll get them done buy Wednesday or Thursday I wasn't able to do them because something came up in the Fam but anyways love you guys byyeeee ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Translation~~~~~~~~~~Listen as I say your name From Medellin to London When I call you, the evil answers Do not ask when, only where You let yourself go, of the forbidden you are addicted An addiction that you know how to control And you let yourself go, the hottest thing on the track Everything you have to show, why do...

Play with Fire [GLMV]

I do not own the music credits to the artist. Song: play with fire Artist: Sam Tinnesz

|| Devils Don't Fly || GLMV || [1 MILLION ++ VIEWS!!!]

Hi guys! I'm back! Just want to say that I think I can't make another very soon bc I was sick...I'm so sorry guys... And this is my first time making Gacha Life MV so plss don't hate... I'm just trying my best~ PS: sorry my english is not very good Edit: all of you been saying “i don’t see the crown” actually it was the round thingy on her head ^^” Wanna contact me? Add me here 👇 https://youtu.be/addme/kHcBxx8rdQjkinDpe8Dp6NJOnGKe2w

Toy - GMV *-Gacha Life-*

Song : https://youtu.be/CziHrYYSyPc CatLover OwO : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu-Tzjwtwcfy0Nksd5HvGPQ cute unicorns OwO : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQclbITvdfjtQ_nMDaE65CQ CuteUnicorns OwO : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-nX4Jny-6PxpB3h2R9vR2Q CuteDogs OwO : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0O_k2NS7XBYnL9IXijXpcg

Devil's dont fly GLMV

I do not own the song. Devils Don't Fly by Natalia Kills

Ignite (Alan Walker)|•GLMV•

Music - Ignite by Alan Walker