Hawaii gets false missile strike alert
Hawaii gets false missile strike alert
Hawaii gets false missile strike alert

Hawaii gets false missile strike alert - CNN

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How Would We Stop a Nuclear Missile?

Most of us are hoping that any nuclear threats are just empty threats, and getting at the facts about ICBMs can be difficult. But what would actually happen if someone launched a nuclear weapon? We're conducting a survey of our viewers! If you have time, please give us feedback: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SciShowSurvey2017 Hosted by: Michael Aranda ---------- Support SciShow by becoming a patron on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/scishow ---------- Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon supporters: Kevin Bealer, Mark Terrio-Cameron, KatieMarie Magnone, Inerri, D.A. Noe, Charles Southerland, Fatima Iqbal, سلطان الخليفي, Nicholas Smith, Tim Curwick, Scott Satovsky Jr, Philippe von Bergen, Bella Nash, Chris Peters, Patrick D. Ashmore, Piya Shedden,...

Trump Crony STUNNED When Reporters Call Him Out on Lies

--Pete Hoekstra, US Ambassador to the Netherlands, repeatedly gets called out and stumped by Dutch reporters who demand answers on his claims about "no-go zones" and Dutch politicians getting set on fire https://theintercept.com/2018/01/10/dutch-reporters-stun-trumps-ambassador-pressing-admit-lied-no-go-zones/ https://theintercept.com/2017/08/01/dutch-wary-trumps-ambassador-imagines-no-go-zones-netherlands/ -Become a Member: https://www.davidpakman.com/membership -Support Our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/davidpakmanshow -Donate via Bitcoin: 15evMNUN1g4qdRxywbHFCKNfdCTjxtztfj -Donate via Ethereum: 0xe3E6b538E1CD21D48Ff1Ddf2D744ea8B95Ba1930 -Donate via Litecoin: LhNVT9j5gQj8U1AbwLzwfoc5okDoiFn4Mt -Support when you buy cryptocurrency: http://www.davidpakman.com/coinbase -Follow David on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dpakman -Follow David on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/david.pakman -Follow us on Steemit: https://steemit.com/@davidpakman -Discuss This on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/thedavidpakmanshow/ -Website: https://www.davidpakman.com -Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/davidpakmanshow -The David Pakman Show on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/davidpakmanshow -Get your TDPS Gear: http://www.davidpakman.com/gear -Call the 24/7 Voicemail Line: (219)-2DAVIDP -Subscribe to The David Pakman Show for more: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=midweekpolitics -Timely news is important! We upload new clips every day,...

Hawaii in 4K - Inspirational Speech - Make Your Life Extraordinary!

This speech will change your life! Hawaii captured like never before, in glorious 4K :) Watch our latest: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjw-j0hh81IeXrG2OhQVvrpluYrOGLaJX Music & Speech by Fearless Motivation Download or Stream it on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play. http://www.FearlessMotivation.com iTunes: https://goo.gl/T5gm5W GooglePlay: https://goo.gl/NciJJS Spotify: https://goo.gl/tlEU5T AmazonMP3: http://amzn.to/2hJlkdA For business inquiries ONLY, contact me here: devinsupertramp@gmail.com Super thanks to Kualoa Ranch for letting us film at their location. So many big movies are filmed there, check them out: http://www.kualoa.com Super thanks to Trevor Hanson for pulling off the trampoline in the ocean and rounding the troops for that. Follow him here: http://www.instagram.com/hanson.trevor Had the chance to work with some of the best cliff divers in Hawaii,...

38 minutes of terror in Hawaii

Human error that triggered a false missile alert turned Hawaii upside down. People crawled under tables in cafes, were ushered into military hangars and huddled around televisions to watch the news for the latest developments.

20/20 What the Dash Cam Never Saw | Daniel Holtzclaw Case [2020 Full Doc]

Full Episode: http://goo.gl/yxfJRW Part 3: http://goo.gl/gv6vS6 Part 4: http://goo.gl/mXOi0c Part 5: http://goo.gl/8pYbmN Part 6: http://goo.gl/A8usca It is a story that made national headlines: a young Oklahoma City police officer accused of preying on women in the very community he was sworn to serve and protect. During the trial, the all-American football star’s complete breakdown, went viral. But now, new claims, compelling clues, and a desperate family – spending their life savings on his defense – certain of his innocence. ABC News Anchor Juju Chang’s report includes an exclusive interview with Daniel Holtzclaw from prison, his police interrogation tapes, and searing conversations with four of the...

News Anchor Freak-Outs Caught On Live TV

If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Grunge Anything can go wrong on live news, which means the hardest part of the job for those brave souls who sit in the anchor's chair is remaining calm and collected no matter what happens. For the most part, they do an admirable job, but occasionally their emotions get the best of them. Here's a look at some news anchor freakouts caught on live TV… Cooper can't take it | 0:22 No Joy for O'Reilly | 0:59 Bill Maher slams the door | 1:31 Charlo Green sparks up controversy | 2:01 Jim Ryan vs. Dick Oliver | 2:31 Liz Wahl is nobody's...

Kavanaugh accuser Blasey Ford describes alleged attack

Christine Blasey Ford details the 1982 attack she claims was made by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Kavanaugh has denied the allegation.

CNN anchor brought to tears over Trump remark

CNN's Alisyn Camerota got emotional discussing President Trump calling African nations "shithole countries" during an immigration meeting.

Liberal Waitress Seats 3 Rowdy Conservatives And Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime

Do not forget to visit the channel WATCHJOJO ANIMALS https://goo.gl/438CPy contact us at:watchjojo2@gmail.com http://watchjojo.com ************************************************************** A Chopper Pilot Spotted This Mysterious SOS Signal Now Police Think They Have The...

China Ready For War Wth U S

China getting Military aggressive with it's neighbor's.

Nuclear Bomb Prank (Grandparents)

I Prank My Grandma and Grandpa! I used Apple TV to make this... If you don't know how... http://youtu.be/LY9rS85IKlk ►I hope everyone enjoyed! If you did, hit that subscribe button◄

Joe Rogan - Hawaii's False Alarm ("ballistic missile") and the THREAT of North Korea

Joe Rogan talks about Hawaii's false alarm - and the actual threat from North Korea. He also talks about Saudi Arabia and Yemen. http://bit.ly/2Jznzzw For the entire Joe Rogan Experience #1170 - Tulsi Gabbard click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIb2lmHgd5s

Melania reveals meaning of her 'I don't really care' jacket

First lady Melania Trump says that her 'I don't really care' jacket was a messaged aimed at the left-wing media in an exclusive interview with ABC News. #CNN #News

Condoleezza Rice on #MeToo: Let's not turn women into snowflakes

Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that while she believes the #MeToo movement is "a good thing," people need "to be a little bit careful" about how they respond to it.

The Story That CNN Would NEVER Air (2018)

➨Join the Amplex Team - https://www.patreon.com/Amplex ➨Find us on Social Media - Facebook - http://bit.ly/2ekB29N Feel Free to Contact me with any future topic ideas or if you have any footage/content you would like to share! Amplexlive@gmail.com Special Thanks to the Following Channel: Breitbart News https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmgnsaQIK1IR808Ebde-ssA

Don't Fire The Hawaiian Who Hit The Emergency Alert

Stephen makes a case for the Hawaii employee who notified the entire state of an imminent, imaginary ballistic missile. Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE: http://bit.ly/ColbertYouTube For more content from "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert", click HERE: http://bit.ly/1AKISnR Watch full episodes of "The Late Show" HERE: http://bit.ly/1Puei40 Like "The Late Show" on Facebook HERE: http://on.fb.me/1df139Y Follow "The Late Show" on Twitter HERE: http://bit.ly/1dMzZzG Follow "The Late Show" on Google+ HERE: http://bit.ly/1JlGgzw Follow "The Late Show" on Instagram HERE: http://bit.ly/29wfREj Follow "The Late Show" on Tumblr HERE: http://bit.ly/29DVvtR Watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert weeknights at 11:35 PM ET/10:35 PM CT. Only on CBS. Get the CBS app...

Girl ejected in crash after attempting to escape vehicle part 3

Update July 7, 2017. A reported with a local station has been in touch with the Atlanta Police. They were able to locate the female, so I'm guessing that was her car because the only information available was the license plate number. The guy driving the car is apparently her boyfriend. She is refusing to cooperate or press charges, and would not give the police his name. Part 1 is the initial encounter where I first noticed the car stopped in the roadway. This was at the I-75/85 and University Ave interchange in Atlanta, GA. Part 2...

Trump supporters weigh in on 'shithole' remark

CNN's Gary Tuchman travels to Anniston, Alabama, to hear from Trump supporters after President Trump referred to African nations as "shithole countries" in an immigration meeting.

Boykin: Trump has done nothing for African-Americans

CNN commentators Keith Boykin and Carrie Sheffield debate President Trump's recent comments about African countries and his impact on the African-American community.

I Bought An Abandoned Storage Locker! ... Look What I Found!

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Creepy Emergency Broadcast Alert Hints At 'End Of The World' For Saturday

September 23 — A date some are predicting a planet is supposed to collide with the earth — may have hackers using the airwaves for a doomsday alert.

CNN's Burnett slams Trump allies for shielding him

CNN's Erin Burnett questions why allies of President Trump continue to dodge questions regarding controversial remarks made by the President.

Something Is WRONG In Hawaii..

Support this work: https://www.patreon.com/TheSecureteam News crew source: https://goo.gl/t7JGSN Hawaii tourist source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhto4f-NiQs Secureteam is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, and the strange activity happening on and off of our planet. Email me YOUR footage and help us continue the good search for disclosure! ➨E-mail me your ideas & footage: TheSecureteam@gmail.com ➨Secureteam Shirts! http://secureteam.spreadshirt.com ➨Twitter: https://twitter.com/SecureTeam10 ➨Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Secureteam10 Send fanmail to: Secureteam 1712 11th St. Portsmouth, OH 45662 Box 372 Intro Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod Outro Music: "Dark Trap" by rh_music For any business inquiries, questions or concerns regarding footage used in this video, please contact me at: SecureteamNews@gmail.com and I'll get back to you within 48 hours. Thanks!

Next Future Terrifying Technology (NEW DARPA Project) #Mind Blow (DOCUMENTARY 2016)

Subscribe us for more videos updates click below in channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEH0rUt-dg885oFqQgvEYxw/videos America spends more on its military than THE NEXT 15 COUNTRIES COMBINED By 2033 the U.S. will be paying $59 billion a year to its veterans injured in the wars The yearly cost of stationing one soldier in Iraq could feed 60 American families. The pentagon budget consumes 80% of individual income tax revenue The Pentagon spends more on war than all 50 states combined spend on health, education, welfare, and safety Active projects of DARPA which will change the future are : 4MM 4-minute mile: Wearable jetpack to enable soldiers to run at increased speed. Aerial...


This video is made under fair use policy, also this material is made from public published domain for people with hearing and seeing disability Russia's Ministry of Defense released a series of videos showing off nuclear weapons launches on October 11, but didn't show a key part of its nuclear arsenal. By: Alex Lockie https://www.thisisinsider.com/russia-drilled-for-all-out-nuclear-war-but-a-key-element-was-missing-2018-10 Warthog Defense members are sharing stories, insider tips, news from the front lines, and unique slices of military life including the tough stuff of war. Warthog Defense provides headline news and technology updates since our community answers the call and makes news. We also cover the rest of the...