New York Police Lose It Over a Drone (Lawsuit Ongoing)
New York Police Lose It Over a Drone (Lawsuit Ongoing)
New York Police Lose It Over a Drone (Lawsuit Ongoing)

New York Police Lose It Over a Drone (Lawsuit Ongoing) - SHARK

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SHowing Animals Respect & Kindness (SHARK) is a nonprofit, 501(c)3, animal protection organization. Our primary method of dealing with animal abuse is to videotape cruelty and publicize it. Video footage is supplied to the media, government agencies, the courts, etc.

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Police Harassing Biker & 2 Nice Cops - Top 3 Bikers vs Cops 2017 Original owners of the videos(please subscribe to their channels) 00:00 - rcmckonly8 04:20 - MasFace 07:24 - Nick Plympton All videos used in this video have copyright permission from their original owners.

POLICE STATE VS CITIZEN Officers get caught harassment abuse misconduct profiling

you really need to watch this one through it just goes to show you how police everywhere use their authority to intimidate and harrass us for no reason


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👮 FILMING A POLICE OFFICER is LEGAL: An uber driver happens to be also a Lawyer tells Police Officer

The police does not know that this uber driver is a court lawyer :-) Jesse bright, a uber driver which happens to be also a court lawyer was stop by a police officer. The officer told this secret lawyer driver that filming or video recording a police officer is illegal and against the law. When the officer found out that the driver he stopped was a lawyer, the direction of the wind change... Watch the full video of the encounter.

Drones and Privacy "The Real Truth"

Adam from demonstrates and explains some of the real truth about civilian hobbyist drones and what they can actually capture after another recent story about one William Meredith shooting down a drone with a shotgun that he said was hovering outside his window and above his house. For more information about UAV, sUAS aka Drone rules and regulations, checkout the following links- Where can I fly- FAA Regulations- AMA-

SC Police Intimidation Outside Broxton Bridge

The Colleton County Sheriff's Department tries to intimidate members of SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) during a live pigeon shoot at the Broxton Bridge Plantation outside of Ehrhardt, South Carolina.

Accidentally Flying Paramotor in a Military Controlled Airspace!!

Always check your NOTAMS... It slipped my mind twice. But to be perfectly honest, I still would have flown there based on what that NOTAM said. It didn't designate the airspace any differently than what it usually is - Class G. I'm guessing that was a miscommunication with the airport and the military. No biggie because they were kind enough to let us know and offer a solution. Even if you're flying from a field 2 miles away from a class G airport, check that airport's NOTAMS. They could do what happened in this video and set up a temporary class...

Illegal Traffic Stop After Big Loop Rodeo

See the shocking video where the deputies admit this was an illegal stop here: In Malheur County, Oregon, the sheriff's department is very, very protective of the infamously cruel Big Loop Rodeo. They actually raise money at the rodeo, and In this video, SHARK president Steve Hindi had been ejected from the rodeo for no reason other than he had a camera. Plenty of people had cameras at the rodeo, but those who didn't take pleasure in the animal abuse were kicked out. Another SHARK camera person had been violently arrested a day earlier, by the same officer in this...

Marshall Farms Security Caught Blatantly Lying

Marshall Farms breeds beagles, ferrets and other animals for research. When a SHARK team went to North Rose, NY, Marshall Farms security worked with New State Police and the Wayne County Sheriff's Department to get an illegal stop, resulting in police bullying, and including the baseless arrest of two people. Here is a link to that video, and couple followups: A lawsuit has been filed. As of July 14 2018, it is still working its way through the slow legal system, with government lawyers dragging things out as long as possible. We will update when possible. Here are a couple court...

Drone laws explained SIMPLY AND COMPLETELY [2018]

Breaking down how the law is ACTUALLY written, and what you have to do to stay LEGAL. Documents: H.R. 658: FAA-2014-0396: AMA Safety Code: Rules & Regulations Summary Sheet:

Lady Lawyer Owns Male Cop in Bensalem, PA

SHARK agreed to take down this video as part of an agreement with the club that we made to try to limit the number of pigeon shoots held there. The club did not live up to the agreement, so we will start to put some of the videos back up. This one is important, as it shows one way to deal with police trying to intimidate on behalf of a special interest. Cowardly pigeon shooters thought local police could intimidate two ladies. They were so wrong, especially since one of them is a lawyer. Police supervisor Joseph Blickley repeated mis-states the Pennsylvania...

Mavic AIR ActiveTracking another drone (section 336)-HATER CALLED POLICE

Must watch "2018 Mavic AIR GIVEAWAY" --~-- Check out my new vids: DON'T CLICK HERE: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ OPENING MUSIC BY: Ice Flow by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Song: Sky [Top Shelf Sounds Release] Artists: Onhar Music provided by Top Shelf Sounds : Download/Stream : ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SOCIAL MEDIA: -Instagram: -Twitter:

Clay County Sheriff Makes Illegal Stop

Clay County Sheriff Jeff Franklin thought he could bully his way through an illegal traffic stop. Now he's finding out how wrong he can be, when the individual he stops is from SHARK. Sheriff Franklin was playing bully boy for the US Meat Animal Research Center (USMARC), a federal facility that commits cruel research on farm animals. You can read a New York Times article on USMARC here: Other videos exposing Sheriff Franklin: Clay County Sheriff Exposed for Slander Campaign Even More Evidence Against Clay County Sheriff Nebraska Media Enables Lying Cop

Top 5 Moments Rude Cops GOT OWNED!

Top 5 Power tripping cops who got owned.. instant karma instant justice 2018 Subscribe for MORE DAILY VIDEOS!

Police threatens to give motorcyclist ticket for honking horn

SUBSCRIBE for your daily dose of amazing videos!: Dramatic footage has emerged of a motorcyclist engaging in a fiery road rage exchange with a police officer. The video, captured in Denver, Colorado on Wednesday, shows the argument between the two at an intersection. The incident begins when the filmer - wearing a helmet cam - honks his horn at the motorist ahead of him, and complains that the driver is on his phone. An officer then gets out of the vehicle and confronts the filmer about engaging in 'road rage', also claiming that he was 'acting like a hot dog' by driving...

zealous deputy and awesome cop vs trucker October 26, 2018 wi act 139

also to let people know I was not pulled over... nor was I being detained I was getting out of my truck after clearing the roundabout to go to the restroom there was a motorcycle or moped or someone in my way so I couldn't pull in all the way so I left my four ways on lock my truck up proceeded to the rear and I looked and there was deputy whatever her name is she had no lights on no uniform no badge no gun she put her hands on me all I had to do is...

They Gave me a Ticket for Flying my DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Here's the video that I got the ticket for: Here's what I did with the ticket: Public Service Announcement, it's illegal to fly your drone at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (National Wildlife Refuge). -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Get my favorite drone, the DJI Mavic Pro! Directly from DJI Store: Buy it from Amazon: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Police stops me while jogging then handcuffs me

Just doing my daily jog after school then this old geezer begins to follow me but does not honk at first. So I started recording for my safety. After he handcuffed me and stopped the video from recording he put me inside his vehicle and made me answer all his question, what's your name, where do you live, what school you go to. Then on his radio they add another description that the suspect was wearing a blue sweat shirt and black pants....I had on a black hoodie with blue shorts...... ----UPDATE So this was taken place in Houston Texas, north...

(Wow) She goes from 0 to 100 real quick!!!!!

This video is for educational purposes Here is part 2 New Channel, go show support. Auditing America Help keep my community accountable

Best! "No Thanks" US Checkpoints VS Law knowing citizens!

US Checkpoints VS Law knowing citizens! My Channel :


Road Rage, Episode #68 [females edition]. Public Freakout. *************************************************************** Videos featured in the following compilation are intended for CRITISISM and EDUCATIONAL purposes ONLY. Take this video as a learning tool and watch how NOT to behave on the road. Be careful on the road. Drive safely, keep yourself and others safe! **************************************************************** If you are a COPYRIGHT holder of any video fragment in this compilation and you no longer want your video to be in our compilation - contact us via email or send us Private Message here on Youtube so we can resolve the problem As Soon As Possible (less then 12...

Caught on tape: Cop's ever-changing story turns into lawyer's field day

Sponsor: - Cop's ever-changing story turns into lawyer's field day. This clip is part of a series. The next part should appear as a RidleyReport video response to this clip. From there click on the RidleyReport video responses to move forward through this series in order. buy an ad: Images and/or info from Great job by Bill D on CourtCam! Caught on tape: Cop's ever-changing story turns into lawyer's field day. ron paul nashua new hampshire police department. free state project denis linehan dennis linahan sargent seargent lieutenant lt. cops police dave ridley report. ...

California Cops Lose It Over a Drone

One SHARK "Angel" drone causes the California Highway Patrol and the Fresno County Sheriff's Department to totally lose their cool for two straight days. Why? The drone was watching California's largest feedlot. Does the Harris Feeding Company have something to hide? You can see SHARK's second video on this encounter here: Meat Producer Caught Lying to CA Highway Patrol & Fresno Sheriff Please help SHARK with future investigations, donate: To those who claim that the title of this video is click bait, we completely disagree. When we say "cops lose it," some people may think we mean merely their temper, but the cops lost so much...

Work Fails - Bad Day at Work/ Lazy Workers/ Accidents At Work!

(PLEASE NOTE - Nobody was seriously injured in this compilation, some clips may look worse then they actually were.) Fails at Work, Lazy Workers, People having bad days at work, Work Accidents and some Funny Moments at Work. _________________ - - ________________ SEND IN YOUR CLIP(S). - Have you got a fail or funny moment on video you want to share? if you're the owner and would like to feature on my channel PLEASE Send your clip(s) to or link your video in the description below. _____________________ - SUBSCRIBE, be a Spooner!! - ________________________________