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philbert's pet
philbert's pet

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hey guys it's me berd whats goin on

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After looking through random pieces of trivia about the Pokémon franchise, I’ve realised a lot of facts about Pokémon are, more or less completely useless pieces of knowledge that won’t ever come up in your everyday life. Kind of like algebra. So I decided to share 20 of them! Sleep Talk Podcast: Pokémon Mobile System GB footage: Brock Kaiba Image: Pikachurin: Twitter: Facebook: Google Plus: Poké Amino: TheAuraGuardian Something something fair use something something

philbert's well

philbert gets stuck in a big dumb hole ---------------------------- hall of FFFFAME ---------------------------- ****TOP PATRON**** T-ler Swirl ---------------------------- **the raddest eggs you can be** Thomas Chance Smith Just Some Goat Dahlia Blaise Morris Brooklyn Gardner ---------------------------- **cool eggs** jenna Thomas LuckyLuck Stephanie Lancaster ---------------------------- **good eggs** Cet the Cat maki Wegrea Captain Cuck Kwimei ---------------------------- **special pink eggs** Dru Rivas Drewfus Lily Bugs Sageus Antknee --------------------------- **eggs** Tidal Al Astra Fliegend Thomas Chance Smith Scrambled

Savage And Hilarious Twitter Roasts By Wendy’s

Hilarious Twitter Roasts By Wendy’s That Will Make You Think Twice Before Posting Wendy's may not be your favorite fast-food chain, but by now, they're probably your favorite Twitter account. The burger joint has gone viral over the last year for their absolutely ruthless comebacks, rivalries with other restaurants, and mixtape-worthy rap bars - and they're still going. It all started back in January when Amy Brown, social media manager for Wendy's, was going through recent user comments on the company's Twitter, and came across a particularly dim-witted jab against their 'fresh, never frozen' meat policy. Her response was golden, and people...

Google Translate goes nuts

🅱️ Used music: Take On Me Off Broadway (by Werner Tautz) Big Enough New York New York Local Forecast (by Kevin MacLeod) Pat & Mat original theme Quirky Dog Space Ambient Mix 1 - Across the Universe - Meditation Music Frolic Jeopardy Theme

Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers? | Dolan Life Mysteries

Click this link to build your own website with Wix: From whether you can breathe liquid oxygen to why cats are afraid of cucumbers, we answer several of your strangest question about life Patreon: Check out our mobile game: DOLAN KART. Play free today! Android - Apple - CREDITS --- Starring: Doopie Pringle Animated by JAMESHARK Written by Mooclucking & Dolan Music/SFX by Epic Mountain Music Info Sources: Website (In-progress): Credits music: "Sugar Plum Dark Mix" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Funny Comics By Theodd1sout Have The Most Unexpected Endings 💖When he was in high school, James Rallison ("The Odd 1s Out") wasn't partying or winning football games like his older brother. Instead, he posted comics on the internet. It has been over 6 years since he uploaded his first strip, and we thought it's about time we present to you his work. Just like James' nickname, they're a little odd. But in a good way. Dealing with a wide variety of themes, including romance, parenting, and many many more, the strips often take unexpected twists and turns, constantly keeping the reader...

Draw My Life - Rebecca Parham

Happy 500,000....err... 700,000+ subscribers! Sorry for the long video, but I got a lot of life to draw! I hope you like this look into my past and the experiences that made me who I am! SUBSCRIBE! REBECCA'S SOCIAL STUFF: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: @RebeccaParham ART STUFF: LME SOCIAL STUFF: Twitter: Instagram: @LetMeExplainStudios Facebook:

Berd ascends to godhood

a story pls enjoy i love you thanks here's the song


Click here to SUBSCRIBE: Check out & subscribe to my NEW DAILY VLOGS: Whether it be fire ants, pharaoh ants, black crazy ants, yellow crazy ants, or marauder ants, there is no safety from parasitic mites. Sadly, mites showed up again in one of our colonies. Our pharaoh ants, named the Tomb Raiders have been facing a growing mite problem and the impeding dangrs and complications that have arisen have caused me to have to make the ultimate decision: keep or release. Facing the tough decision to release a pet ant colony is a tough decision for any ant keeper....

Shocking Easter Eggs in Kid Games Analyzed & Ranked

I think we've all seen something in one of our favorite childhood video games that felt a little out of place, unnecessarily dark, or just outright inappropriate. In this video I rank, dissect, explore and explain the top ten most unbelievably inappropriate, darkest, most surprisingly risqué easter eggs and hidden content that were hidden inside of your favorite childhood games. Please let me know what you've found in a video game that deeply disturbed you! Leave a comment or join the discord server: Pateron: I'm currently working full-time while trying to do these videos, so any support you want to give...

The Best Moments From Berd

Studies show clicking Show More will make ur life better 👇😎👇 berd dude: 🍝 hit the red rectangle to get me to 500 subs 🌭 Turn that dingy thing on so ya know when i upload (which ya do) 🍜 For super duper extra fun stuff join meh Discord: 🌮 Want me to do something ya want? CcCcCcomment 🍳o yeah i got this: how i make these...


Minecraft Hacker Trolling EP115 - FORCING HACKERS TO PLAY THE DROPPER ★ Minecraft Server IP: ★ Store: ★ Forums: ★ ★ TWITTER: ► ★ INSTAGRAM: ► ★SNAPCHAT: ► JackMasseyWelsh ★ MERCH: ► ★ Texture Pack: ★ Skycade's Discord: ► Join my Minecraft server: ► ★ Send Me Stuff: JackSucksAtLife PO Box 293 BISHOP AUCKLAND DL14 4GN ★


SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family :D Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! TROLLS Who Took IT WAY TOO FAR SIMILAR VIDEOS ► Q&A's ► CHALLENGES ► SOCIAL MEDIA •Instagram: •Twitter: •Facebook: •Twitch: OUTRO SONG:

Stranded Offline

How to make it without interneNO!! THERE'S NO WAY!!!! TURN BACK!! Ran out of service for a few days, but the Patter show must go on... Twitter: John: Click Here for my channel's epic Music artist, DJ BASS FOX 28: Click here for SentryAhead and Sparky Voltage [Artist featured in credits] and

philbert's answer

episode 5 in william and tony's wacky adventures please subscribe so i can make another $0.22 in ad revenue that i can't claim thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come ask me questions maybe:

Using Google Translate [GONE WRONG]

comedy at its best --------------------- Used music: Electric Zoo Thomas The Tank Engine Window Gazing Jingle Bells The Big Laugh Frolic Sad Emotional Piano Music star wars cantina Elevator Music Bandit Radio Spanish Flea Kill Bill Ironside Siren Sound Meatball Parade

Pet Rock 2

I'd give anything to bring my Pet Rock back. How hard could it be? Twitter: Facebook: Reddit: Support us with Brave for free! -

OM NOM VS GIANT CANDY LOLLIPOPS | Cut the Rope | Funny Cartoons for Kids | HooplaKidz TV | LIVE🔴

To Subscribe: HooplaKidz TV showcases a wide variety of Cartoons for children like Om Nom, Gazoon, The Adventures of Annie and Ben along with a beautiful mix of Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs! So come along and have some Hoopla Fun with us! Hoopla Kidz are Happy Kidz! To watch more of our videos: Om Nom Stories: Gazoon: The Adventures of Annie and Ben: Nursery Rhymes: Thanks for watching our channel!

special order

a man walks into a shop to buy some poison.. ------------------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- hall of FFFFAME ---------------------------- ****TOP PATRON**** Gramps ---------------------------- ***extra special babies*** T-ler Swirl ---------------------------- **the raddest eggs you can be** Terrus Fal VividThought HaileyAnimates Marshie oxi clean man is lit Thomas Chance Smith Brooklyn Gardner Just Some Goat ---------------------------- **cool eggs** Jake Rosch Blaise Morris SirSlipps Vd Stephanie Lancaster Juenavei ---------------------------- **good eggs** GooblDoodl Lex Young Captain Cuck Wegra maki Kwimei ---------------------------- **special pink eggs** Dru Rivas Drewfus Lily Bugs Sageus Antknee --------------------------- **eggs** madmissmolly Angel Escobedo 123DontMessWitMe Hannah T uwotm7 Selph94 Al

Fantasia ~ The Pastoral Symphony - UNCENSORED VERSION

Hi everybody ! :D This is a comparison between the 2010 censored version of The Pastoral Symphony from Fantasia and the uncensored version, where the two little Centaurettes Sunflower and Otika are not removed ! :) Enjoy ! ^^ I own nothing.

Meme Awards 24

Meme Awards 24 Inspired by Comment Awards There can never be too much memes. Consider checking out my 2nd Channel too!


this shit honestly gives me a headache

YouTube Teory: James's Secret Identity (Joke)

Not a theory a "Teory!" In other words a complete crap post. Credit to MatPat for this video style music "Science Blaster" belongs to SpellingPhailer Various Kevin Macleod music used Credit to all animators used this this video Theodd1sout, TimTom, Shgurr, Somethingelseyt, Tabbes, Chilly Panda, and TheAmaazing

Passion - Animation

My passion is the animation and sharing it with you is awesome ! I'm always happy to see that they make you laugh and have a good time, if you have a passion as well follow it during all of your life, share it and never leave it ! I finally created a Patreon page ! , any help will be largely thanked on it, will be able to learn you some things about animation and how to animate with fun ! Some tutorial will be posted there and later on Youtube and Tumblr , so no worries =D ! If...