McDonald's McKids McFlurry Maker, Spinmaster Toys - Make Your Own McFlurries!
McDonald's McKids McFlurry Maker, Spinmaster Toys - Make Your Own McFlurries!
McDonald's McKids McFlurry Maker, Spinmaster Toys - Make Your Own McFlurries!

McDonald's McKids McFlurry Maker, Spinmaster Toys - Make Your Own McFlurries! - Lucky Penny Shop

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Welcome to the Lucky Penny Shop, one of the original toy learning channels on YouTube, the official channel of new & vintage toys and candy & snacks from around the world. We teach you how to set-up and play new games and toys and also love to check out games and toys from the past and learn how kids played with them way back when! Your hosts LPS-Dave and Butch the Dog create a fun and educational environment in a creative comedic way to help nurture learning about science activities, games and toys as well as toys for STEM Education and how they can benefit kids of all ages. Lucky Penny Shop Send Snail mail: Lucky Penny Shop 119 S Emerson St #113 Mount Prospect, IL 60056

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Item provided by Spin Master for review - Our Soggy Doggy Wet Dog Family Board Game - Cuter Then Butch? Available In August at Walmart! Which dog is cuter? Make sure you take the poll. The game played really simple. I have played it 3 or 4 more times since Butch and I played. It is a fast paced game where everything thing around the game board gets wet, even you! It is best to play sitting down at a table so you get splashed with the wiggle and shake of your Soggy Doggy. Lucky Penny Thoughts LPS-Dave Later! ▶ Product...

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Finally! It has been 3 years to get this set on video. When I found the first set, I had figured it would not be long before I did the entire series and here we are over 3 years later. I first had this set in my sights a year ago on an eBay listing and that purchase fell through. Then last year I tried to get this set and that fell through! So here we are, I had to have this shipped to a friend in the UK, then repacked and shipped to me here...

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​​​Watch our product feature video for a McDonald's 1993 French Fry Maker Set - Making French Fries! Buy Here ▶ ▶▶ Watch More Videos More McDonald's Sets: ▶▶ Fun Translations Check out these fun international language product translations! صانع جمهورية يوغوسﻻفيا الاتحادية الفرنسية ماكدونالدز "Макдоналдс френски СРЮ Maker" "麦当劳的薯条生产商" "McDonalds pomfritu Maker" "McDonalds Franse bak Maker" "McDonald ' s Français Fry Maker" "McDonalds Pommes Frittes Maker" מקדונלדס להכנת צ'יפס "McDonalds patatina Maker" "マクドナルド フランス炒めメーカー" "맥도날드 감자 튀김 메이커" "McDonalds francuski Fry Maker" "Máquina de batata frita do McDonalds" "Máquina de batata frita do McDonalds" "Чайник французский Фрай McDonalds" "Fabricante de patatas fritas...

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​​​Product feature video for a Crayola Crayon Maker Set. Buy Here ▶ [Key points in video] 0:58 Intro / Unboxing 2:03 Parts inventory 3:38 Installing 60 watt heating light bulb 5:00 Key components and setup of unit 6:32 Time to melt some crayons 9:34 Melting process underway - several melting updates 10:38 melting done - time to pour into the crayon molds 12:12 removing crayons and drawing with them! Watch more Crayola videos: ▶▶ Follow Us TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM GOOGLE+ PINTEREST LPS WEBSITE

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