How to change your furby's personality to default!
How to change your furby's personality to default!
How to change your furby's personality to default!

How to change your furby's personality to default! - Meoz Miti

Meoz Miti
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Lol I watch this vid an I start so quick ok so my YT code name is GingerCat BTW remember to subscribe AKA sub and like AKA thumbs up PEACE OUT BYE!!!!!

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I found my furby! So I turned it on then it was a boy! D: So I looked up how to change your furbys voice! Then I found how to change your furby!!! Hope you like it! More Oreo video will be coming today or some other day!!! Baiiiiii PuppyFans!!!!

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Here is how to get your Furby working again- in just a couple of minutes. These steps have worked on every Furby we have tried to fix. Professionally Closed Captioned CC by Get Transcribed

Furby : How to change it to CUTE/PRINCESS Personality

The sound is so small and The graphics. But hope it helps. 1. Feed it 2x once-after petting 2. Pet-Rub your furby's back 3. Just wait until your furby says -Changing- or eyes closing.

All of the 2012 Furby Personalities in one Take

I finally did it! I captured all of the personalities of 2012 Furby in one take. This is unedited, so it might not play on mobile devices due to a song that plays in the background at one point.

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Hey guys! Thanks for watching, please do comment and rate this video! Bye for now!

Fat Furby Boom Changing Personalities

To change Furby Boom's personality you can over feed it. Mine just so happened to turn from a crazy hyper one to a fat farting burping furby. It only lasted a little while as you can see in the end of the video he turned back within a few minutes. My furby's name is LooBoh. If you want to see LooBoh do more things let me know what you would like to see it do.

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How to turn Furby evil and angry. just feed feed and feed :). If u wanna make him happy again, be gentle to him. Hug and stroke him ..

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This is my collection of Furby Related Items - Missing are two board games and my Furby carry bag from Funrise Toys. I started collecting these over 8 years ago and when I see a Furby at a cheap price, I usually buy it. I hope you enjoyed this style of video where I added the batteries and tested them all for you on camera. I almost forgot to add the 2005 Furby and that is why you see it in the later part of the video. Did you have an era that was "Your" Furby?...

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SUBSCRIBE! We make new videos every week. This one is a guide on how to take care of a furby. Do not take this literally.

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THIS IS IT!!!! Learn to"erase" your 2012 Furby so he can't tell your spouse all of your dirty little secrets!! (Yes, I know that this does not erase anything in the Furby. He still has his vocabulary that it has built up from its "play time" and it can still kill you with one toe, but IT IS THE ORIGINAL, OUT-OF-THE-BOX PERSONALITY!!!!)

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2013 Furby Boom App: Make sure you point the speaker toward the Furby - communication from your tablet / phone to the Furby happens via the speaker. Start the app and then hit the play button and wait for it the Furby to connect/sync. If it doesn't happen the first time, try repositioning your tablet/phone to ensure the furby can hear it. When it hears the tablet/phone, it will first ask you to name the furby. Choose the name and away you go. Some tablets/phones end up with a black screen with a small picture...