Omg!! We found 5 guns and a sword in the river!!
Omg!! We found 5 guns and a sword in the river!!
Omg!! We found 5 guns and a sword in the river!!

Omg!! We found 5 guns and a sword in the river!! - 601 Nate

601 Nate
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Wild and free!!!

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River Treasure: Found FULL Military Bag in the River!!! (Deadly Weapons Found - Police Called)

In this video, an afternoon of river treasure hunting with my brother in law Colton quickly turned into night, after finding a military bag at the river. Inside the bag was a holstered and LOADED Kimber Pro Carry II Handgun, a bag of 45 Caliber Hollow Point Bullets, an extra magazine, a knife, a $300 Military watch, money, car keys, and a big bag of wet wipes. We also found some bluetooth speakers, sunglasses (Ray-Bans), lighters, a hearing aid, and a Working GoPro Hero Plus! I contacted the police and met with them to turn the gun over to...

Magnet Fishing For Fun And Profit: Tips and Tricks #1

Magnet fishing? This is a VERY important video to watch if you ever plan to go magnet fishing for treasure. I go over three important things you need to know about, and show you how to get the magnet unhooked from the bottom if it gets snagged.

Dangerous 3" Super Magnet Unboxing and Safety Testing

Here is how a 3 inch, 350 pound pulling force Neodymium Magnets is shipped and some different metal, safety test I ran before taking it out in the field or around my kids. The pull force steadily builds to crushing strength. Check out my new followup video, 350lb Force Super Magnet? Prove It here: Music: Europa by:

motorcycle graveyard | police visit | U.K. Magnet fishing with goz and Jim

Follow our twitter @Goz_and_Jim Lots of motorcycle parts found, our scrap collection and a police visit!

I Broke Into The Cop car Trunk! Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor P71

***THIS VIDEO IS SATIRE DO NOT ATTEMPT ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO!*** I finally broke into the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor cop car trunk! Curious on whats inside? Then stop whining and watch the video for petes sake! Also the minion really crossed the line and attempted to GTA Grand Theft Auto My car! I had no choice but to throw his yellow banana eating Azz in Jail! **Support my channel!** Donations make videos like these possible thanks so much! I will shoutout any donator unless otherwise stated! LINK: Make sure to watch my other videos! Searching a Wrecked Police...


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I found an underground safe house with MUCH more stuff...

BECOME A MEMBER: I found ANOTHER one: Updates: Photos: Electricity, water supply, medicine, clothes, gas masks etc. I entered this one, like the last time through a concrete block with a metal gate on the side of it. Unlike the last bunker, this one wasn't in an industrial area, but in an inhabited are, surrounded by apartment buildings, hiding behind big trash cans and overgrown by bushes under trees. Background noise samples: http;// (stretched and pitched) To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

I NEVER Wanted To Find This... (Could Have Killed ME)

I found something that could have killed me.. we always talk about it but I Never thought it would happen..New? Subscribe and help me reach 700K Subscribers!! Check out My MERCH Store!! Follow My Instagram! Check out some of my other videos!! URBAN Treasure Hunting in MAJOR City!! (Insane location) Treasure Hunting In Worlds Most Populated Spring!! (interesting finds) River Treasure: Biggest Clean Up EVER!! (Ultra Clear Spring) Exploring CLEAR River Hidden Deep In A SWAMP!! (alligators) River Treasure: Helping Divers in Dangerous River!! (Found Rifle) Rescuing Fish Entangled In Fishing Line!! (River Treasure) Working With Detective Unit to find GUN involved in Shooting!! (Underwater)...

10 Mysterious Things Found by Youtubers Caught On Camera

10 Mysterious Things Found by Youtubers ► Subscribe: For copyright matters please contact us at: CREDITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!: 1. Mysterious Secret Passage. DigRing: Video: 2. Floating Beverage Coole. MrTechnicalDifficult: Video: 3. Tank buried in forest Deep Digger Dan: Video: 4. Shotgun Aquachigger: Video: 5. Galaxy S5 Phone DALLMYD: Video: 6. Gold Ring RJ32: Video: 7. Hidden Bunker WW2HistoryHunter: Video: 8. Machine Gun Czech Diggers: Video: 9. Prosthetic Leg Aquachigger: Video: 10. Cremated Human Remains DALLMYD: Video - You’ve probably found some things at least once or twice in your lifetime. But chances are you’ve not found the same things these youtubers have found. Some of these people being treasure...

Magnet Fishing Found A Cache Of Stolen Guns

I went to the fishing pier again today and I found another gun! A lever action rifle this time . I turned it into the police again it is a weapons dump 2 guns a machete and a katana have all come out of that spot. Magnets: Email:

River Hunting - There's Knives Everywhere Out Here!

I was metal detecting the river and I came across a bunch of awesome knives in the water. Not sure how they got there, maybe lost by fisherman and kayakers. I also found a cell phone and some other interesting items. __________________________________________________________ 2017 CONCORD GOLD & TREASURE SHOW INFORMATION Dates: Saturday October 28 and Sunday October 29 Hours: 10am - 5pm on Saturday, 10am - 4pm on Sunday Location: Cabarrus Arena & Events Center 4551 Old Airport Rd, Concord, North Carolina 28025 Admission: $5 pre-sale ticket...

DIY : How To Make a Super Magnet for Magnetic Fishing - Neodymium N52

DIY : In this video i will show you how to make super magnet neodymium for magnetic fishing. Watch until the end of the video please. Build a fishing magnet is very simple. Subscribe : Videos Aluminum Foil Ball Magic Water Marker How to make a fish trap with plastic bottle How to make a ELECTRIC LIGHTER #magnet #neodymium #magnetfishing Music Protection - Céline Mauffrey Facebook : Twitter : SoundCloud : KabyNougat channel : DIY, crafts, tips, amazing life hacks, how to, toothpaste, how to make, handmade, homemade, reuse, ideas, tutorial, 5-minute crafts, coca-cola, create, clean, tricks, balloon, useful life hacks, coke, banana, recycle, drill, coca-cola...

Civil War Surprise in the Woods

October 8, 2014 found me excitedly heading to a farm in central Virginia, thinking the beans had been cut. Well, SOME beans were cut, in the wrong fields. The camp area I'd wanted to hunt was still in tall beans. As a result I headed to a wooded portion of the farm which is LOADED with trash, but also relics! The results follow in the film. Enjoy!

Found 1000's of Cars Deep Underground

▶ Check out my gear on Kit: MY EQUIPMENT Don't forget to SHARE this video and give a THUMBS UP :) If you wish to support & learn how to travel for a living feel free to visit MY PATREON GET THE MUSIC I USE IN MY VIDEOS HERE: BUY MY PICTURES FRAMED AND DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR History on this place : MY POPULAR ABANDONED VIDEOS Abandoned Gun Factory FOUND CRATES OF AKM/47 Rifles for Soviet Russia (POLAND) ABANDONED Home of Bruce Lee $100Million Family Mansion 栖鶴小築(HONG KONG) Exploring Abandoned APOCALYPTIC CITY Gunkanjima BATTLESHIP ISLAND (JAMESBOND SKYFALL) Follow My Social Media: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: Facebook: Website:...

Couple Passing On A Boat Could Not Believe There Luck,boat When I Gave Them Some Of My Finds.👍

Helped a really nice couple Out Today With Some Finds From What I Had Found They Could Not Thank Me Enough. Please like - share - subscribe 👍 four seasons magnet fishing (find us on Facebook ) four seasons metal detecting Don't forget to press the 🔔 on the subscribe button to get notified for our next video.

Goz and Jim uk magnet fishing - big item found!

Filmed over two days, awesom items found including bike

River Treasure: I Found $100 Bills, Apple iPhones, Vapes, Cameras, Fishing Tackle

River Treasure galore in this video. I found 2 $100 bills and other cash plus a camera, vape pen, Apple iPhone, fishing tackle and lures plus a whole lot more. This is a video from earlier that I re-edited and added a lot more video. Please don't forget to like and subscribe if you like my video. Also check out these other river treasure videos here: River Treasure: Samsung Galaxy Note 4, 2 iPhones, Gold Ring, Fishing Tackle And MOAR! River Treasure: 4 iPhones, 2 GoPro's, Pentax WG2 And MOAR!! River Treasure: My Strangest Find EVAR!!! River Treasure: GoPro Hero 4, Ray Bans, iPhone,...


WWII METAL DETECTING Relic hunting WW2 Excavation WWII Sortie détection militaria Metal detector Коп по войне

We Hit The Jackpot Magnet Fishing!! Possible Sunken Boat Found!?!

We had an awesome time this weekend all hanging out! Thank you guys so much for watching and I hope yall enjoyed the change in content! More hog hunting action coming at you guys this week and an axis hunt this weekend! Lots of awesome new content coming up, so be ready! GunsNChickenStrips Rock Bluff Outdoors Check out my Instagram! ******* My main camera My GoPro SD card for main camera SD card for GoPro My camera bag My hard drive Camera tripod GoPro chest mount HUNTING GEAR My arrows My broad heads My lighted nocks My thumb release My wrist release Above are all amazon associate links

Winchester 1873 Rifle Found In Nevada - What Happened To It?

Remember that old Winchester rifle found under a tree in Nevada? What ever happened to it? I traveled to Baker, Nevada to find out the true story of this old west relic. .If you would like to support mixup98 so I can continue to make videos please visit my Patreon link below:

5 Bizarre Things Found Underwater Nobody Can Explain!

With About 71 percent of the Earth's surface covered in water, it’s not surprising that some weird things are found from time to time. Here are 5 Bizarre Things Found Underwater Nobody Can Explain! If you like this video - please put Thumb Up button and Subscribe to our channel! - Found Human Remains Underwater in River! (Police Called) - Man Finds $$$110,000.00 Cash ! Angel Beach Treasure Hunt ! Lost Drug Money ! - FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such...

Exploring Abandoned military base - PART2 - Quad ATV Eksploracja opuszczonej starej bazy wojskowej

Exploring abandoned military base - exploration old places - PART 2 Quad ATV Eksploracja opuszczonej starej bazy wojskowej - czesc 2 PART 1 - We prepare next episodes from other places if you like this movie :) Jesli ten film sie wam spodoba to przygotujemy kolejne odcinki z innych miejsc :) Quady to suzuki ltz 400 czyli lt-z400 z400 ale kazdy kto oglada to chyba to juz wie :) New video every saturday :) Nowy film w kazda sobote :) INSTAGRAM

Magnet fishing reveals an unbelievable catch!!

Magnet fishing and getting a once in a lifetime catch hidden just under my feet. you really wont believe it until you see it. Any info on the things found is highly appriciated. please make a comment and rate the video. Thank you. Location : somewhere on the island Zealand in Denmark. Filmed 12 March 2017. Detector gear : Neodymium magnet Camera used : Kodak zx5. Resolution HD 1080p more information and closeup photos :

Dumping Ground FOUND! - Magnet Fishing UK

Dumping Ground FOUND! - Magnet Fishing UK So im back in bishop stortford magnet fishing for treasure with a fishing magnet in the local river, this is the same river where i found an antique pistol. Bishop Stortford has a shallow river running through it and then widens up closer to the town centre where there are canal boats, i didnt think i would find much in the shallow river with my fishing magnet but boy was i wrong,i found 2 bikes, cash box, barrel of a gun and various other things. The bikes had been thrown off bridges into the...