My Father Left Our Family For Another Woman
My Father Left Our Family For Another Woman
My Father Left Our Family For Another Woman

My Father Left Our Family For Another Woman - ACTUALLY HAPPENED

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Songs: “Happier” by Marsmellow “Little do you know” -Alex & Sierra, Cover by Jess Bauer “All of me” - John Legend, Cover by Max & Zendaya (Credit to other songs I used, cause I’m lazy)

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My Teachers

If you're a teacher and you're reading this I just want to say, good job and you should tell all of your students to subscribe. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twitter ➤ Website ➤


➜ I COPIED MY OWN INSTAGRAM PICTURES 👗 // Roblox Royale High School 😻 Subscribe to the channel for more Roblox videos: 😻 ... Other videos like this: MeganPlays: InquisitorMaster: ZacharyZaxor: Leah Ashe: ... 💕I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did make sure to leave a like, comment and subscribe for more! ∙∙∙ 🌈 Follow me on: Twitter: Instagram: ... 🎵 by Epidemic Sound and Incompetech ... #Keisyo #Roblox #RoyaleHighSchool

Kid pretends to be me.. *gets exposed*

Kid pretends to be me.. *gets exposed*


I turned my room into JoJo Siwa's room..... for literally no reason lol enjoy!!! Should I do more youtuber/celebrity room makeovers??? FOLLOW ME: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: Thebrimonster I GOT A P.O. BOX!! 424 North St., Houlton, Maine 04730 Unit 98 I read every letter sent to me & open every package! Your letters & packages always make my day! xx ⇢ ATTENTION COMPANIES: If you are a company interested in working with me or want me to promote your product, feel free to email, with "Brianna Renee" in the subject line Don't forget to subscribe & hit the bell for notifications! I will see...

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New Num Noms Sparkle Smoothies series 1 girls makeup Unboxed! A full box of Nom Noms is opened with 2 UNICORN Nums! Each Num Noms Sparkle Smoothies has adorable Num toppings & Nom Lipglosses. The Num Noms lip gloss for girls has Glitter and sparkles! Collect 15 different Nums and 10 Noms! We share the full set of Num toppings and Nom lipglosses today! Plus we share with you a hack to find both Unicorns! Remember there are 2 unicorn 🦄 Nums! Don't forget we are unboxing the LOL Surprise #hairgoals Makeover Series 5 LOL dolls...

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Ryan and Tina sittin’ in a tree, Goldy is just wa-a-tching. Unicorn Mann is also there, being super cool. 😎 ►Episode - Minecraft Daycare - A GENIE !? (Minecraft Roleplay) •🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾• Follow me: ►YouTube - ►Twitter - ►Discord - •🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾• Friends: ► Ryan - ► Unicorn Mann - ► Goldy - •🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾•🐾• Thanks for all the support, cuties! #tinathetiger #minecraft #minecraftroleplay

Minecraft Daycare - FAT TOGETHER !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

Ryan and Tina sittin’ in a tree, Goldy is just wa-a-tching. Unicorn Mann is also there, being super cool. 😎 ►Episode - Minecraft Daycare - FAT TOGETHER !? (Minecraft Roleplay) •⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐• Follow me: ►Twitter - ►Instagram - ►Snapchat - ►Discord - •⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐• Friends: ► Ryan - ► Unicorn Mann - ► Tina - •⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐• ►All Videos Playlist - •⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐• Thanks for all the support, buds! #goldy #minecraft #minecraftroleplay ►Song -