Failed Assassinations — History Hijinks
Failed Assassinations — History Hijinks
Failed Assassinations — History Hijinks

Failed Assassinations — History Hijinks - Overly Sarcastic Productions

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Sarcastic, yet informative, summaries of classic and not-so-classic literature and mythology, as well as major historical events! This channel is intended for use by high school students and up. Our videos frequently cover subjects of violence, assault, murder, and the books your english teachers make you read for high school. Also we cuss sometimes. Treat us as a TV-14 show and don't show us to your kids. For information on sponsorships, art commissions, fanmail, topic suggestions, and more, please refer to our FAQ, where you can also find our EMAIL, for business enquiries. Want to hear more from us? Check out at,, and Wanna buy our merch? Here are our shops! REDBUBBLE: T-SHIRTS: MUGS/CASES/ETC:

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Renaissance Antics – History Hijinks

The Italian Renaissance is known for its fancy art and ginormous domes, but what about the visionaries behind it? In this ~~fancy new series~~ we'll discuss the antics of the period's most famous artists. Sources & Further Reading: "Brunelleschi's Dome" by King , "Leonardo Da Vinci" by Isaacson, Benvenuto Cellini's autobiography, and "Artemisia Gentileschi" by Garrard. Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up. This video was edited by Sophia Ricciardi, AKA "Indigo" PATREON: MERCH LINKS: OUR WEBSITE: Find us on Twitter Find us on Reddit

Legends Summarized: King Arthur

Camelooooooot~🎵 For a mythos so universally well-known, there's not actually much in the way of a *canon* for King Arthur. Some people will smugly inform you that the Sword in the Stone isn't Excalibur; some will equally smugly tell you that the stone was actually an anvil. Is Merlin a druid, a wizard, a demon, a time-traveler? Is Morgan Le Fay Arthur's sister, nemesis, lover, all of the above? And where the hell does Mordred fit into all this? To answer these questions, let's go all the way back to the beginning and trace how this mythos grew and evolved as...

History Summarized: Pope Fights

The Medieval Catholic Church was... an interesting place, to put it lightly. Sometimes there was more than one Pope at a time, and sometimes they fought each other for power. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you Pope Fights! The most absurd chapter in all of Catholicism. Pope Francis' Rock Album, if you're still not convinced: PATREON: MERCH LINKS: Shirts - All the other stuff - Find us on Twitter @OSPYouTube!

Blue's Dumb History Tales

Please check out That Works for the best blacksmithing on YouTube: What do you get when you cross a month that has 5 Fridays with a historian who can't do math? This nonsense, apparently. PATREON: MERCH LINKS: Shirts - All the other stuff - Find us on Twitter @OSPYouTube!

History-Makers: Machiavelli

If I could have a conversation with any person in History, it's Machiavelli. Easy. And I wouldn't even have to do anything, I'd just say "So, tell me about Rome" and watch the fireworks. In the meantime, I'll settle for playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and liberating Roma with my boy Niccolò. The best Prince is one who donates to TEAM TREES: PATREON: DISCORD: MERCH LINKS: OUR WEBSITE: Find us on Twitter Find us on Reddit

Halloween Special: H. P. Lovecraft

HAPPY HALLOWEEN IT'S TIME TO GET SPOOKY WITH HISTORY'S MOST PROBLEMATIC HORROR WRITER LET'S GOOOOO While there's something to be said for separating the art from the artist, I think there's a lot of merit in CONTEXTUALIZING the art WITH the artist. Did Lovecraft write some pretty incredible horror? Sure! Was he also a raging xenophobe? Absolutely! Are his perspectives on life connected with the stories he felt compelled to tell? Duh! If you look at Lovecraft's writing through the lens of his life, clear patterns emerge that allow us to pin down what exactly he built his horror cosmology out...

History Summarized: Alexander the Great

Linguistically speaking, Alexander means "Defender of Men" from the Greek "alexo", defend, and "aner/ander", man. I'll never be able to not internally think of his name as just meaning "Alex-Man". Oh, yeah, also he conquered an empire or something? IDK. I stopped paying attention after his bland name. PATREON: MERCH LINKS: Shirts - All the other stuff - Find us on Twitter @OSPYouTube!

Legends Summarized: The Monkey King (Journey To The West Part 1)

---YOU ARE HERE--- PART 2: PART 3: PART 4: PART 5: PART 6: Meet the progenitor of all brash, impulsive, superpowerful anime characters! Sun Wukong, the Monkey King and Great Sage, was the most impulsive of them all! "Wreaking havoc in heaven is so much fun it should be illegal!" -Monkey, probably I might cover something else before continuing with part two of The Journey To The West. It's kind of a doozy, and I'm having a lot of trouble convincing myself to cut some parts out. Watch out for Don Quixote in the meantime.

History Summarized: Alcibiades

The oracle at delphi simply tells him, "congratulations". The standard of nudity was his idea. Narcissus gets shy around him. Patroclus was his boyfriend first. He is… the most interesting man in Ancient Greece. Extra special thanks to Blue's professor , Mr. Samons, who taught him about Greek history and the comedic potential of marshmallows and triremes.

Legends Summarized: El Dorado

El Dorado! A shining golden city packed with promises of wealth, power and everlasting glory. An unspoiled paradise deep in the jungle, the PERFECT destination for treasure-hunters and anthropologists alike. Something that perfect is something EVERYONE wants to be real. Aaaaand that's the trick, isn't it? Wanting something that badly isn't healthy. Just ask the conquistadors! (Oh wait, we can't - because so many of them died on fruitless quests for El Dorado. And also it's been five hundred years and they'd all be dead anyway) PATREON: MERCH LINKS: OUR WEBSITE: Find us on Twitter Find us on Reddit

Trope Talk: Sequels

Oh, no. That movie I liked is getting a sequel. Will it be good, or will it make me retroactively dislike the thing I used to like? And why is it always such a close call?! Let's DISCUSS BABY Favorite or least favorite sequel? Yell about it in the comments! EXAMPLES USED (IN ROUGH ORDER): Star Wars, Dragon Ball, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dragon Ball Z, Young Justice, The Incredibles (I and II), Terminator (I and II), Kung Fu Panda, Steven Universe, Frozen II, MCU, Batman Beyond, Solo: A Star Wars Story, X-Men, X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Apocalypse, Avatar: Legend of...

History Summarized: The Meiji Restoration

Japan may well have the record for World's Speediest Industrialization, but how did they accomplish so much so fast without falling victim to Europe's favorite 19th century pastime of "Colonization"? And how did Japan build up a Pan-Asian empire so darn quickly? All that and more in this deep-dive into the Meiji Restoration! SOURCES & Further Reading: "Modern Japan: A Very Short Introduction" by Goto-Jones. "The Japanese Empire: Grand Strategy from the Meiji Restoration to the Pacific War" by Paine. "Bushido: The Soul of Japan" by Nitobe THAT WACKY POLITICAL CARTOON: "Japan Makes Her Debut Under Columbia's Auspicies" This video was edited...

Miscellaneous Myths: Dionysus

"Hey, Red, I already know all the Dionysus myths, and there's really not much going on with him - so why on earth is this video longer than three minutes? And who are those other guys in the thumbnail?" ʘ‿ʘ ◉‿◉ LET'S FIND OUT, SHALL WE PATREON: MERCH LINKS: Shirts - All the other stuff - Find us on Twitter @OSPYouTube!

History Summarized: Mexico

Go to and use code OVERLYSARCASTIC to get 70% off a 3-year plan and an extra month for free. Protect yourself online today! This video is quite serendipitous in timing — by complete coincidence, this is going live on September 27, the day of Mexico's true political independence under the First Mexican Empire. This is the 11 year sequel to the more traditional Mexican Independence celebrations of September 16th, which marks Miguel Hidalgo's proclamation of the "Cry of Dolores" and the start of the Mexican War of Independence. No joke, I only realized this when I was partway through...

History Summarized: The Republic of Venice (Ft. Suibhne!)

Dive into the great History of seafaring with this #OperationOdysseus Playlist: For more Medieval goodness, see Suibhne's video ( and History Time's video ( In the late Middle Ages and at the height of the Renaissance, all roads on the maritime highway of the Mediterranean Sea led to Venice. Join Blue (and special guest Suibhne) to discover why Venice came to be, how they came to dominate naval trade, and what happened over the fascinating course of their thousand-year history as an independent Republic. Further Reading: John Julius Norwich's "A History Of Venice" – 600 pages of good stuff. PATREON: MERCH LINKS: Shirts -...

The Best Couples in History — Valentine's Day Special

Happy Valentine's Day! Celebrate the history of Love with a rundown of these outstanding couples — for better and for worse. This video was edited by Sophia Ricciardi, AKA "Indigo". Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up. PATREON: MERCH LINKS: OUR WEBSITE: Find us on Twitter Find us on Reddit

History Summarized: Ethiopia

Ethiopian History gets started early and just keeps on going. From the dawn of humanity itself through the medieval period and into the modern day, the history of the kingdom at the end of the Blue Nile is full of surprises. SOURCES & Further Reading: Harold Marcus "A History of Ethiopia" and John Jackson's "Ethiopia and the Origins of Civilization", see also Kenneth Vickery's lecture "Ethiopia: Outpost of Christianity" and William Cook's lecture "The Rock-Hewn Churches of Ethiopia" via The Great Courses. This video was edited by Sophia Ricciardi AKA "Indigo". Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up. PATREON: MERCH LINKS:...

Miscellaneous Myths: Aphrodite

Okay, so maybe Dionysus was a little more complicated than we expected. But APHRODITE? REALLY?? All she does is set up cute couples and throw temper tantrums! How complicated can SHE be? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉) V E R Y Quick edit! Saw some comments cranky I didn't mention Cyprus. Sorry, guys, I only had so much time, and Cythera is physically the location of her oldest temple and the origin of her worship in ancient greece. Cyprus is sometimes seen as her birthplace, but it varies from myth to myth. Since I was covering the historical spread of her...

Trope Talk: Lancers

You remember the hero, right? Well, this is the person standing right next to them in all the photos! The second-in-command, the rival, the bestie, the life-partner - no matter the flavor, they're always The Lancer! Who's your favorite lancer? Least favorite? Argue in the comments! EXAMPLES IN ROUGH ORDER: Star Wars, Star Trek, Samurai Jack, Dragon Ball Super, Ben Ten: Alien Force, Teen Titans, Thundercats (2011), Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Transformers: Prime, Captain America, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Clone Wars, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Castlevania (Netflix), She-Ra (2018), Avengers, The Emperor's New Groove, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Our content is intended for...

Legends Summarized: Atlantis

THE MAP OF ATLANTIS IS AVAILABLE ON A WIDE ARRAY OF MERCH: Don't get TOO excited, Plato's pretty dry. Eh? Eh? Geddit? But seriously. (Won't it be fun if the conspiracy algorithms pick this one up?) No, the ending song isn't "under the sea", I already did it twice. PATREON: MERCH LINKS: Redbubble - Shirts - All the other stuff - OUR WEBSITE: Find us on Twitter Find us on Reddit

History Summarized: The Normans (Ft Shadiversity!)

Go to and and use code OVERLYSARCASTIC to get 75% off a 3 year plan and an extra month for free. Protect yourself online today! What happens when Vikings get domestic in northern France? The Normans happen. Join Blue and super special guest Shadiversity to discuss the History of Norman expansion into England and Italy in the 11th and 12th centuries. SHAD'S VIDEO: PATREON: MERCH LINKS: Shirts - All the other stuff - Find us on Twitter @OSPYouTube!

Trope Talk: Macguffins

Edit: DANG IT YES I MEANT THOR 2 EVERYONE LEAVE ME ALONE Everybody wants 'em! Very few people get 'em! Sometimes, the things we call macguffins turn out not to be macguffins at all! But what IS the elusive macguffin, and how do we go about understanding, writing, OR acquiring it? Got a favorite macguffin or macguffin-centric storyline? Drop it in the comments! Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up. PATREON: MERCH LINKS: DISCORD: OUR WEBSITE: Find us on Twitter Find us on Reddit

Miscellaneous Myths: Quetzalcoatl

Addendum: When I described early America as a “universally Christian/European” nation I forgot to add the following footnote:* *SLAVERY EXISTED AND SO DO NATIVE AMERICANS I KNOW QUETZALCOATLUS IS A PTEROSAUR NOT A DINOSAUR CAN WE PLEASE FOCUS Really old gods are fun because they tend to have spread out and fractalized over time, spawning off culturally specific versions of themselves as their stories travel around. This can lead to a veritable conspiracy wall of potential connections drawing disparate gods together to a common origin. But in the case of the Mesoamerican Feathered Serpent figure, I think we can make a pretty strong...

Overly Sarcastic Podcast: The Ptolemies

Good lord. This is a giant mess of a family tree. Just... Just watch it and see for yourself. Downloadable audio file can be found here: And all other episodes can be found here: PATREON: MERCH LINKS: Shirts - All the other stuff - Find us on Twitter @OSPYouTube!