Kaelyn's After School Routine!
Kaelyn's After School Routine!
Kaelyn's After School Routine!

Kaelyn's After School Routine! - SevenSuperGirls

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Help Kaelyn Shop!

Kaelyn goes shopping and needs your help to decide on some things she wants to get. Can you help her decide? Don't forget to comment for a shout out next week!

My Home School Routine!

Since Kaelyn doesn't go to public school anymore, she shows you her home school routine. Do you go to public school, private school, or are you home schooled too? Comment down below!

My Escape from the Reality of...Life!

Kaelyn shows you what she does to escape all of the busy demanding things expected of you in life! How do you escape from the Reality of Life? Make sure to leave a comment! See you next week!

I’m Not A Child, I’m 20 | BORN DIFFERENT

SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj A 20-YEAR-OLD woman has a rare genetic disease that means she is regularly mistaken for a child half her age. Michelle Kish, from Illinois, USA, was born was Hallermann-Streiff syndrome, a condition so rare that at the time of her birth there were only 250 known cases worldwide. Her symptoms include distinct round, childlike facial features and a form of dwarfism that means Michelle only comes up to just above her sister’s waist. But despite requiring round-the-clock medical care, Michelle has flourished into a warm, bubbly adult, who loves playing on her iPad and hanging out...

Katherine & Rachael's Christmas Gifts

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Kaelyn's Garbage Bag Dresses 2016!

This weeks theme on SevenSuperGirls is Garbage Bag Dresses. Check out Kaelyn's garbage bag dress designs. Maybe you will go for the patriotic dress, or maybe you will prefer the more elegant lace one. Which one will you choose? Comment down below your favorite dress for a chance of a shoutout next week! See you guys next week, thanks for watching! Toodles, Kaelyn :)

My Secret Life as a...

Kaelyn does a skit for you about her Secret Life as a...Perfectionist. This is just a skit guys and I am not really like this! If you want a possible shoutout next week, comment down below something that you strive to be perfect at! Thanks for watching! You can see more of Kaelyn here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf02Z2IXKkfO9zdmjAdy845vkgMwDvPI8

My Followers Decide My Back To School Supplies!

Ella goes back to school supply shopping and takes polls to find out what she should buy. Her followers control everything that she buys. She ends up getting some really cute things! Thanks to those who voted! Comment down below when you start school. See you next Wednesday! Stay SUPER!! Music: Bright Wish, Carpe Diem, Cartoon Battle, Cheery Monday, Fretless, Hip Hop, Ice Flow, Inspired, Lobby Time by Kevin MacLeod Cambridge Twang 2 by Anders Schill Paulsen Girl I Need You by Mondays Morning Drive by Peter Sandberg

Holidays Schmolidays! | Ever After High

This weeks theme is Strange & Unexpected! Kaelyn is happily decorating the house for the Holiday Season. Once she finishes decorating for the day, she sits down to relax for a while, but she is soon disrupted by mumbling coming from her living room! She sneaks out to take a peek, only to find all of her decorations being hauled off out the back door! Who is tying to ruin Kaelyn's holidays, and why? For a chance of shoutout next week, comment down below your favorite thing to do during the Holidays. Thanks for watching! Toodles! -Kaelyn

Jazzy and Joshua's Prankster BATTLE!

After Jazzy's phone somehow mistakes the date for April 1st, she decides to pull a silly prank on Joshua. Little does she know, this ends up leading to a RIDICULOUS prankster battle between them! Watch to see what hilarious pranks they do, and who has the best pranks. For a chance to get a shoutout in next week's video, comment down below a prank you've pulled on someone before. Thanks for watching! :) *HUGS* ~Jazzy :D

Ellie's After School Routine!

Ellie shows you everything she does in her after school routine! From Homework, to gymnastics, to random dance parties! Don’t forget to comment your favorite school subject for a possible shoutout next week! Thanks for watching! ~Ellie xo Music Credits: Kevin Macleod- Chipher2, Rainbows, Wallpaper and Heartwarming Mondays- Girl I need you (Instrumental) Elias Naslin- Girls (Instrumental) Jason Shaw: InTheField, Don’tStop and ILikePeanuts

The Day Mimi Became A Living Doll!

While Mimi is helping out with her mom's doll sale something crazy happens and Mimi turns into a living doll! Mimi is bought by a little girl who thinks that Mimi is just a normal doll...what will Mimi do?! Our next meet & greet will be in Anaheim, California, on 1st July. More information can be found here: http://sevensupergirls.brownpapertickets.com/

The Secret Life of a Straight A Student

This weeks theme on SSG is The Secret Life of a ___. Alexis shows you a skit about what a straight “A” student might secretly do on a school holiday. Thanks for Watching!!! xoxo Alexis Music by Kevin MacLeod: Carpe Diem, We Got Trouble, Brittle Rille, Barroom Ballet, Sing Along with Jim, Professor Umlaut, Quirky Dog, Pyro Flow, Gonna Start v2, Brightly Fancy, Thinking Music, Breaktime, Flighty Theme, Look Busy, Ambler, Wallpaper

Kaelyn's Secret Power! Shhhh Don't Tell!

This weeks theme on SevenSuperGirls is Secret Power. Kaelyn stumbles upon a unique item while playing with Abby in the backyard. She decides it would be cool to keep and use with one of her characters in a future video. Upon bringing it inside, she discovers something really… unusual. Could it be magical? Does Kaelyn gain secret powers from it, and will she use them for good? Stay tuned to find out! For a chance of a shoutout next week, comment down below what you would do if you found something magical that gave you secret powers. Thanks for watching, See you...

Kaelyn's Morning Routine!

Kaelyn shows you her morning routine for school! Hope you like it!

Mimi and The Princess Who Doesn't Need a Prince!

After reading fairy tales Mimi realizes that the princess in the story always ends up with her prince. Mimi wants to see a princess have a happily ever after without it involving a prince. After thinking about this idea Mimi takes matters into her own hands and decides to write her own fairy tale where that is the case!

Garbage Bag Fashionista!

This weeks theme is Garbage Bag Dresses. Fashionista Kaelyn, models some Garbage Bag Dresses designed by herself and some of her friends! For a chance to get a shoutout next week be sure to comment which Garbage Bag Dress is your favorite! Music by: Josh Woodward - Let It In (No Vocals) Music by: Kevin MacLeod - Son of a Rocket - Rocket - Ice Flow - That's A Wrap

How To Be Like Kaelyn!

Kaelyn shows you some ways to be like her! Do you have anything in common with her? Do you do some of the same things as she does? Don't forget to comment for a possible shout out!

The Legend of the Love Necklace

Kaelyn mysteriously receives a necklace! Little does she know there is a Legend behind the necklace... What will happen when she puts the necklace on? If you want a possible shoutout next week comment down below something that you love! See you guys next week! Toodles :)

Heather's After School Routine!

Here is a look at what Heather does when she gets home from school! Thank you so much for watching! ~Heather

Shy Suzie VS Glamourous Gretchen

Kaelyn plays two different characters. You get to decide which one you like best! Will it be Shy Suzie or Glamourous Gretchen? Comment down below!

Back To School Kaelyn Style!

Since this weeks theme is Back To School. Kaelyn goes shopping for her homeschool supplies and does a school supply haul to show you what supplies she uses to do her work. She also gives you a tour of her newly decorated homeschool room where she now does her school work. For a chance of shoutout next week comment below what is your favorite back to school activity. For example, school supply shopping, school clothes shopping etc... Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching! Toodles

Kaelyn Shows You What She Got For Xmas!

Kaelyn shares with you what she got for Christmas. Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you have a great 2013!

Kaelyn's things are LOST!

Some of Kaelyn's things end up lost and she can't find them anywhere! Where did they go? Have you ever lost something of yours? Leave a comment for a possible shout out!