Is the Tesla Model 3 Worth It?
Is the Tesla Model 3 Worth It?
Is the Tesla Model 3 Worth It?

Is the Tesla Model 3 Worth It? - Austin Evans

Austin Evans
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Here's Why the Tesla Model 3 Is the Coolest Car of 2017

GO READ MY COLUMN! The Tesla Model 3 is the coolest car of 2017. Today, I'm reviewing this Tesla Model 3 and I'm showing you all of the Model 3's quirks and features -- and I'm going to explain why the Tesla Model 3 is the coolest car of the year. FOLLOW ME! Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - DougScore chart:

Tesla Model 3 Review! (WORTH IT)

The Tesla Model 3 is finally here! In this video I go into depth on my experience of owning and driving it for the past month. This Model 3 has the autopilot package with the premium interior trim. Living with the Model 3 every day has been surprisingly simple. It definitely catches people off guard though. Watch to find out why! EDIT: Autopilot is a $5,000 option. Sorry it got cut off! Intro song: Glitch Mob - Drive It Like You Stole It Twitch: Instagram: #tesla #model3

Inside the World's Coolest Tech Store

Two hours alone in one of the coolest tech stores - B&H Photo in New York City! Huge shoutout to Jon, Judner, Krystal and Dom for coming along: And of course big thank you to B&H for keeping the store open late just so we could explore and make this video. 🙏 Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

How Big is Toyota? (They’ve Owned 27% of Tesla Motors!)

Subscribe here: Check out the previous episode: Become a Patron!: Hi, welcome to ColdFusion (formerly known as ColdfusTion). Experience the cutting edge of the world around us in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Sources: //Soundtrack// 0:00 Ephemerals - You'll Never See Me Cry (Ambassadeurs Remix) 1:20 Slow Meadow - Hananel's Recovery 2:20 Owen – Places to Go 4:10 Endhel – Beginning 5:00 myk. - Dye Works 6:00 Grifta – Dawn 7:18 Pacific Coliseum - Ocean City 8:13 Mike Newman - I Don't Wanna (Original Mix) 9:49 3rd Core - Mindless And Broken (MJ Cole Mix) 10:42 Need a Name - Road to Berlin 12:42 Wild Nothing – Shadow 13:10 Burn Water - Hide » Google + |...

How Much Does it Cost to Charge a Model 3?

On this episode, Zac and Jesse do the math to find out how much it will cost to charge your Tesla Model 3! Now You Know! Don't forget to like/subscribe. Also, please consider supporting us on Patreon! For information on the Tesla referral program, send us a message on Facebook: Jesse's Referral Code: Amazon Affiliate Link:

Ultimate Tesla Autopark Updated Testing - Is Self Parking Really Any Good?

Ultimate Tesla Autopark Updated Testing (Parallel Parking, Perpendicular Parking, Angled Parking) - Is Self Parking Really Any Good? Tesla Driver is your #1 home of all things Tesla! We Cover AutoPilot Tests, Software Updates, New Tesla Models, Model S, Model X, Model 3, Model Y, Roadster & Roadster 2.0 & other Self Driving Electric car tech. New Videos Every Weekend! Filmed in 4K Using Go Pro Hero 7 Black, Hero 5, iPhone Xs Max, Panasonic HC-X1000 & Mavic Pro Drone.

Tesla Model 3 Vs. Chevy Bolt, Which one is Better?

Subscribe to this Channel: Follow me on twitter @LeiCreatives Music by the very talented Blue Wednesday

Model 3 Delivery and First Impression

Mel Herbert of Talking Tesla podcast gets his Tesla Model 3 and gives his first impressions.

Model 3 Secret: What Tesla Isn't Telling Us

Let’s talk about why the Tesla Model 3 is possibly the most mind blowing futuristic car. Watch my Tesla Model 3 review: Get FREE Supercharging credit when you order a Tesla with my referral link ➡️ Based off this fan theory: The last Model 3 event was probably the least climactic Tesla event. It was short, some parts were awkward & they didn’t focus much on the car. Why? The Model 3 event was The Anti-Sell. Tesla does not want you to buy a Model 3 yet. Tesla doesn’t want you to think Model 3 is its best car just because it’s...

How Tesla's AutoPilot Works - Is It Worth $5,000?

Get your first audiobook for free when you try Audible for 30 days. Visit or text engineeringexplained to 500500 Every new Tesla (including the Model 3) comes equipped with the hardware required for AutoPilot, Tesla's adaptive cruise control system which eventually hopes to support fully autonomous driving. However, if you wish to use the features, you'll need to pay $5,000 to activate when you buy the car new, or $7,000 if you decide to purchase it later on. What's the hardware used to support autopilot? How do you use it? Is the feature worth $5,000? This video seeks to explain...

24 Hours with the Tesla Model 3

I rented the Model 3 for 24 hours and put it through its paces. I have never owned an electric car before and wanted to "test drive" it prior to configuring my order. I've had a reservation since 4/1/16 and am looking forward to getting the car.

Model 3 "Real World" Winter Range

Welcome back for another episode of Now You Know! On today's episode, Zac tests out the real world range of the model 3! For information on the Tesla referral program, send us a message on facebook: Zac's Referral Code: Follow us at: @NYKchannel - Twitter @NYKchannel - Instagram

The Tesla Model 3 | Top Gear

Step inside Tesla's brand new Model 3 and journey with us as we take it for a long drive. Jack Rix from Top takes a look. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: WATCH MORE TOP GEAR: Chris Harris Drives: Car Walkarounds: Drag Races: Geneva Motorshow 2018: Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official Top Gear clips. Whether you're searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Want to share your views? Join our fan...

Can you Text and Drive a Tesla at the Same Time?

Driving a Model X and Texting while on Auto Pilot. Possible? Lets find out in this video. Lets see if the Tesla Auto Pilot still works if we are 'distracted drivers'. Thanks to Dan for letting us abuse his Telsa a lil' bit. Maybe next time he'll let me take it apart. Check out his channel here: The camera I used to film this video: Wide angle lens: This is the drone I use: *Follow me for updates!* Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: GooglePlus: TO SEND ME STUFF: See my P.0. Box on my 'About page': JerryRigEverything assumes no liability for property...

TESLA Model 3 TRUE Cost of Ownership Compared with a Honda Civic & BMW 3 Series

Thinking Tesla? Use our Link: The Tesla Model 3 is upon us, and it’s already being heralded by many as the most important car in decades. Cost Calculator: But whether you’re one of the nearly half a million people who have already given Tesla a $1000 deposit, or someone who is wondering if it just makes financial sense, this video is for you. At $35,000 dollars, the Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla to date. And with its 220 mile range, 126 MPGe, and 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds, it’s proving to be quite the little EV that could. Very enticing indeed. But...

This Is The Car Of The Future...

The Tesla Model 3 represents the latest Tesla vehicle to it the streets. The Model 3 is of course fully electric, features autopilot autonomous driving and comes in a super quick dual motor performance version (featured here). Is the Tesla Model 3 the future of automobiles? What do you think? _________________________________________ WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS... The Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition Is The Galaxy Note 9 The Best Smartphone of 2018? Switching To The Huawei P20 Pro... HUAWEI BEATS APPLE How is this thing even real?? Be VERY skeptical of this smartphone "enhancement"... What's In My Gadget Bag Right Now? APPLE RESPONDS The Surprising Truth About The iPhone X… Is The 2018...

Living With Tesla Model 3: The Good, Bad & Ugly!

Buying a Model S, X or 3? Use our owner referral code and get Free Supercharging. Alternately, you can give this code to your Tesla sales advisor. What's in our name Like Tesla? What's the story behind my hidden half? Check out and support this channel by shopping in our boutique! Patreon supporters get a discount. T Sportline Referral Link: $100 off when spending $500 or more Follow me on - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Equipment and accessories seen and used in videos: *Magnetic phone mount. It is amazing! *Floor Mats - *Seatback covers - *Child seat protectors - *Dashcam: BlackVue Dual...

How BIG is Tesla? (Bigger Than Mitsubishi Motors!)

Once every few decades, a company that chooses to do things differently comes along. Telsa is one of those companies, but where did they come from and just how BIG is Tesla? In this video, you'll find out. A seriously amazing job by Elon Musk. Tesla Drag Race: Tesla Energy Video: Previous video: Microsoft Hololens Fully Explained!: // Soundtrack // Ruddyp & Taquwami – Hold Gold Panda - Marriage (Baths Remix) Thrupence – Prelude Synkro & Indigo – Guidance Idle Mind - Mine (feat. Paul Francis) After Hours - Waterfalls (3 A.M. Mix) - Strictly Rhythm – 1991 Shadow - Wild Nothing Vandera - Is It Real Hammock – Andalusia Delilah...

Tesla Model 3 drives from LA to NYC in record time

The Drive editor-at-large Alex Roy drives cross-country in a Tesla Model 3, setting a record in 50 hours.

1 Year Worth of Changes to the Tesla Model S!

Going over the changes in the Tesla Model S from December 2016 thru December 2017. A lot has changed! Get Free Unlimited Supercharging on any new or inventory Tesla Model S or X! Use this link to configure yours today ( or if you order an inventory vehicle, let your delivery specialist or owner advisor that you are a referral and to use code "david8738" and they will give you Free Unlimited Supercharging! Looking for an Inventory or CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) Tesla? Look no further! Check out for a fully searchable inventory of available vehicles from Tesla Motors. 100% Free to...

Top 10 Electric Cars Will Challenge Tesla in 2018/2019

Representing Top 10 Electric Cars That Will Challenge Tesla in 2018/2019 01: BMW i3s Comes in 2018. Starting range 124 miles, 184hp, top Speed 99mph, price $48,000. 02: BMW Mini Concept Comes in 2019, Specs N/A 03: Mercedes GLC F-Cell Comes in 2019, Range 271miles (electric range-50km), 197hp, electronically-limited top speed of 99 mph, price $55,000 04: Mercedes EQ Concept Comes in 2019, Range 310 miles, 400 hp, top speed 150mph, price $39,000 05: Audi Elaine Comes in 2019, range 311 miles, 429hp, price N/A 06: Honda Urban EV Comes in 2019, Specs N/A 07: Jaguar I-PACE Comes in 2018, Range 220 miles, 400hp, top speed 200mph 08: Hyundai Kona Comes in 2018, Range 217...

PART 1: The Economics of Owning a Tesla Model 3

What is the real cost to own and run a Tesla? We go over the real numbers and explain the cost to run your electric car every month. Buckle in, this is going to be a fun ride! Watch all of our Tesla videos here: You can use my Tesla referral link for free Supercharging on Model S or X. You can also get a 5-year extended warranty on solar panels. How To Buy A New Car From a Dealer: Subscribe today to stay up to date with our latest shows and highlight videos: Our professional focus is on financial...

Tesla Model 3 Review from a Non-Tesla Owner

Knowing I won't be able to take delivery of my Tesla Model 3 until mid (late?) 2018 or beyond...I rented one on and spent 24 hours with it. These are my initial thoughts on the car (spoiler alert: despite some tiny nitpicks, I loved it) if you find yourself on Turo as well, get $25 off your first rental with my code:

Testing Tesla's Autopilot System At 70mph

EXPLORE OUR SELECTION OF CAR PARTS HERE: VISIT OUR SHOP: What’s it really like trusting a car with your life at 70mph? Alex finds out by handing over complete control to the Tesla Model S fitted with ‘Autopilot’ mode! Subscribe to Car Throttle: Follow Alex on Twitter: Follow Alex on Instagram: ----- Follow Car Throttle ----- Subscribe to Car Throttle: On our website: On Facebook: On Twitter: ----- Music by ----- Tom Kent: YouTube: "Midway" by Ryzu/Unison Ninety9Lives: YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 (New) vs Model S (Used) - UPDATED - Are Autopilot 2.0 and Full Self-Driving Worth it?

Likely the biggest factor when looking at either a new Model 3 or a Used Model S is going to be the utility of the vehicle itself.  Get on our email list for updates like these at // Range (draw) Both the Model S and Model 3 have excellent range. The lowest I’ve seen for a used model S is 200, and if you were to go with a new 100D you could get 335mi on a single charge. The model 3 is also well equipped with the standard battery starting at 220mi and the long range going up to 310 miles....