philbert's pet
philbert's pet
philbert's pet

philbert's pet - Berd

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hey guys it's me berd whats goin on

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Oh my god guys, this is legit probably one of my favorite videos i've ever made! This was one of the best days of my life. They are so inspiring and Im so thankful for the opportunity to make this video. I had SO MUCH FUN creating this, I really hope you enjoy it! Game Grumps! Arin! Ross! ▲Help Support me on Patreon!: (Video Demos, PSDs, Content Goodies!) ▲Gumroad Tutorial Store! Come be weird with me!: ▲Instagram!: ▲Facebook!: ▲Tumblr!: ▲DA!: ▲Site!: ▲Prints!: ▲Twitter:

One Punch Pigeon - Animation

I WANNA BE A SUPER PIGEOOOON !!!! Le super pigeon va montrer de quoi il est capable !! Suivez l'histoire d'un petit pigeon voulant devenir un super héros !! C'est difficile pour lui d'y croire car il est ... petit et les héros sont en général des animaux imposants .... mais il ne baisse pas les bras ! Surtout qu'un seul battement d'aile peut tout détruire ! Follow the story of a young little pigeon wanting to be a super hero but neglected because it’s only a bald pigeon and heroes are often big animals ! Never leaving it’s dream, this pigeon...

special order

a man walks into a shop to buy some poison.. ------------------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- hall of FFFFAME ---------------------------- ****TOP PATRON**** Gramps ---------------------------- ***extra special babies*** T-ler Swirl ---------------------------- **the raddest eggs you can be** Terrus Fal VividThought HaileyAnimates Marshie oxi clean man is lit Thomas Chance Smith Brooklyn Gardner Just Some Goat ---------------------------- **cool eggs** Jake Rosch Blaise Morris SirSlipps Vd Stephanie Lancaster Juenavei ---------------------------- **good eggs** GooblDoodl Lex Young Captain Cuck Wegra maki Kwimei ---------------------------- **special pink eggs** Dru Rivas Drewfus Lily Bugs Sageus Antknee --------------------------- **eggs** madmissmolly Angel Escobedo 123DontMessWitMe Hannah T uwotm7 Selph94 Al

a good boy

give him a pet and a kiss !!!!! PLEDGE AND GET RECOGNITION AND A KISS: ----------------------------- BUY MY SHIRTS AND KEEP ME FED: ---------------------------- CHECK OUT MY TWEETS I POST DOODLES AN STUFF: ---------------------------- **CURRENT TOP PATRON** Gramps ---------------------------- **TOP PATRONS ALL TIME** Gramps T-ler Swirl Darah Quantum Thomas Chance Smith Just Some Goat oxi clean man is lit ---------------------------- ***extra special babies*** Darah Quantum FuzzyJunior ---------------------------- **the raddest eggs...

The ENTIRE Emoji Movie but every time it's CRINGY it gets faster

The ENTIRE Emoji Movie but every time it's CRINGEY it speeds up / gets faster Subscribe for more memes


good lord 6 dang milly views guys chill don't reupload this video idc if you give me content it's still my video lmao song is pinned come check me out and ask questions! here's the song, that i didn't make

philbert's christmas

happy holidays to everyone except for anyone who gets offended by people who say "merry christmas" big papa thanks to gingerpale for the credits music PLEDGE AND GET RECOGNITION AND A KISS: ----------------------------- BUY MY SHIRTS AND KEEP ME FED: ---------------------------- CHECK OUT MY TWEETS I POST DOODLES AN STUFF: ---------------------------- hall of FFFFAME ---------------------------- ****TOP PATRONS**** Gramps T-ler Swirl ---------------------------- ***extra special babies*** Darah Quantum SilentLefeon ---------------------------- **the raddest eggs you can be** Edythe Marinucci Donna Eaton Brooke Wisor Lucas Lazaro lookitskilo SirSlipps Sheila Irby TurboLlama Donovan zach SHARK ZachGeller Xeberax Rose-Tinted Glasses Sharles Dylan H Sara Ghattas Yuta O'Leary LordOptimal BerdBunny P1mplup HumanTorch Ozias (Mason) Terrus Fal HaileyAnimates oxi clean man is lit Thomas Chance Smith Brooklyn Gardner ---------------------------- **cool eggs** TheGuyThatAteTheHat kagenda Madzi DaPorkchop_ RelaxConnor Piyo Jessica Latham Vd Stephanie Lancaster ---------------------------- **good eggs** Brawlers9901 Burning_Sea Lex Wilkins Vee Danielle Herrera GooblDoodl Lex Young Captain Cuck Wegra maki Kwimei ---------------------------- **special pink eggs** Dru Rivas Drewfus Sageus Antknee --------------------------- **eggs** Sora Kiwior Joskua Itzamatul...

New Cartoon - Welcome to Doozy - From GO! Cartoons Only on Cartoon Hangover - Full Episode

The 6th full episode of GO! Cartoons is here with "Welcome to Doozy"! Ex prepares an amazing bento box for her work crush, but her friend Lou’s spell to make it amazing-er turns out to be a curse, as the food becomes alive-er, and a whole lot angrier. Created by Kate Tsang and Jennifer Suhr and produced by Frederator Studios and Sony Pictures Animation. Watch "Nebulous": Watch "The Summoning": Watch "Boots": Watch "City Dwellers": Watch "Rachel and Her Grandfather Control the Island": Watch the trailer for our entire Fall slate of shows: This episode is also available on Cartoon Hangover Select along with all of our other...

Judge Morty: State of Georgia VS Denver (Rick) Allen UNCENSORED [Best Vers. 07/2017]

❛A faithful, word-for-word recreation of one colorful day in the American court system.❜ ✍ This is just an extra voiced by Justin Roiland before Season 3. Originally just an animatic, tiarawhy took it into his own hands to animate it. However, Justin Roiland didn't release clean uncensored audio publicly, and so OldSkooRebel has cleaned up the audio best as possible while keeping the swearing intact. ⓉⓁ;ⒹⓇ: There was a nice animation and a nice uncensored edit. I put them together. Enjoy! ☞ Transcript: [] ☞ Original Adult Swim comic content: [] ☞ Original video by tiarawhy: [] ☞ Original audio by OldSkooRebel: [] ☞ Outro song ♩♪♫♬♭: [] ☞ A valiant execution of the...

It's Raining

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How to (Not) Handle an OP Character - Ft. Isekai Smartphone

Hey guys! It's been a hectic few weeks but we're back with a new video! This time I break down OP characters and how to do them correctly... by looking at a blatant example of how they can easily be done very poorly. The example I'm referring to is the protagonist of the currently wrapping up show, Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. Enjoy. -=-=-=-=-=-=- Special Thanks to: PenguinPandaZero OverjoyedSoup Zephon And everyone else for their Support on Patreon! -=-=-=-=-=-=- Music by @Exicious Their Soundcloud - -=-=-=-=-=-=- Subscribe! - Support Me on Patreon - -=-=-=-=-=-=- Follow Me on Social Media, If That's Your Thing Twitter: Instagram - Facebook...

I feel GOOD !! Animation

I FEEL GOOD !!! An animation I made last year, I forgot to post it there D: !!! Now there as well yeaaah ! (if the video doesn't works it means you have to see it on a PC, copyright thing don't allow on phone and all D:) I hope you will feel better after watching it ^^ I feel good by James Brown ^^ If you want to see more animations there is my Tumblr : Facebook for illustrations and animations : And my Patreon for tutorials : Have a nice day everyone !! Merci pour tout !!!!


collab with LaceBug! come check out my deviantart original by merengeee pls go give them all of your love theirs is way better

Inspiration 3

Song I used there is from Arturo Sandoval - A Mis Abuelos ! I made lot of little animations inspired by funny animal photos I found on the internet and that you shared to me, it's amazing to do this, I feel connected with you, you give me photos that are really inspiring ^^ So I made a compilation of my favorite from 2017! I will make a lot for 2018 as well if I have enough time for it (I will dig to find free time haha) Anyway once again HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! BONNE ANNÉE !!! Meilleurs vœux !!! Hoping to post more...

Twitch Chat Reaction to Dark Magician Girl's First Appearance

Kreygasm From the TwitchPresents Yugioh Marathon

Comment Awards 85

Ok ok ok, a man walks into a bar… just kidding. This is not that. This is memes. This is funnier - The Comment Awards. Memes that’ll have you in shambles. Episode 85. More comment awards: ► Subscribe ► Sources: Outro song: Instagram - Twitter -

"Adult Joke" Compilation - The Amazing World of Gumball

A variety of jokes that probably went over kids heads. Mostly about sex and drugs. Rated TV-Y7. We swear. Some Explanations for the Hard Ones : -The scene where a jealous Gumball is screaming insults rapidly at Leslie manages to sneak in the words "Self-Polinating". If you know anything about plants then you know what Gumball basically just called Leslie. -The scene where Gumball and Darwin get totally high on sugar isn't just a drug reference. Look closely at those handcuffs Darwin is wearing. -During the scene where Darwin's venting is censored the photos represent what Darwin is saying. A photo of a mom. A photo...

100K (ft. Berd, Nevercake, & Face)

100k is a lot of nerds. A special thanks to Berd for Beh-ing in this video and also to Aaron at Nevercake for the nice poem and a hand on editing- THANK YOU. Berd: Nevercake: Fun Links And Stuff: Patreon: Discord: Twitter:

spelling b

watch the smartest man in the world spell his heart out PLEDGE AND GET RECOGNITION AND A KISS: ----------------------------- BUY MY SHIRTS AND KEEP ME FED: ---------------------------- CHECK OUT MY TWEETS I POST DOODLES AN STUFF: ---------------------------- **CURRENT TOP PATRON** Gramps ---------------------------- **TOP PATRONS ALL TIME** Gramps T-ler Swirl Darah Quantum Thomas Chance Smith Just Some Goat oxi clean man is lit ---------------------------- ***extra...

philbert's answer

episode 5 in william and tony's wacky adventures please subscribe so i can make another $0.22 in ad revenue that i can't claim thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come ask me questions maybe:


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Inspiration ! Animation

So this is another little video and a special one, thanks to many of you sending me funny gifs on the internet on my FB page or Tumblr, I could illustrate them with my own style, it was amazing and I'm still making it for the futur, so you are a part of my project and it's amazing! Also I hope this video will make you smile a little, with all the events right now, smiling is needed ! As always, thank you all so much for your support, will never stop animating for you all and also hoping to make my...

Amitié - Animation

The friendship wetween a fox and a pigeon :) I wanted to share an important message with this animation, everybody being different is what make our world amazing! I hope you will enjoy the animation !! If you want to see more gifs and animations, my Tumblr : Illustrations and some videos too : Twitter to talk !! : And Patreon to support me ! fox and pigeons forever !! The song is from the moomins ending :)

Philbert's bridge

Episode 3 of the infamous Saga of Tommy and Philbert pls sompscribe come look at my other bullshit