Darkside | Gacha Life | GLMV | Dare video annoucment
Darkside | Gacha Life | GLMV | Dare video annoucment
Darkside | Gacha Life | GLMV | Dare video annoucment

Darkside | Gacha Life | GLMV | Dare video annoucment - DivaEcho

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I’m a person who might just make gay love story, cause why not I’m also the person who would die from my videos cringe :)

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Devils Don't Fly // GLMV // 200+ Subscriber Special

Hey guys! Omg we hit 200+ subscribers this week, and 'Secretly A Singer' hit 22K+ views! Im so happy! I thank you all so much for this! I appreciate it! I cant express how I feel right now! I love you guys so much! 💖💕 Disclaimer: I do not own this song, it rightfully belongs to the owner that made this song. Original song: Devils Don't Fly- Natalia Kills Song in video: Nightcore: Devils Don't Fly-Nightcore Wolfie

Singing Battle||GLMV||Gacha Life

I don't own any of this songs

Нелюбимая матерью

Это о девочке Хлое , которая ненавидит , и её мама , и её сестра ( родная ) Я потратила много сил На создании анимации Анимациё создавала 2-3 дня Подпишись на меня и поставь лайк если видео понравилось . Заранее спасибо тебе ты не пожелеешь

Good Enough [GLMV]

Well.. Now I`m doing Mini movie I hope it will be good..

Demon and angels Love story | Gachaverse Pt. 1

Eyy! I made a vidio.. actually I think this is the longest vidio that I made in gachaverse.. and Im sorry if some of my vidios are short.. hope u all enjoy it! Take care and I see u all next time! Instagram: @Micachu_27

Darkside (glmv)

This song isn't mine But it's a good song😇

Hoodie GMV( + a part of backstory )

Hope ya enjoyed! And subscribe for more~ (I won't be uploading often, so wait patiently or feel free to unsubscribe)

Good Enough (GMV) | Gacha Life

Sorry for the trashy audio and that it took so long to make, it got deleted a few times and had to start editing over and over again

||★DarkSide★|| GLMV

Hollaaaa,maaf ya jarang upload karena sibuk banget.. Dan maaf kalo belum sempet Lanjutin Video "TernyataSahabatkuHantu" tunggu aja ya pokoknya... Dan maaf kalo video kali ini agak gimana karena sebagian besar diedit oleh teman aku!!! Jadi...ya gitu deh ╮(─▽─)╭ Screenshot Gambar : -My Friends 1 -Me Editing : -Me -My Friends 2 Pengacau : -My sister -My brother I am editing using : POWERDIRECTOR : IbisPaint X I hope you like this video... enjoy.....

Attention ~ GMV | Gachaverse

Song - Attention Artist - Charlie Puth Genres - Funk, Pop Cover By - Alex Goot + Jada Facer Nightcore Link - https://youtu.be/iZwWsRFHYF0

Angel with a shotgun| glmv| READ PINED COMMENT

Song used: https://youtu.be/cvaIgq5j2Q8

|| Devils Don't Fly || GLMV ||

Hi guys! I'm back! Just want to say that I think I can't make another very soon bc I was sick...I'm so sorry guys... And this is my first time making Gacha Life MV so plss don't hate... I'm just trying my best~ PS: sorry my english is not very good Edit: all of you been saying “i don’t see the crown” actually it was the round thingy on her head ^^”

Angel With A Shotgun|GLMV|

Sorry I took so long to make this guys! I will try to upload more often...starting from next week. This week I have a bunch of tests, but I have the week after off! Like I said I will try to upload more! Peace!

Devils Don't Fly ☆| GMV - Gacha Verse |☆ (Read Description)

♡ Long Prologue - 1:32 If you don't wanna mess with that ♡ Extremely late post! Omg I started this the week before school and I thought I could get this done... nope! High school is such a pain in the booty! ♡ Part Two -https://youtu.be/5Oa2ySYbrC0 ♡The doll is an Easter Egg.. don't ask idk what I was thinking when I chose to do that... ♡ Hope you enjoyed! Like, Share and Subscribe! ✂️-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------✂️ ...

Darkside glmv

Hey guys! This is my favorite song now. I love making videos! Hope you enjoyed, bye!

[Singing Battle]GLMV

So....i hope you guys enjoy the video i know i'm not good at making video but please dont hate 😁 and also cmt down who’s win 🥳