Freddie Mercury Story : His tragic AIDS Story  (2016)
Freddie Mercury Story : His tragic AIDS Story  (2016)
Freddie Mercury Story : His tragic AIDS Story  (2016)

Freddie Mercury Story : His tragic AIDS Story (2016) - Timothée Savary

Timothée Savary
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Top 9 Freddie Mercury Lovers

PLEASE NO disrespectful COMMENTS - SUBSCRIBE - KEEP CLASSIC ROCK ALIVE - Freddie Mercury - Lovers Boyfriends and Girlfriends - Mary Austin, Jim Hutton - David Minns - Paul Prenter - Barbara Valentin -and more


Freddie Mercury sang vokalis nyentrik memiliki kisah hidup yang cukup menarik, mulai dari kehebatan dan inspirasinya menciptakan lagu-lagu yang hits dan unik dia juga memiliki kehidupan pribadi yang unik, 10 Fakta unik dari seorang vokalis Queen Freddie Mercury LIKE,SHARE dan SUBSCRIBE anda akan membuat kami semakin bersemangat. Follow kami di media sosial lainnya: Youtube: Fanpage Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : Official Blog : Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might...

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All rights go to Queen. I don't own any of the clips.

[보헤미안 랩소디] 퀸 다큐멘터리 : 우리 생애 나날들 BBC Queen Days Of Our Lives (2011)

공지!!) 자막 수정본(을 볼 수 없는 상태입니다 Blocked in all teritories라고 나오고...음 뭐죠 왜일까요 이거는 차단 안하고 그것만 차단했네요 흠 왜지? 영상에서 나오는 수익은 한푼도 나한테 안오고 본인들에게 가는데... 유저 Report가 들어간건가요? 저작권자인 Believe Music이 갑자기 수틀린걸까요? 어떤 상황인걸까요...딱 그 영상만 차단한것도 굉장히 이상하네요 사실 한국어 자막 이외의 버전은 다 유튜브에 멀쩡히 있는데 흠 이상하네요. 일단 다시한번 올려드릴까요? 네이버 블로그에라도 올릴까요? 의견이나 조언 주시면 굉장히 감사드립니다ㅜㅜ 아무것도 모르거든요 ...ㅜㅜ BBC에서 퀸 결성 40주년(2011) 기념으로 제작한 다큐멘터리입니다. 영화 보헤미안 랩소디를 보신 분들이면 재밌게 보실 수 있을 것 같아요. 영화 대본과 다른 실화와의 차이를 뚜렷하게 보실 수 있고, 프레디 머큐리와 멤버들과 주변 인물들의 사소한 에피소드도 많이 언급해서, 영화보다 더 생생하고 재밌다는 평이 많아요. 퀸 결성 이전의 스마일(Smile)부터 현재에 이르기까지 시간 순서대로...

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How did Freddie Mercury contract AIDS?

Who gave Freddie Mercury AIDS? Rumor has it Freddie was infected in the mid to late 70’s, essentially on his first visit (or second) visit to New York, which was the epicentre of the GRID (gay-related immune deficiency) epidemic. By 1982 he was starting to show symptoms of being infected already, and by 1984 he had the first appearance of possible KS (Kaposi Sarcoma) on his body, which he thought was bruising to start with, until more started to appear on his body and face - hence the thicker makeup, and later covering of his legs, and areas where they...

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You Tube blocks the segment about Haim and the movie "Lucas" which is where much of his problems began around that time. I spent an hour trying to get this edited to get around the You Tube blocks and what was suppose to be a blocked 5 minutes ended up being about 15 minutes.

Top 10 Queen Songs

Top 10 Greatest Queen Songs Subscribe: Freddie Mercury has written some of the most amazing songs in music history. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 songs in the Queen catalog. List Entries and Rank: #10. “I Want to Break Free” (1984) #9. “Innuendo” (1991) #8. “Too Much Love Will Kill You” (1996) #7. “Killer Queen” (1974) #6. “Another One Bites the Dust” (1980) #5. “Somebody to Love” (1976) #4. “Radio Gaga” (1984) #3. ?

-Documentary *Goodbye to love* The KAREN CARPENTER Story

Documentary on the life of Karen Carpenter. lots of recreations, No Copyright intended must watch

On The Spot - 7 Pengakuan Jelang Kematian Paling Mengejutkan

On The Spot - 7 Pengakuan Jelang Kematian Paling Mengejutkan

Freddie Mercury transformation from 1 to 45 years old

Freddie mercury through the years. Farrokh "Freddie" Mercury (5 September 1946 – 24 November 1991) was a British singer, songwriter and record producer, known as the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen. He was known for his flamboyant stage persona and four-octave vocal range. Mercury wrote numerous hits for Queen, including "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Killer Queen", "Somebody to Love", "Don't Stop Me Now", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", and "We Are the Champions". He led a solo career while performing with Queen, and occasionally served as a producer and guest musician for other artists. Mercury was born of Parsi descent in...

Terkuak, 4 Rahasia Freddie Mercury yang Terbongkar di Film Bohemian Rhapsody!!

Freddie Mercury adalah vokalis grup band rock asal Inggris, Queen. Sebagai personel dari grup band Queen, Freddie Mercury dikenal sebagai penyanyi yang memiliki vokal yang kuat, yakni empat oktaf. Selain sebagai vokalis, Freddie Mercury juga menyusun beberapa lagu hits untuk Queen, termasuk lagu berjudul Bohemian Rhapsody sendiri. #BohemianRhapsody #Queen --------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Subscribe satu dukangan dari kalian guys untuk upload video setiap harinya, dan jangan lupa juga kalian klik LIKE KOMEN & SHARE biar teman2 kalian juga dapat hiburan menarik dari channel ini. dan jika kalian mau dapat notif video dari channel ini silahkan kalian tekan tombol yg berbentuk BELL untuk memberikan kalian update info video...

Gay Hollywood:The Last Taboo(2009) documentary

Looks at the challenges facing gay artists in Hollywood past and present. Hollywood in the 1920s was the most homosexual friendly place to be as most of the behind-the-camera staff were gay. However, for those in front of the camera there was no tolerance from the movie-going public. Any homosexual who wanted to maintain a career had to remain in a well-locked closet. During the 1950s, the studios provided their own "police" who would be the first to arrive at any scene of an "indiscretion" or other scandalous act. Their task was to collect and remove any evidence and then...

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Share it!! Let's reach 10 MILLION VIEWS!! Subscribe for more duets like this! Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson The best duet ever There Must Be More to Life than This

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Rare interview with Freddie in 1977

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While some commentators claimed Mercury hid his sexual orientation from the public, others claimed he was "openly gay". In December 1974, when asked directly, "So how about being bent?" by the New Musical Express, Mercury replied, "You're a crafty cow. Let's put it this way: there were times when I was young and green. It's a thing schoolboys go through. I've had my share of schoolboy pranks. I'm not going to elaborate further." Homosexual acts between adult males over the age of 21 had been decriminalised in the United Kingdom in 1967, only seven years earlier. In the 1980s, he...

Famous Celebrities Who Died On Aids

Famous Celebrities Who Died On Aids 1. Nisha Noor 2. Brad Davis 3. Timothy Patrick Murphy 4. Eazy-E 5. Rock Hudson 6. Anthony Perkins 7. Willi Donnell Smith 8. Isaac Asimov 9. Arthur Ashe 10. Liberace Profession: Musician 11. Tony Richardson I am Srabanti Roy. I maintain this channel by maintaining all the Google Guidelines. I take the photos for these videos from Google Image Search and music are actually taken from Youtube Library. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS VIDEO IS ONLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please Like, Comment, Share & SUBSCRIBE My Channel -------------------------------------------------------------------------- For More Videos: - -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on facebook-

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