How Humans Broke the Game
How Humans Broke the Game
How Humans Broke the Game

How Humans Broke the Game - TierZoo

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Hi everyone, welcome to TierZoo, the web show which seeks to analyze the meta to determine the best current builds. I talk about the special abilities and build strats of various prominent animal classes and show people things they may have overlooked when specing their character. Okay but actually my goal is to get gamers interested in zoology, since there's a ton of amazing aspects of life on Earth that go underappreciated. Evolution has produced some bizarre traits, strategies, and life cycles that I feel need to be given the spotlight once in a while. I don't shy away from keeping the brutal with the beautiful, so if you're new to my content, be warned. Expect two videos per month. The good thing about my topic is that there's potentially limitless content and I'm more than willing to provide it. Hit me up with all of your suggestions! I've gotten some amazing ones so far.

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Use the URL: to get a free audiobook and 30 days free trial and support this channel. Thanks a lot to Audible for supporting us! Humans. We have been around for a while now. When we think about our past we think about ancient civilizations, the pyramids, stuff like that. But this is only a tiny, tiny part of our history. Support us on Patreon so we can make more stuff (and get cool stuff in return): Kurzgesagt merch here: Get the music of the video here: soundcloud: bandcamp: THANKS A LOT TO OUR LOVELY PATRONS...

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YES I MISSPELLED LIBYA BY ACCIDENT In this video we take a look at countries that might exist in the future! Join the Discord Server: Business Contact: Help keep these videos going by donating on Patreon: Thanks for watching, remember to subscribe to catch future videos!

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Viewers like you help make PBS (Thank you 😃) . Support your local PBS Member Station here: Try 23andMe at: Part 2 of our special series on Human Ancestry. Watch it all: ↓↓↓More info and sources below ↓↓↓ In part 2 of our special series on human ancestry, we ask why we are the only surviving branch on the human evolutionary tree. Just 50,000-100,000 years ago, Earth was home to three or four separate human species, including our most famous cousins: the Neanderthals. New research has shown that Neanderthals were not the brutish, unintelligent cavemen that cartoons make...

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Most players get through the entire game with only normal type attacks. Moves that deal either slash, stab, or crush type damage. But there are other options available! With TierZoo's guide to the elements, you can subvert normal defenses and dominate the meta. Support me on Patreon, I need a better computer to make these videos.

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Start learning with a free trial at Check out Mike's video here! Seals and Sea Lions might seem like they're the same, but they each bring a unique set of abilities and stats to the table. Also, if you'd like to support my work directly, you can do so at I've got merch now, so if you'd like a t-shirt, mug, pin, or sticker head to Oh, wait. People only read descriptions to find the music I used. Well, here it is!

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Build your own website today at Support me directly at Hummingbird vs Bee: How to Outrun a Cheetah: Octopus hides from Fish: Pig cleaning its room: Social Media:

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A build/spec guide for those of you who want to get free kills Thanks for supporting my channel so much everyone! Here's my Patreon if you're looking for it:

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Be one of the first 500 people to go to this link to start a free trial of Skillshare: if you want to support my content directly and get cool rewards, go to SOURCES: coyote/badger cooperative hunting: eel/grouper cooperative hunting: anemone/clownfish mutualism: oxpecker/herbivore mutualism: tarantula/frog mutualism:

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Try Dashlane for free at For 10% off Dashlane Premium, use the promo code: youtube2018 Also, if you like my content and would like to get episodes a few days early, you can support me at to get that plus some other rewards too! Meganeura thumbnail artwork by DasRuedi:

What's the Best Human Support Class?

Start learning for free for 2 months at Humans have a wide variety of support builds to party up with, but which ones are most optimal? Sources: Ferret hunting: Should Humans keep exotic pets: Falconry: Soundtrack:

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Subscribe to Naked Science - Every other Wednesday we present a new video, so join us to see the truth laid bare... Follows mankind's journey of life from the first cell to the present day. Captured in a single, animated time lapsed shot, and based on archeological findings, we trace our epic journey from the first spark of life billions of years ago up to our present status as the most successful species on the planet. Humans are the pinnacle of a chain of species that has survived by way of evolution, natural selection, adaptation, and pure luck. ...

Are Insects Getting Banned?

Be one of the first 500 people to go to this link to start a free trial of Skillshare: Footage Sources: Dragonfly nymph: Yellowjacket: Mayfly nymph: Bee pollination: Ladybug eats aphid: Carpenter bee: Special thanks to Entomologist Phil Torres from the channel The Jungle Diaries for helping me write this script. Check out his channel here:

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Why are we the only humans that survived evolution? From the first tools to cross breeding with Neanderthals…stay tuned to number 1 to find out why we were the only form of early humans to survive! This top 10 brought to you by Zero2Hero!! Don't forget to subscribe here! Click here to see the Top 10 WORST Jobs in the World!! Number 10: Homo. Scientists have traced back the history of our species over millions of years, and here, we will focus on the a section of our history about the ‘Homo’ genus that encompasses modern humans and several extinct species which are...

Top 3 Underrated Animals (Feat. Vsauce3)

Vsauce: 3 Surprisingly Powerful Smash Characters: Start your 2 month free trial of Skillshare by going to Music by Jake Chudnow: (Specific tracks Shona and For You) Source footage: Robber fly: (warning: loud) Drone gyroscope: Hyena: Cone Snail:

Is Australia OP?

Everyone knows how OP the Australia server is. Or is it? Support me on patreon to get videos before everyone else! __________________________________________________________ And now for a YouTube Christmas story: Last year, long before I started this channel, I was trying to figure out what to get my brothers for christmas. We're all big into super smash bros, and they love the channel Beefy Smash Doods. So I messaged them on twitter asking how much I'd need to pay them if I wanted them to play smash bros against my brothers over wifi. To my surprise, not only did they respond, but they said...

The 4 Animal Combat Styles

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Minimaxing with Crustaceans

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The Primate Tier List

Then, everything changed when the primates evolved. Your support is greatly appreciated! Special Thanks to Paul Refvik for his awesome OSRS covers! Check out his channel here: Sim Gretina Remix:

The Ice Age Tier List

For more amazing paleobiology documentaries head to and use the promo code "tierzoo" for a whole free month! By the way, I've got merch now! Check out my store here: PBS Eons Chalicothere vid: