Japanese Food - CHICKEN CUTTING SKILLS Yakitori Japan
Japanese Food - CHICKEN CUTTING SKILLS Yakitori Japan
Japanese Food - CHICKEN CUTTING SKILLS Yakitori Japan

Japanese Food - CHICKEN CUTTING SKILLS Yakitori Japan - Travel Thirsty

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75 Years Old Grandpa Making Jaggery CANDY In a Festival Near My Village | JEEDI Making Process

75 years Old Man Grandpa Making candy Jaggery Jeedi In a Festival near my village , Oldest Indian Traditional Sweet bellam Jeedi or Jaggery Candy making

Nusret 2018 En Yeni Videoları #2


Rare Uruguay Steak vs. Japanese knife vs. Italian steak knife

830g Ribeye Steak from Uruguay, first seared on high heat, then brought up to 52°C / 125°F internal temperature. As finish seared with butter and rosemary. A Japanese petty knife runs against an Italian steak knife.

Wagyu cut 肉職人の技 和牛ランプ、イチボ 正しい切り方(高森和牛 沼本カット)

特選 高森和牛A5ランクのランプ、イチボのカット映像。無駄がないカット法。

Epic Fried Whole Chicken! - feat. Mr.Ramsay the Owl

ORIGINAL KNIFE CAN BE ORDERED ONLY ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE VIA PERSONAL MESSAGE! https://www.facebook.com/AlmazanKitchenRecipes OFFICIAL HOODIES 25% OFF!! - Join AlmazanKitchen Forest Crew today! https://represent.com/almazan-kitchen-official-hoodie Mr.Ramsay the owl helped us to find some horseradish for his signature aromatic deep-frying oil to cook our special chicken! This chicken is prepared from scratch in the mountain forest, near the half-frozen river. We infused the meat with fresh spicy marinade and made special cuts on it, so chicken can be fried whole. Crispy, spicy skin and meat falling of the bones... Enjoy the ultimate foodporn experience! Ingredients: 1 free-range chicken horseradish, ginger, green chili ......... Do you want...

GETESTET: GANS aus GRÖßTEM Dutch OVEN outdoor ASMR Style🔥🔥🔥

❤️Abonniere & supporte unseren CHANNEL❤️ http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcj7-mYKpoXrf6ZaCgTrHCg?sub_confirmation=1 🍴Zutaten🍴 Münsterländer Weidegans ( gekauft bei http://doncarne.de/de/produkt/gefluegel/gans/612/muensterlaender-weidegans?number=DC00000839&c=194) Bio-Orangen Bio-Äpfel Bio-Möhren Basilikum Sellerie Zwiebeln Gänsefond Gänsehals Innereien Piment Lohrbeerblätter Murray River Salz / Pyramidensalz Vielen Dank an die Kreisforsten Herzogentum Lauenburg für die Unterstützung mit dieser tollen Location! X mein Feuerzeug: http://amzn.to/2EHOgv7 X mein Feuerholz: http://amzn.to/2oqbuz1 X meine Pfanne: http://amzn.to/2EIQFWA X mein Dutch Oven FT9: http://amzn.to/2HBV0wE X mein Gussrost Einsatz: http://amzn.to/2BKUHiE X mein Schneidebrett: http://amzn.to/2BM8ipA X meine Kamera: http://amzn.to/2opib4B X meine Linse: http://amzn.to/2FmuExN X mein Mikrofon: http://amzn.to/2EMWgex X mein Stativ: http://amzn.to/2BJmbVN Links, an denen ein ''X'' steht, sind sogenannte Affiliate-Links. Kommt über diesen Link ein Einkauf zustande, werde ich mit einer geringen Provision beteiligt. Für euch entstehen dabei selbstverständlich keine Mehrkosten. Wo ihr die Produkte kauft, bleibt natürlich euch überlassen. Das eingenommene...

Fishing Perth WA Western Rock Lobster (Crayfish) and a Yellowtail Kingfish

Fishing in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Perth, Western Australia we caught Western Rock Lobsters (Crayfish), a Yellowtail Kingfish, a Wrasse and a Painted Grinner also known as Painted Lizardfish. The first time I've ever caught a Painted Grinner. Leannes and Rodneys Fishing Equipment Fishing Rods / Reels: 1)Shimano Ocea Switch Bait Series by Ian Miller, Spin 5080 1.88m, 6'2" 1pc, Rec Line wt. PP50-80, mono IGFA 24-37kg TC4 TORAY GRAPHITE with a Shimano Saragosa 25000SW with 20kg drag spooled with PE Braided Line Dyneema Superline .5mm 90lb 2)Shimano Terez Spin 2.06m, 6'9" 1pc, Braided Line wt. 40-100lb Power: Extra Heavy, Action:Fast, TC4 TORAY GRAPHITE with...

试过吃牛脚吗?吃起来Q弹,嘎嘣脆(Have you ever tried cattle feet? It is quite chewy and crispy.)

这里是一个中餐美食制作频道,这期将为您介绍牛脚做成美食的一种方法!希望您能喜欢!This is a channel of cooking Chinese food. Today we will show you how to make delicious food with cattle feet. Hope you will like it.

$144 Steak Lunch in Tokyo - Teppanyaki in Japan

Wagyu Beef (A5) in Roppongi/Tokyo, as side dishes: fish, vegetables, clam soup, salad and some smaller items.

Pork Knuckles recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Ham Hocks, AKA Pork Knuckles, are slow cooked by the BBQ Pit Boys. Two of our German Chapters, Alien-BBQ and the Barmbek Chapter stop by the mother Pit for some guuud eatin’. - YouTube's #1 Cooking Show for Barbecue and Grilling. #BBQPITBOYS #BBQ #RECIPES Are you looking for barbecue and grilling recipes to serve up at your Pit, family picnic, or tailgating party? Then put your Barbecue Shoes on because we're serving up some delicious, moist and tender, and real easy to do cooking on the ol' BBQ grill. To print out this recipe, or to get your BBQ Pit Boys Pitmasters Certificate,...

Haleem Making Complete Process | Ramzan Food in Hyderabad | Indian Street Food

Video Powered by BAJAJ ELECTRONICS https://www.bajajelectronics.com/ Grill 9 : Opposite Pulla Reddy Sweets, Vikrampuri Road, Karkhana Bazar, Secunderabad, Telangana 500015 Checkout the making of Most Popular dish Haleem WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAREES & HALEEM? ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| During Ramadan there are a lot of places that have started serving Haleem and few outlets that serve Harees as well Confused as to the difference between them? Read on…. Harees or Harissa: A meat and wheat porridge which is a popular Arab dish traditionally served during Ramadan season and during special occasions like weddings, birthday’s,anniversaries etc. Process: The meat to wheat ratio is 1:1 and the...

Chef Shion Uino Is the Sushi World's Next Big Thing — Omakase

Shion Uino left Sushi Saito, a restaurant many consider to be one of the best in the world, to chart his own path in New York. Welcome to Sushi Amane. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel right here: http://goo.gl/hGwtF0 Eater is the one-stop-shop for food and restaurant obsessives across the country. With features, explainers, animations, recipes, and more — it’s the most indulgent food content around. So get hungry. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel now! http://goo.gl/hGwtF0 Our video crew: https://www.eater.com/pages/masthead-video

Ribeye Steaks SCA Contest Texas How-To Perfectly Cook by Grand Champion Harry Soo SlapYoDaddyBBQ.com

#harrysoo #slapyodaddybbq #scafamily Harry shares his black belt tips on how to cook SCA contest ribeye steaks, Click "SHOW MORE" for links and info Buy Tees - https://teespring.com/stores/slap-yo-daddy-bbq-store Donations/Sponsors - https://www.patreon.com/HarrySoo Buy BBQ Gear: https://tinyurl.com/yb9o526a Awards - http://www.slapyodaddybbq.com/contests/awards/ The Steak Cookers Assoc (SCA) sanctioned cookoff are fun as you compete for cash, trophies, and prizes. Most SCA Steak Cookoffs feature a $1000 first place prize and typically will pay the top ten places in the steak category! The SCA's primary focus is STEAK, but they also do ancillary categories to challenge cookers and involve the entire family. It's a fun relaxed environment and a...

Roasted Whole Chicken (Tongdak gui: 통닭구이)

Today I’m going to show you how I make Korean roasted chicken, called tongdak-gui (통닭구이). Full recipe: https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/tongdak-gui Help others by translating the English caption into your own language: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=BzjBxEcLcvM&ref=share My cookbook: http://www.maangchi.com/real Get Maangchi's letter every month: http://www.maangchi.com/letter My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maangchi/ My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maangchi/ My Twitter: https://twitter.com/maangchi/

$185 Steak Lunch in Tokyo - Teppanyaki in Japan

1:33 Duck foie gras, caramelized fruit- 5:50 Sautéed Hokkaido scallop, porcini mushroom, garlic, butter and soy sauce- 11:16 Kuruma Prawn, brown mushroom, garlic, coconut milk, yuzu pepper- 20:25 Japanese A4 Kuroge Wagyu Beef Sirloin 100g- 27:54 Garlic fried rice, beef, asparagus, miso soup, japanese pickles - 30:41 Pear flambé with vanilla ice cream


These Japanese chefs know, how to handle a knife! Being restaurants customers we might not know how functional a knife can become in the hands of a professional! While we don't know the differences between mincing, dicing, and chopping these chefs make a magic on their kitchens! Chefs have to develop a variety of skills, ranging from hard skills related to cooking to managing skills related to their cooking team. Watch an amazing compilation of unreal cutting skills of these chefs and you will definitely be impressed! The kitchen is a fast-paced environment, and a chef has to not only make numerous decisions at once...

Taiwan Street Food - RANINA RANINA CRAB 旭蟹 / アサヒガニ / 아사히 게

The Ranina Ranina crab goes by many names with Asahi Crab, Frog Crab, Curacha, Kagang Pamah, and Spanner Crab. They're found throughout tropical and subtropical habitats, and are frequently offered in Taiwanese night markets under "旭蟹". The orange bits you see underneath the shell are crab roe.

White Castle Cheeseburgers (Copycat recipe the RIGHT way)

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that I never explained how to remove the burgers at the end. For this, I am sorry! What you do is once you take the burgers out after the final step (which was putting the cheese and top buns on) you cut in between the buns to separate them. Then you slowly go in with a small spatula and lift each burger up individually and place them on the bottom buns. I hope this makes sense!! Delicious White Castle Cheeseburgers Copycat recipe. You will never use another recipe or method again! Forget those silly...

Japan's Miyazaki Chicken: The TASTIEST Chicken in The World?!

The BEST Tastiest Chicken in the world is claimed by the Japanese to be from Miyazaki. Miyazaki Chicken is raised to be the best tasting and most flavorful whether fried or bbq. The restaurant I went to http://www.kuruma-jp.com/english/shop/shibuyaminami.html The cost for the dishes I had(tax excluded) Boiled Chicken Inners with Ponzu Sauce: $4 Charcoal Grilled Thigh and Breast: $16/$8(Small) Chicken Tempura: $5/$4(Small) Heart Skewers: $2 Liver Skewers: $2.5 Grilled Chicken with Leek Skewers: $2.5 Fried Chicken with Sweetened Vinegar and Tartar Sauce: $6/$4 Deep Fried Cartilage: $4.5/$3.5(Small) Tamago-yaki(Omelet): $5 ►Subscribe for more videos about food! http://bit.ly/1hsxh41 ★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★ Facebook Show Page: https://www.facebook.com/strictlydumpling Facebook Mike Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/mikeychenx Instagram: http://instagr.am/Mikexingchen Twitter: http://twitter.com/Mikexingchen Vine: https://vine.co/Mikexingchen Snapchat: Mikeychenx Periscope: Mikexingchen Get...

Lamb Shank Recipe - OrsaraRecipes

Here's a simple idea for a lamb shank recipe. Try Amazon Fresh for delivered groceries (30-day free trial): https://goo.gl/soCRTr My website: http://orsararecipes.net T-shirts: http://www.zazzle.com/surfeklips Support OrsaraRecipes for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!): http://www.amazon.com/?tag=orsararecipes-20 ~Social Networks~ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OrsaraRecipes Twitter: https://twitter.com/OrsaraRecipes Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/1/+OrsaraRecipes/posts ~My PO Box info~ PO BOX 4129 Long Branch NJ station B 07740

Sharpening Knife on a Whetstone with Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada.

Get Your Good Afternoon Merchandise Here: https://shop.studio71us.com/collections/hiroyuki-terada Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada shows you how he sharpens his Kikuichi knife with a 1000 grit Masahiro whetstone, and then further polishes his knife with a Kikuichi 6000 grit wet stone. Key things to remember are: Soak the stone for at least 24 hours prior to sharpening; this assists the water lubrication to keep the knife from scratching against a harsh surface and damaging the blade. Always use equal pressure throughout the blade at a 15 degree angle. Always use the complete surface of the stone in order to keep the stone smooth...

FISH AND CHIPS | Hands down the best ever

Subscribe to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/foodbusker Fried Chicken: https://youtu.be/q-vWxWvDp7E My FISH AND CHIPS have landed. I challenge you to find a better Fish and Chip recipe. Here my how to make fish and chip recipe shows you how to make the ultimate crunchy chips, with crispy batter and flaky fish. The tartare sauce and the mushy peas both are great recipes as well. Please try this recipe, its full proof and something i've perfected over years of cooking. Increase the peace brothers and sistas. Thanks guys, lots of love JQ Links to the videos: Follow me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/FoodBusker Instagram http://www.instagram.com/foodbusker Facebook...