Strain VS Support | American/Western Female Vocalists (A4-F5)
Strain VS Support | American/Western Female Vocalists (A4-F5)
Strain VS Support | American/Western Female Vocalists (A4-F5)

Strain VS Support | American/Western Female Vocalists (A4-F5) - MrSkinnyJeanz3

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A blend of American/Western pop, Kpop & educational videos on vocal technique. Welcome! Check out my Twitter, mrskinnyjeanz3, and vocal blog, as well!

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What is Support/Pushing/Strain/Resonance? | Vocal Pedagogy Crash Course

so I finally made it. thanks to Haruko and Matheus again for their help. hope this helps someone. remember that this video is from a technical standpoint. it's not talking about tone, which is subjective. it's talking about technique. it's not my intention to offend any of the singers mentioned or their fans through this video. it is only to try to help educate for the people who are curious. hope you enjoy! p.s. some of the text may move too quickly for some people to read. I do apologize for that, but this video had to make the 15 minute cut...

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Nothing to do with the video: Vive la République, Vive Paris et VIVE LA FRANCE ! Hard times...

10 Times Mariah Carey FORGOT She Was Human!

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10 Things You Shouldn't Do When Singing

A video on ten things you should not do when you are singing! Obviously, the annotations are exaggerated LOL, do not take them seriously. :P Enjoy the video! Comment, like, and subscribe! ** Please do not re-upload or steal this! Special Thanks to KyoHanjin!

Iconic Vocal Powerhouses: Part III - Whitney Houston & Patti Labelle

the conclusion of the mini-series. hope you enjoyed!

Pop Female Singers' Most Serious Vocal Flaws | IS YOUR FAVE PERFECT?

Jojo: I decided to go with her whistle register because she has great lows, belting technique and head voice. Ailee: It's debatable, according to some it's the chestiness that is the most serious issue. I decided to consider high larynx her biggest flaw because she has plenty of chesty supported upper belts. Don't get me wrong, she still should develop a healthier, even mix.

"White Girls Can't Do Runs" (Runs/Riffs/Agility Slayage)

I'm sure somebody will find a way to be offended but so it goes. hope you enjoy! All comments saying "oh so and so isn't white she's this. I'm a stupid faggot dumbass" will all be deleted.

why mezzos are better than everyone else | mezzo-sopranos in pop music

join my rebellion against capital letters I really love mezzos. you should too. the length of this video should attest to that. here's 20 minutes of Lea Salonga, Pink/P!nk, Sara Bareilles and Lady Gaga. hope you dig. enjoy.

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First part of this original series. Share your thoughts by commenting down below! Part I: Part III: Join my Patreon! ► PayPal donations: ► Follow me on my social media accounts!: ► Twitter: ► Instagram:

Young Pop Female Singers Who Used To Sing Better! (Vocal Technique)

Title is clickbait-ish! Please know that it is NOT a hate video, I enjoy listening to these three ladies. I want to be as objective as possible, It's only based on their vocal techniques. Of course, there are some things they do better now but in general their techniques were better, especially when it comes to Lauren. Enjoy! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal...

Strain VS Support | American/Western Male Vocalists

Concept originally by EXIDek: For a more in depth look at support and vocal technique: Male edition of my previous strain vs. support video! See how your favorite singers like Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd and Pentatonix (Superfruit) compare vocally! I have to admit, this was significantly harder to plan for and make, as I knew who could qualify for what, but feared that there would not be enough variety. I tried my best, but to be frank, I didn't have all that much to work with. Examples are limited to 2 ea. after F4 on purpose, btw, as...

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Trigger warning: crimes against musicality are audible in this clip. Listen to vocal divas,some legendary others underrated, and compare them to the overrated amateursof the music industry

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Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson and Miley Cyrus... Famous Singers Then and Now Comparison, dodging struggling to high notes and expectations compilation Everything About Fail or Epic Moment

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This was a stressful video to make as my editor decided to give me hell and I felt the pressure of needing to include everything I possibly could. However, it's finally done now, and I hope you enjoy! Long overdue!!

The TRUTH about the Whistle Register and New Female Artists (Read Description)

Reuploaded. _________________________________________________________________ New people in the stan world have been claiming every sound coming out of their faves (some 5H members, xtina, etc) above a C6 is a whistle tone. The purpose of this video is to clear up some confusion about the vocal registers. Also, I'm not trying to glorify the Whistle Register cause I'm a lamb. Clearly it's healthier to use the Super Head Voice as it's connected to our full voice, so whichever you use is fine as long as you're aware that the WR can take its toll on your voice + it's just harder to access and some...

Strain VS Support 2 | K-Pop Female Vocalists VS Themselves

Comparison of supported singing VS strained/unsupported singing from the same female vocalists Twitter: Credit to KPopVocalAnalysis: