Seewald Family 4th of July Vlog!
Seewald Family 4th of July Vlog!
Seewald Family 4th of July Vlog!

Seewald Family 4th of July Vlog! - Jessa Seewald

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3 Kids, 3rd Trimester Pregnant, & CAMPING!

Packing, predicted thunderstorms, and predators lurking in darkness— a perfect first family camping experience! So happy we finally made it happen! The way I figure, it’s probably easier to go camping now while big pregnant than it wouid be with a newborn. 😁 Amazon Shopping Link: Discount Code: jessasee01 (10% off) #lifewit #withmylifewit #lifewitzzz #lifewitpillows

Seewald Family Vacation!

We traveled to Florida for a friend’s wedding last weekend, and ended up making a mini vacation out of our trip! The kids were in awe of the beauty of the beach!

Backyard Family Cookout

After assembling our new fire pit, the kids were itchin’ to try it out. First time roasting hotdogs and tasting s’mores for most of these munchkins, and it was so fun to see their reactions!

Ivy’s Birthday Week!

We spread out the celebration by giving the birthday person a present a day in the week leading up to their birthday!

Homeschool Days 📚

A typical day of Seewald homeschool with schoolwork, snacks and siblings. 🤍

The 2020 Duggar Family Fall Festival! 🍁 ☕️ 🪓 🍎

The ultimate family fall festival consisting of pie contesting, wood splitting, water balloon slingshotting, pumpkin painting, caramel apple dipping, pumpkin bowling, kite building, skillet tossing, hay riding, chili eating, and more!

Taste-Testing Jana’s Produce

9/10 times when a kid goes missing at Granny’s house, we know just where to find them. Young and old alike love going down to Jana’s garden for a fresh snack. It was Ivy’s first time trying this variety of a “grape” and an “apple,” and her reaction was priceless. 😖😆

Henry’s Birthday Week!

A fun tradition we started last year is to spread out the the celebration for the birthday kid by giving a week of gifts leading up to their big day!

I visited MY FAMILY!!

The girls and I took a trip to visit my family. We had so much fun!! Have a question? Leave a comment below ↓ Where else you CAN FIND ME? 📸 Instagram: 👤 Facebook: - #RoadTrip #theBatesFamily #WebsterFamily

Seewald Kids’ Bedroom Update!

This project was inexpensive and fun! DIY Loft Bed Plan These plans are for a Twin XL loft bed plan (which will fit over a queen bed). To change this plan into a regular Twin-sized loft bed, simply convert all boards marked as 81” down 76” (including the plywood). Shopping list: 2x4 8 ft long (12) posts, rails & base support 2x6 8 ft long (3) bed side rails 2x2 8 ft long (2) cleats 1 in. sheet plywood cut at 39”x81” 2 1/2 in screws (approx 80) Helpful tools: Circular saw Sander Drill Cut list: * 4 – 2x4 @ 65” - posts *...

When You Take the 2-Year-Old on a Lunch Date…🤍

The food, the fun and the conversation with Ivy Jane.

New Backyard Play Equipment

Can’t go to the playground? Bring the playground to you. This climbing dome was a great find on Amazon Prime. The kids had fun helping me assemble it, and it’s been a big hit! This thing is built to last, so I’m sure we’ll get lots of use out of it for years to come. ❤️ Link to the climbing dome:👇🏼 Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber...

Managing All the Toys 🧸

Toys are fun! As parents, we buy toys for our kids, and they’re also gifted them for birthdays and holidays by family and friends. Sometimes it can feel as though the toy situation is getting out of hand, and the house is being overrun with them! In this video we’re doing some spring cleaning and creating a toy rotation to keep things under control and also fresh and exciting.

Birth Story—Baby Seewald #4! (Part 3)

Siblings meet baby for the first time, and we bring baby home!

First Family Fishing Trip!

The boys were gifted fishing poles for Christmas, and the weather is finally nice enough to get outdoors and put them to use! This was our kids’ first time fishing, and we all had a blast!

Flying with the Kids! (7 Tips for Moms)

Ben was best man in his friend’s wedding last month, so we packed up the family and flew to Florida! Travel with kids is always an adventure. In this video I share some of our top tips for flying with kids, and things we do to make the journey less stressful and more enjoyable!

Seewald Master Bedroom Update!

Last year I went super minimalist in our master bedroom, and we’ve been loving it! The only thing I’d been wanting to add was a large shelf for plants and books and such, in order to bring a big more warmth to the space. Here’s a simple DIY description of the process!

Mommy/Son Date

We love doing things together as a family, so it’s not uncommon for me to have all three kids with me on outings, play dates, grocery pickup runs and such. But one-on-one kid time is also so important. In order to get this quality time with each of our kids, Ben and I rotate taking a kid out either for brunch or running errands (and picking out a special treat). I love and look forward to this time so much! It’s a chance to slow down from the daily rush, have some good conversation, and just spend time together. They...

Duggar Family Christmas 2020

Let the festivities begin! Family gift exchange, food, and fellowship!

Evy’s check up | Taking the kids to work.

We haven’t talked about Evelyn’s cranial concerns until now because we really didn’t know what to expect. We finally got an appointment at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital with the Cranial/Facial Doctor and had a scan done to make sure her skull was growing correctly. We are SO SO thankful that everything looks okay and that she doesn’t need any further appointments! (Just praying it continues to grow normally) Later in the video I take the kids to visit Austin at work and Gideon was so excited to see the concrete trucks! Love my little family and this life the Lord...

Duggar Family Christmas 2019

Family brunch, discussing the true meaning of Christmas, taking turns opening presents in a family gift exchange, big family & friends lunch, games & football!

Ultrasound! Baby #4– Boy or Girl?

We had fun finding out if baby #4 would be a boy or a girl! What’s your guess?

Pregnancy Update: Birth Plan? Gender Reveal?

Answering the top 7 pregnancy questions!