Best Easter Eggs in MCU Movies Lead to Avengers Infinity War (Chronological order)
Best Easter Eggs in MCU Movies Lead to Avengers Infinity War (Chronological order)
Best Easter Eggs in MCU Movies Lead to Avengers Infinity War (Chronological order)

Best Easter Eggs in MCU Movies Lead to Avengers Infinity War (Chronological order) - Movie Rockstar

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All Of The Surprising Characters Confirmed For Marvel's Avengers Endgame

Who Is Coming Back for Avengers Endgame? SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: Want to read more about this topic? Check this out: During Avengers: Infinity War, we said goodbye to many of our favorite characters, but we’re hoping at least a good portion of them come back for Avengers: Endgame. However, we’ll also be seeing some old familiar faces, some of whom you may have forgotten about. We’ll let you know who you can expect to see during Endgame and what roles they may have to play in the movie. Could the Ancient One help our heroes track down one...

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World's unLuckiest People caught on camera😈INSTANT KARMA

Some people, despite all the black cats and broken mirrors in the world, seem to have all the luck.To those who says he's the luckiest person on Earth just because he met Ronaldo, watch this video and decide. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Link Part 1 ~ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch more awesome videos , Like and Subscribe !!! Official Website: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Follow Us◄ ♠Facebook : ♠IG : ♠Twitter :


Comp of the funniest moments in every marvel movie ! Includes Captain America , IronMan, Thor, Spiderman, ETC!! All right go to Marvel Studios, i simply made a compilation of their work


THE BROYS ARE BACK (SHROUD,CHOCOTACO,JUST9N) Watch the full : JANUARY 11, 2019 ► Source: ► ► ► ► ► ► ► Thank For Watching Email: ___ There is no copyright infringement intended for the song or picture. If you have an issue with me posting this video please contact me through by my Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed.

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Hi, kids! Let's pretend play with Marvel and DC Comics Superhero toys for kids! Let's start new funny kids show with Superhero toys! Come watch new funny clown videos for kids about DC Comics superheroes and Marvel superheroes in real life! If you like Marvel superheroes toys for kids, Marvel Avengers superhero toys and DC superheroes for kids - join us and watch best funny superhero cosplay videos about superhero Spiderman, superhero Hulk, superhero Captain America, superhero Batman, superhero Iron Man, superhero Thor and superhero Thanos. Let's play with best superhero toys for kids in our top funny videos for...

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Compilation video of some of our best Marvel's Avenger's Infinity War videos. SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: Feel like reading more about this? Check this out: To read more about Red Skull in Infinity War check out this article on our website! While the number of characters in Avengers: Infinity War may have been a bit overwhelming at first, we were still excited to see the appearance of the villain Red Skull. We hadn’t seen him on the big screen since Captain America: The First Avenger and things had definitely changed with him, and we aren’t just talking about his...

Top 10 People getting OWNED! 🔥

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10 Times Marvel Movies Paid Incredible Attention to Continuity

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“Infinity War” Cast Reacts To Fan Tweets

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Justice League Movie Mistakes You Didn't Notice

Justice League (2017) movie goofs and errors that slipped through editing. Check Out These Other Great Clips from Movie Rockstar: Hidden Clue in All MARVEL Movies Lead to Infinity War Funny Scenes That Were Totally Improvised Don't forget to Subscribe & comment below. Thanks! Featuring: Briefcase Bomb - 0:15 The Janitor ID badge - 1:03 Diana hair position changed - 1:29 Green goo on the glass - 2:03 Wonder Woman Shield - 2:45 The Cop disappear - 3:29 Wonder Woman Lasso Of Truth - 4:05 Russian motorcycle - 4:33 The Mother Box came to life - 4:55

10 Marvel Easter Eggs That Went Undiscovered

Marvel Easter Eggs that went undiscovered until now that is!! Subscribe to our channel: With a franchise as giant and interwoven as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s hard to imagine that any movie really stands alone. Even those that aren’t part of a bigger storyline have are full of hidden gems for fans to find, and Marvel fans are some of the greatest detectives out there. They absolutely love to hunt for Easter Eggs in every frame of every Marvel movie, and most of the time they are rewarded with an awesome payoff. From Captain America’s lists of seventy years...

10 Secrets Marvel Is Hiding About The Infinity Stones

The Infinity Stones - which are actually known as Infinity GEMS in Marvel's comic books - have been a key plot point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe up to now. Subscribe to our channel: In this year's Avengers: Infinity War movie, we'll see what happens when Thanos combines them in the Infinity Gauntlet. Movie audiences have learned a lot about the six incredibly powerful items in the last few years - but they have a rich history full of information that you probably aren't aware of. That's what this video is all about. Here are ten secrets about the Infinity Stones -...

Avengers Infinity War - IS THANOS DYING? (Stormbreaker Wound Explained!)

Avengers Infinity War Ending Theory! Did Thanos suffer a fatal wound from Thor's Stormbreaker? Thank you to BetterHelp for sponsoring this video! Consider online counseling by visiting Thanos analyzed in the Avengers Infinity War ending! Was Thanos able to heal himself with the Infinity Stones? Why was Thanos limping in the final shot? Erik Voss re-examines the final minutes of Infinity War frame by frame for visual clues, and analyzes recent statements by the directors and screenwriters to formulate an interesting explanation for what exactly happened to Thanos at the end of the movie. Did Thanos wipe himself away with...

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline Explained

AN IN-DEPTH LOOK AT THE MCU MOVIES TIMELINE SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: To learn more about Marvel's confusing timeline check out this article on our website: It seems like eons ago that superhero movies weren’t a popular mainstream source of entertainment, but that has all changed now. Marvel Studios has managed to create a massive cinematic universe, spanning across many years and multiple planets, but while so many exciting things have happened, it can get difficult to keep track of the timeline. We’ll explain the correct chronological order of the movies and let you know how the events of...

AVENGERS 3: Infinity War All Bonus Features & Bloopers (2018)

All Official Avengers: Infinity War Movie Bonus Features & Bloopers 2018 | Subscribe ➤ | Robert Downey Jr. Movie Trailer | Release: 27 Apr 2018 | More As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from theaters to large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality. Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to...

25 Marvel Fan Theories That Actually Came True!

Marvel fans are a pretty perceptive bunch to come up with such accurate theories! Subscribe to our channel: Pop culture fans in general simply love coming up with theories about their favourite cinematic and television offerings - but arguably none more so than superhero fans. Whether it's theories about Marvel movies and TV shows, DC movies and TV shows, or otherwise, superhero fans are always discussing their thoughts online - and sometimes their ideas end up coming true. In this video, we'll take you through some of the most prominent Marvel fan theories that ended up becoming a reality. The theories in question...

Infinity War: 10 Important Details You Totally Missed

Did you catch any of these important hidden details in Avengers: Infinity War? Subscribe to our channel: Check out "How Time Travel Will Affect Marvel's Avengers 4" from our friends over at CBR: Infinity War is out now and what an epic start to this two part finale. Thanos has come and he isn’t pulling any punches. In the middle of all the mayhem and amazing character banter between our favorite heroes, a lot of little details likely passed you by. For instance, did you know that there was an Arrested Development character in the Knowhere scene? Blink and you’ll...

Every Superhero Confirmed For Avengers 4

If you're new, Subscribe! → Thanos' quest to retrieve the six stones of the Infinity Gauntlet ends with fatal consequences for many of Earth's mightiest heroes, with characters being thrown off cliffs, strangled, exploded, and ultimately turned into ash. But as dire as the ending seems, it's unlikely that all those dearly departed heroes will stay that way for long, especially considering many of the supposedly deceased have already been confirmed to appear in Avengers 4. Whether it's via flashback, time travel, or convenient resurrection, it's clear that many of our favorite fallen heroes will be returning from the grave....

The Best Avengers: Endgame Theories COMPILATION

Is Marvel Studios trying to purposely deceive us with the Avengers: Endgame trailer? Subscribe to our channel: If there's one thing we've learned, when it comes to Marvel Cinematic Universe movie trailers, it's not to trust what we see in them. We're no longer that naive! A great example of why that's the case comes in the form of the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, which showed the Hulk fighting in the Battle of Wakanda - and that definitely didn't end up happening in the movie itself, much to some fans' annoyance. The Avengers: Endgame trailer got all of us extremely excited for...

10 Reasons Why Deadpool Is Secretly Part Of The MCU

With great MCU movies coming out like The Avengers, Spiderman Homecoming and superheroes movies outside the MCU like Deadpool 2 coming out, we look at how Deadpool can secretly be part of the MCU! :O Subscribe to our channel: The release of Iron Man in 2008 is widely considered to be the start of Marvel’s conscious decision to create a cinematic universe for its superhero franchises. As we all know, Marvel is rolling the shared universe in three phases and we are currently in the third and final phase and in 2017 alone looking forward to the release of...

9 Marvel Movie Mistakes They Thought No One Would Notice

These mistakes are so subtle, it's no wonder Marvel Studios didn't bother to correct them! Subscribe to our channel: Marvel is always throwing us into action-packed films with superheroes we could watch for days. They are known for their high production value and great casts, but sometimes even the greatest of the great make mistakes. So despite Marvel racking in some of the highest blockbuster grosses of all time, we still caught the mistakes they hoped nobody would ever notice. Their films star such famous actors as Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark...

What Everyone Forgot About Thanos and Tony Stark's Relationship

What Everyone Forgot About Thanos and Tony Stark's Relationship Like us → Instagram →

20 Times Marvel's Loki Outplayed Everybody

All the times Loki made a fool out of everybody SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: Loki has earned his title as God of Mischief in his time as part of Marvel Comics and the MCU. A key figure in Norse mythology, Loki has spent his time in the Marvel Universes setting himself up as one of the marque villains. While his primary beef has always been with his adopted brother, Thor, he’s still managed to spread his menace and mayhem out to other heroes across various interpretations. Unlike monologuing super villains with a beef, Loki doesn’t have a clear...