Mimi's Invisible App!
Mimi's Invisible App!
Mimi's Invisible App!

Mimi's Invisible App! - SevenSuperGirls

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SevenSuperGirls is the largest all-girl Partner collaboration on YouTube! So, just who are these girls? MONDAY: Alexis | USA TUESDAY: Ashlynn | USA WEDNESDAY: Ella | USA THURSDAY: Brianna | USA FRIDAY: Jaidyn | USA SATURDAY: Mimi | USA SUNDAY: Ellie | UK

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Mimi's Crazy School Dress Code!!

Mimi goes to school one day and learns there is a new dress code. The dress code keeps getting crazier and crazier!!

Don't Wake the Sleepwalking Mimi!!!

One day Mimi starts doing lots of CrAzY things in the morning, she eventually learns she's sleepwalking! Since when does Mimi sleepwalk, and why did it start? Watch to find out!

Ellie's Lucky Escape!

Its the first day of school and Ellie can’t find her lucky socks! So for the first time ever, she decides to use her SUPER lucky socks! Her super lucky socks are so lucky that school gets cancelled, and Ellie escapes her first day of school! But just how lucky are Ellie’s super lucky socks?! Watch and find out! Thanks for watching! ~Ellie xo Music By Kevin MacLeod: Easy Lemon, Scheming weasel faster, The Show Must Be Go, Life of Riley, News Theme, Fretless, Fluffing a Duck, Hyperfun, Marty gots a Plan, Sneaky Snitch, Sneaky adventure, Pixelland Music By Kevin...

Mimi's Christmas Present Problem!!!

On Christmas, Mimi isn't very excited by her presents BUT her twin little sisters are and some pretty amazing things happen!!

Mimi's Magical Friend!!

Mimi's is having a sleepover with her friend Allison. Everything is normal until 11:11pm... then Mimi learns about a major magical secret that turns out to be super cool! Our next meet & greet will be in Orlando on Saturday, 15th April 2017. Please use the following link to find out more. http://sevensupergirls.brownpapertickets.com/

Mimi's Super Annoying Babysitter!

Mimi is left home alone, so her mom hires a babysitter...but it turns out this babysitter, Gracie, is younger than Mimi and treats her like a toddler!

The Girl who missed Christmas!

Ellie is so excited for Christmas day! But theres one big problem… Ellie wakes up the day after Christmas! She completely slept through Christmas day! No presents, no Christmas dinner, No Christmas! Will Ellie’s Christmas be a total nightmare?! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and happy New Year! Thanks for watching! ~Ellie xo Music Credits: Kevin Macleod- Jingle Bells, Picelland, Marty Gots a Plan, Sneaky Adventure, Carefree

Ellie's CrAZy No Sleep Night!

Ellie decides to try and stay awake ALL night so she can finish her homework… But when Ellie takes a sip of ‘Super Stay-Awake Energy Juice’, things turn pretty crazy! Ellie becomes full of energy and her personality turns even more crazy than usual! Will the effects of the juice go away? Or will Ellie really be crazy all night?! Watch and find out! Thanks for watching! ~Ellie xo Music Credits: Kevin Macleod- How it Begins, Hidden Agenda, Hyperfun, Lobby Time, The Show Must Be Go, Two Finger Johnny, Fluffing a Duck, Meatball Parade, the Snow Queen, Spellbound, Carefree

The Day Mimi Became A Living Doll!

While Mimi is helping out with her mom's doll sale something crazy happens and Mimi turns into a living doll! Mimi is bought by a little girl who thinks that Mimi is just a normal doll...what will Mimi do?! Our next meet & greet will be in Anaheim, California, on 1st July. More information can be found here: http://sevensupergirls.brownpapertickets.com/

Mimi's AWESOME Prank Battle!!!

Mimi gets herself into a crazy prank battle with a former prank queen!!

Ellie is Queen of Wonderland!

Ellie becomes the Queen of a Magical Wonderland! But where did the old queen go when she mysteriously disappeared? Will Ellie find the old queen and help her return to royalty? Or will she steal the thrown for herself? Watch and find out! Thanks for watching! ~Ellie xo Music Credits: Kevin Macleod- Sneaky Snitch, The Snow Queen, Sneaky Adventure, Marty Gots a Plan, Scheming Weasel Faster, Heartwarming, Carefree

Seven Super Ghost Hunters!

SevenSuperGirls become ghost hunters for a day, and deal with a couple of pesky ghosts!

Mimi's a Babysitting Hero?!

Mimi gets a text from the Babysitters Extreme Emergency Program (also known as BEEP) asking her to help with some difficult babysitting situations for the day...Mimi accepts this mission. Thank you guys so much for watching:)

SevenSuperGirls and the Dragon Egg!

Its breakfast time for the SevenSuperGirls but they are all out of eggs! Ella ends up finding a very large egg on her morning walk. The girls are in for a very "eggciting" surprise! They end up with a baby dragon! Everything starts off great until they encounter something very big! See what the Super Girls end up doing! Music by Kevin MacLeod: Daily Beetle, Fenster's Explanation, Fluffing a Duck, Hero Theme, Monster Promenade, Quiet Night, Rainbows, Professor Umlaut, Royal Banana, Bent and Broken, Amazing Plan, Cupids Revenge. Playful 5 by Josef Falkenskiid

Super Cool Carnival Silly Kids Get TONS of 5 Surprise Toys!!!

Addy and Maya have a plan to get their hands on as many fun new 5 Surprise toys they can! Thanks to Zuru for sponsoring this video. Our pretend worker Lucy at the Super Cool Carnival is easily fooled by these silly kids. Will the girls get the surprise toys they've been hoping for? You'll have to watch to find out! What will you unbox? 5 Surprise combines the excitement of unboxing with the fun of surprises! Each capsule blooms open to unveil five toys: there are 150 toys to collect in the pink capsules, and another 150 in the blue....


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Mimi's Expectation vs. Reality: Holiday Gifts

Mimi shows you her holiday version of expectation vs. reality -- planning, buying, wrapping, and even giving holiday gifts! Thank you guys so much for watching:)

The Search for Kaelyn's Unexpected Gift!

This weeks theme on SevenSuperGirls is Unexpected Gift. Its just a normal day, or so Kaelyn thought, when she finds a letter in the mail talking about some ‘unexpected gift’. She brushes it off thinking its just a scam, but things start to get weird when she begins to get texts, telling her to go on a hunt for this gift! Will the texts lead her to something super cool? What will she find? For a chance of a shoutout next week, comment down below the biggest surprise you’ve gotten! Our next meet & greet will be in Orlando on Saturday,...

Mimi's Stuck as Rapunzel! Oh No!!!

Mimi wishes she could be Rapunzel and her wish comes true! She loves all the cool stuff in her tower -- but it's not as amazing as she first thought. Mimi is stuck in Rapunzel's fairytale and cannot leave! (P.S. Always be nice to your friends!)

Ellie and Mimi's Crazy Talent Show!!

Ellie and Mimi decide to enter a talent show. Can you guess what they choose as their talent? Stay tuned to see if they win!!

Mimi and the Pink CANDY Plate!!!

Mimi and her mom decide it is time to start eating healthier. Mimi gets a pink plate that has a very special trick to make healthy foods a lot yummier!


Which glue is best for making slime? To answer this question we will be testing 6 different types of glues and making 6 viral slimes!!! Will we succeed or fail? Please post your comments below! Thank you again for visiting and please don't forget to share this video with your friends and family : ) SUBSCRIBE BUTTON: http://www.youtube.com/c/MagicBoxToysCollectorSurpriseToysSurpriseEggsPlayDohOrbeez You can follow us on: 1. Musical.ly : francescaandleah 2. Facebook : MagicBozToyz / link here: MagicBoxToyzhttps://www.facebook.com/Magicboxtoyz/timeline 3. Instragram: francesca and leah 4. Twitter : MagicBoxTC Here are our other videos: Food Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWlus0pdBys&list=PLtMBsqv0SgEJtNNB2qHoiySKD2hIVArot The Lunch Box Switch Up...

Which Super Power Will Alexis Choose?

This weeks theme on SSG is If I Had a Super Power! Alexis meets Paulina the Power Giver who can grant her any Super Power. Which Super Power will Alexis choose? Thanks for Watching!!! xoxo Alexis Music by Kevin MacLeod: Carpe Diem, Too Cool, Mystery Bazaar, Mischief Maker, Thinking Music, Tech Live, Sunday Dub, Scheming Weasel faster, Rollin at 5 - 210 - full, Professor Umlaut, Basic Implosion, Kick Shock, Laconic Granny, Radio Martini, Sing Along with Jim, Funin And Sunin

Kaelyn's Super Annoying Magical Friends!

This weeks theme on SevenSuperGirls is Magical Friend. Kaelyn encounters some unusual magical friends who just happen to be sisters. They are super annoying, to say the least. All they manage to do is argue about everything, and there magic... well- its a disaster! How will Kaelyn get herself out of this mess?! For a chance of a shoutout next week, comment below what your good luck charm is, and if you don't have a good luck charm, comment a time that you were lucky. Thanks for watching! See you next week! Our next meet & greet will be in Orlando on Saturday,...

The Twin Princesses!

Princess Kelly! The twins were BFFs, but as they started to get more competitive they began to argue and they both wanted to be the best twin. Ellie and Kelly both wanted to have the very best 13th Birthday party so they each started planning to outshine each other by having the better party. But who will have the best party? and will the twin princesses ever be friends again? Find Out! Thanks so much for watching! ~Ellie xo Music by Kevin MacLeod: Hidden Agenda, Dreamy Flashback, Rainbows, Fretless, Sneaky Snitch, The Builder, Furious Freak, The Lift, Constance, Sneaky Adventure, Scheming Weasel faster,...