Darkside | Gacha Life | GLMV | Dare video annoucment
Darkside | Gacha Life | GLMV | Dare video annoucment
Darkside | Gacha Life | GLMV | Dare video annoucment

Darkside | Gacha Life | GLMV | Dare video annoucment - DivaEcho

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I’m a person who might just make gay love story, cause why not I’m also the person who would die from my videos cringe :)

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Devils Don't Fly // GLMV // 200+ Subscriber Special

Hey guys! Omg we hit 200+ subscribers this week, and 'Secretly A Singer' hit 22K+ views! Im so happy! I thank you all so much for this! I appreciate it! I cant express how I feel right now! I love you guys so much! 💖💕 Disclaimer: I do not own this song, it rightfully belongs to the owner that made this song. Original song: Devils Don't Fly- Natalia Kills Song in video: Nightcore: Devils Don't Fly-Nightcore Wolfie

Undo & Miss Wanna Die °Glmv°

uwu soo there will be a meme- I'll make it tomorrow uwu so- YEAH Music I used: Undo: https://youtu.be/j207dt7Ec_Y Miss Wanna Die: https://youtu.be/_TK2DbFz3xo uwu love y'all owo

Angel With A Shotgun|GLMV|

Sorry I took so long to make this guys! I will try to upload more often...starting from next week. This week I have a bunch of tests, but I have the week after off! Like I said I will try to upload more! Peace!

Kızlar VS Erkekler şarkı yarışması ve new mehh

Sizce kim kazandı? KIZLAR mı? ERKEKLER mi?

Let you down GMV

Let you down: NF

Singing Battle||GLMV||Gacha Life

I don't own any of this songs

Darkside glmv

Join the darkside~ (・ω・)ノ · · · Song used:

Darkside (glmv)

This song isn't mine But it's a good song😇

Hoodie GMV( + a part of backstory )

Hope ya enjoyed! And subscribe for more~ (I won't be uploading often, so wait patiently or feel free to unsubscribe)

|| Devils Don't Fly || GLMV || [1 MILLION VIEWS!!!]

Hi guys! I'm back! Just want to say that I think I can't make another very soon bc I was sick...I'm so sorry guys... And this is my first time making Gacha Life MV so plss don't hate... I'm just trying my best~ PS: sorry my english is not very good Edit: all of you been saying “i don’t see the crown” actually it was the round thingy on her head ^^” Wanna contact me? Add me here 👇 https://youtu.be/addme/kHcBxx8rdQjkinDpe8Dp6NJOnGKe2w

Prom Queen/Gacha Life/Music Video (Part 2 and 3 are available, In the description!)

Hope you liked please like and subscribe Part 2 and 3! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgdUTJYtBw0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIZtjfmT-Lo That's all I want you guys to do OWO This music is NOT mine. Song: Prom queen Composer: Molly Kate Kestner Credit to the person who made it nightcore!

DarkSide || GLMV (Gacha Life Music Video)

DarkSide GLMV || GLMV (Gacha Life Mini Movie) Pake lagu= Euphoria, DarkSide Editing=DU Recorder, Power Director Aplikasi=Gacha Life Nama Author= Chyka Like ID=Chykakeche Instagram=ChykaRegina13 Story=Devils&Angel Nama karakter= Alex,Angel,Reno,Putri,Jack,Leon,Lani,Diana dan Leo Oke maaf kalo ada kesalahan di video nya don't forget to Like Commen Subscribe yaa bye:v

Devils don't fly || Gachaverse music video || ( Part 1 )

Song : Devils don't fly I messed up at the name at the part when Jessica tries to turn Meys into a devil, don't judge me, I was tired X3 OOOKAY ! FOR THE SHIPPERS OUT THERE ! DON'T SHIP ME WITH AARON , AT THE TIME I DID THE VIDEO , YES.. WE WERE TOGETHER , SOME THINGS HAPPENED , WE BROKE UP BUT WERE STILL GOOD FRIENDS ! SHIP ALICIA AND AARON ! THEY ARE TOGETHER NOW ! ^^ THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING ! I hope you like it because I worked a lot on this music video and...

Boys VS girls singing battle Gacha Life part 2 (200k special)

Hey Crystallites! Sorry for not making vids for awhile, this took longer then expected 😅 anyways I hope you enjoyed! Love you! Byeeeeee! ❤️❤️ Jessica’s song: https://youtu.be/vr9Okr5RIA0 Phantom’s song: https://youtu.be/iDoJjYQLeZw Scarlett’s song: https://youtu.be/9dQNoOWjLWk Isaac’s song 1: https://youtu.be/LH5ay10RTGY Isaac’s song 2: https://youtu.be/_JUwcv7dUQI Rebecca’s song: https://youtu.be/Ha6wMXn0ebY Jake’s song: https://youtu.be/8_0o5nSXmk8 Max’s song: https://youtu.be/5AzdeTNAW1Y Sky’s song: https://youtu.be/z3dlCIjyMOw

Good Enough [GLMV]

Well.. Now I`m doing Mini movie I hope it will be good..

Devils Don't Fly ☆| GMV - Gacha Verse |☆ (Read Description)

♡ Long Prologue - 1:32 If you don't wanna mess with that ♡ Extremely late post! Omg I started this the week before school and I thought I could get this done... nope! High school is such a pain in the booty! ♡ Part Two -https://youtu.be/5Oa2ySYbrC0 ♡The doll is an Easter Egg.. don't ask idk what I was thinking when I chose to do that... ♡ Hope you enjoyed! Like, Share and Subscribe! ✂️-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------✂️ ...