How hammerforged barrels and riflings are made
How hammerforged barrels and riflings are made
How hammerforged barrels and riflings are made

How hammerforged barrels and riflings are made - capandball

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Well this is my channel and these are my impressions about shooting old and repro blackpowder and cartridge guns. You will find target shooting, hunting, reloading and military history related videos here starring pre 1945 firearms. Since I was a little child I knew I want to be a history teacher. In fact I graduated as one. Later I studied military sciences on university level, and now I am doing my phd in firearms history while I teach military history at the university. That's my life, my hobby. I hope you'll enjoy my videos as much I enjoyed making them. Greetings form Hungary, the land of good wines and beautiful women. Oh yes, and please forgive my Hunglish. ;)

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Forging a gun barrel

This is my first attempt at forging a gun barrel as a colonial gunsmith would have. It's forged from a section of a wrought iron tire off a wooden wagon wheel. This effort is only the first couple steps for forging a barrel. Additional steps include forging (and filing) the barrel to an octagon shape, drilling the center hole larger, then reaming it to a final bore size, putting in the spirals, adding a breech plug and forging and adding the sights and hardware to mount the barrel in the stock. I may follow up with additional...

Homemade barrel rifling machine

My simple, crude tool to cut rifle grooves in blank barrels.

Helical Machining: Rifling with the Norris Chuck (TIS094)

The Idahoan demonstrates his so-called "Norris Chuck," a device that facilitates machining helical surfaces on cylindrical work pieces, by making a rifling button and driving it through a piece of DOM tubing to make a barrel blank.

Forging a Bowie knife from a semi truck leaf spring.

forging a very big bowie knife from a truck leaf spring

How to Crown a Barrel With 11 Degree Target Crown On A Logan Lathe-Gunsmith

11 degree target crown on lathe. The barrel was indicated before doing this which is an absolute necessity. I also used a brass lapping tool that I made in another video. Become a Patron: Buy Stickers Here: 1 for $4.00, 2 for $5.00: Email: Let me know your thoughts! Copyright 2015

Home Made Air Rifle Suppressor, simply the best out there

Welcome to Scott's Garage Another great project for my air rifle, trying not to make to much noise I decided to make a suppressor for my air rifle, my daughter and I like to target shoot, it's a blast. Our Google+: Our Facebook: Thanks

Gunsmithing - How to Install a Short Chambered Barrel Presented by Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA

For this and other MidwayUSA videos visit the MidwayUSA Video Library: Installing a new barrel on a Remington 700 is a lot easier than it used to be. Using a pre-threaded and short chambered barrel by Shilen, this job is easily accomplished by hand using only an action wrench, barrel vise, finish reamer, T-handle, and some headspace gages. Watch along as Larry Potterfield, Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA, installs the barrel and lengthens the chamber to final dimension.

Extreme Modern Wood Cutting Machines Intelligent Equipment Factory Processing Huge Wood

Extreme Modern Wood Cutting Machines Intelligent Equipment Factory Processing Huge Wood

Dagger blade Damascus of the cable

The process of manufacturing a blade of a dagger from Damascus steel from an iron cable. On the cutting edge steel W1-7, zone hardening, 62 units according to Rockwell. my site: Channel Support #Damasksteel

air gun gold / how to make very powerful pvc gun hunting rat, snake, fish and alcohol use [newcd]

Hello friends! This is a gun that hunts rats, snakes, fish and other endangered species for crops and fruit trees. It is made from PVC, Let's take a look at air gun gold / how to make very powerful pvc gun hunting rat, snake, fish ... and alcohol use ,It is a gun made of PVC pipes along with some materials such as: 50cm stainless steel tube 8ly, 1 valve one way, a ball pump, it is a great gun that is: / compact / cost less / very beautiful / exactly It will satisfy passionate hunting mouse, snake, fish ... hope you like...

Threading a .22 Barrel on the Mini Lathe

Accomplishing the task of giving a rifle barrel a threaded muzzle, in this case a Marlin Model 60 .22lr, using a Grizzly 7x14 Mini Lathe!

U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal Rotary Forge Backgound Video

Ed McCarthy, the Watervliet Arsenal deputy commander, provides the history to the rotary forge operation at the arsenal.

3D CNC gunstock carving

Carving a gunstock with my cnc mill from a solid board of walnut

Ultimate CNC FAILS Compilation ★ FailCity

More CNC Here ➤ This video compilation is about ultimate cnc machine fails. Lathe fail videos, router machines failure, cnc mill fails! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Watch more CNC videos here: ▶ ▶ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ iFree Network makes payments immediately and as often as I need (even every day payments during the month). Starting share is 70% of total revenue generated by YouTube channel....

HYPNOTIC Video Inside the BIGGEST Germany Forging Factory: 1000 tons Generator Shaft

The copyright belong to cocktail VP This is a very unique method of Forging in the Biggest Forging Factory in German. We are technology lovers, who love to collect amazing technology videos to introduce them to other people. This become our part of interest. However, during our work, there maybe some copyright strikes. If so, please contact us via Thank you for supporting.

Turning and Threading a Barrel

This is how i turn and thread a barrel blank. i also included some tips on how to profile a barrel if you don't have a steady rest.

Dangerous Biggest Wood Lathe Chainsaw Work - Fastest CNC Technology

Dangerous biggest lathe wood chainsaw work fastest cnc technology. Modern machines wood milling Video using content Unique CNC Machinery, please contact information: -

IWA 2013 - The ugliest Pedersoli gun ever

Please support us at: Well... this little monster is a 22 Hornet caliber plinker with full tactical feel. The ugliest Pedersoli gun ever...

Homemade Rifling Attachment for Lathe (Part 1)

----PART 2: ---- Due to concerns over the rifling in my previous barrel (which were justified) I will be building a rifling attachment for my lathe. This is the first part, the second part will hopefully be the end but this may become a three part series. Next time we will make the rifling tool and finish the tail stock mount, then do some actual rifling

Rifling Machine Demonstration

Bill Hoover demonstrates how to rifle a barrel using a hand-operated rifling machine. The demonstration took place at Campus Martius in Marietta Ohio.

Sine Bar Rifling Machine not Button RIfling Rifler

This Sine bar hook cut rifling machine was originally owned by "old man Savage". It then was bought from him by an Arizona gunsmith named Bill Sucalie. The diamond rifler, gundrill and gun barrel reamer was bought by Bill from Old man Savage all at the same time. Bob Blake my grandfather purchased Bill's Gunsmith buisness in 1966 to where Bob and my father Dave Blake ran a Barrel Making shop for about 5 Years. We had kept the equipment all of these years and have remained gundrill speacialist ever since. We have now restored...

Forging a Falcata sword, the complete movie.

forging a Falcata sword, the complete movie.

how a wine barrel is made

A short film by Tom Cannavan of Filmed in the cooperage of Louis Latour in Burgundy, France, it shows the stages involved in producing wine barrels, from raw oak planks, to the finished barrel.

Amazing Extreme Factory - Hammer Forging Special Equipments

Amazing Extreme Factory - Hammer Forging Special Equipments

1930s Thor Gun Drill [Restoration]

The restoration of this 1930s pneumatic Thor gun-style drill made by the Independent Pneumatic Tool Co. was not supposed to happen. When my basement flooded this tool was exposed to enough water to make it rust. Luckily, the tool is mostly aluminum, so not too many parts were affected. I decided to use rust remover and sand-blasting to make sure all parts were de-rusted. I gave everything a decent polish, even the brass name plate. I am fairly sure the drill used grease instead of oil, but I decided that oil would be enough for the use it's...