Little Mix Vocal Analysis | How Good Are They Actually?
Little Mix Vocal Analysis | How Good Are They Actually?
Little Mix Vocal Analysis | How Good Are They Actually?

Little Mix Vocal Analysis | How Good Are They Actually? - Christina Aguilera Fan

Christina Aguilera Fan
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Is YOUR FAVE really AGILE? | What does vocal agility sound like?

Watch till the end, slayage guaranteed! WHY Christina, Jessie and Whitney are where they're are: -Christina and Jessie have many incredible moments but their legato is not consistent enough, also they have too many oversinging moments questioning their musicianship -Whitney's runs, in my opinion, are just not complex enough Some clips are from my friend's channel:

Why Little Mix is better than FlopHarmony

The tea has been spilled ☕️

Why Little Mix Is The Biggest Girl Group In The World

This video is basically my opinion as to why little mix is the biggest girl group in the world plus recipts will be provided. stick to the end harmonizers for a surprise promo. ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀࿐ྃ࿏ ⠀ ⠀— ⠀twitter: warmcofffee ( ) ⠀— ⠀instagram: stolencofffee ( ) ⠀— ⠀as weird as this may sound, i actually don't drink coffee lmao

10 Times Little Mix FOUGHT BACK!

From defending other musicians to protecting each other, here are 10 times when Little Mix fought back against the public and the industry to prove that they're not like any other girl group.

Vocal Coach Reaction to Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Live on Ellen)

Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Ariana Grande's performance on the Ellen Degeneres show of "thank u, next" Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: tristanparedes Our Singing & Karaoke Discord: Vlog channel: Singing lessons:

Young Pop Female Singers Who Used To Sing Better! (Vocal Technique)

Title is clickbait-ish! Please know that it is NOT a hate video, I enjoy listening to these three ladies. I want to be as objective as possible, It's only based on their vocal techniques. Of course, there are some things they do better now but in general their techniques were better, especially when it comes to Lauren. Enjoy!

The Dark Side of Little Mix

TRIGGER WARNING! This video deals with some serious issues. This is in no way, shape, or form a hate video. I made this video to spread awareness; Little Mix have gone through some things that could happen to anyone... they can relate. NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS! Check out these reactions: Mcqueeen - Gary & Almeda - C-Bear Reacts - Nikkie Nick - The Tide Pool -

The Art Of Harmonizing feat. Little Mix

They have so many great harmonies and I obviously couldn't include all of them but here are some really good ones! I hope you'll enjoy the video:)

Why Louis Tomlinson SLAYS (vocal analysis)

I recommend using headphones! Twitter: Tumblr: I’ve never done as much “research” for a video before and I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed the process more thoroughly either. I’ve been reading up on vocal analysis in general as well as the different facets of Louis’ voice specifically and I really hope this video does him justice! I find this stuff super interesting and the more I learn, the more I grow to appreciate his voice – you all already know this but it truly is one of a kind. Shoutout to tumblr users thevocalvortex, justawordshaker and thechoicewasallmine for their knowledge...

Do Little Mix Write their OWN songs ??


Pop Female Singers' Most Serious Vocal Flaws | IS YOUR FAVE PERFECT?

Jojo: I decided to go with her whistle register because she has great lows, belting technique and head voice. Ailee: It's debatable, according to some it's the chestiness that is the most serious issue. I decided to consider high larynx her biggest flaw because she has plenty of chesty supported upper belts. Don't get me wrong, she still should develop a healthier, even mix.

Vocal Coach Reaction to Little Mix Best Live Vocals

Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Little Mix's best real live vocals without autotune (they're incredible!!!) Singing lessons: Patreon: Singing & Karaoke Discord: Cover channel: Vlog channel: Social Media: Instagram: Twitch: Twitter: Facebook: Snapchat: tristanparedes

Sopranos vs. Mezzo-Sopranos | Voice Types In Pop Music

Just to be clear, I'm not saying that mezzo-sopranos are better than sopranos or discrediting anyone's vocal technique. Those things I mentioned are not strict rules, it doesn't mean that a soprano can't resonate on a G4 etc. but those differences are usually very apparent.


Little Mix- TOP 20 CUTEST MOMENTS ON TOUR If you are a mixer you will know that the girls have had many cute moments on stage but I chose these ones because they are some of my favourites. Also, I try and include moments I haven't put in my other videos otherwise things get too repetitive. If you enjoyed this video and would like a Part 2, let me know. I do NOT own any of these videos! This is for entertainment purposes only! No copyright intended! Credits go to all of the owners! Thankyou for watching😊 Don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe if you...

10 Singers With The Most Powerful Voices - Born In The 90s

Thank you for watching 10 Famous SIngers With The Most Powerful Voices Born in The 90s most shocking moments. This video Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly, BTS, Little Mix, Perrie Edwards, Dinah Jane, Fifth Harmony, Zayn, One Direction, Demi Lovato, Ella Mai, Sam Smith, Lauren Jauregui and many more! Instagram: Snapchat: For Business email: This video features Thank You Next, Breathin, Expectations, Stone Cold, Sober, Fake Love, DNA, Idol, Should've Been Us, Bottled Up, Promises, Pillow Talk, Woman Like Me, Trip, Boo'd Up singers!

One Direction - Vocal Analysis

This is an objective analysis of One Direction's vocal technique. I included the registers (and falsetto), vocal control, belts and agility. I did not include their specific vocal ranges but I talked about it shortly in the specific registers. This is no hate towards any of the boys as I believe that they are all incredibly talented and vital to the group. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for porpuses such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might...


Thank you for watching and I really hope you like it ! SUBSCRIBE : Remix of the Intro: Remix of the Outro: Scroll down if you want to know more about me : -My name is Lisa -I’m 16 years old -I’m French and I live in the South of France -I love Little Mix, One Direction and Ariana Grande

Little Mix - Woman Like Me (Radio 1's Teen Awards 2018) | FLASHING IMAGES

They're back! Little Mix make their live return at Teen Awards 2018. Visit Radio 1's Teen Awards 2018 website for more videos and photos:

The Truth About "UNIQUE" Voices!

a rather light video for this week. something I've wanted to address for some time!