Super Saiyan Goku vs Beerus (FLOW - Hero)
Super Saiyan Goku vs Beerus (FLOW - Hero)
Super Saiyan Goku vs Beerus (FLOW - Hero)

Super Saiyan Goku vs Beerus (FLOW - Hero) - Artiksu Sparkuru

Artiksu Sparkuru
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※左のマリオもどきは削除対策です 見てほしいな→ HERO希望の歌ほんとすき 低画質ですいません。

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来自日本的人气摇滚乐团FLOW,继之前唱过火影忍者的主题曲"Sign"大热,这次除了翻唱《龙珠Z》2013新剧场版《神与神》的主题曲"CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA"之外,也为剧场版演唱了插曲"HERO~希望之歌",同样是受得热烈回响,获得大批漫迷爱戴。 配合本周ENTER-E的"得意主打",要送你日本人气摇滚乐团FLOW的【FLOW THE MAX】专辑,除了听到14首好歌之外,还有MV看!如果你是七龙珠的迷,也一定有听过他们为剧场版【神与神】唱过的主题曲和插曲,快点参加游戏把专辑带回家慢慢听吧! 活动日期:10.6.2013 - 24.6.2013

Daichi Miura - Blizzard (Dragon Ball Super: Broly Main Theme) (HQ)

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New version V.2 Hecho por Sergio.

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I wanted to share this song because is amazing and really good. SUBSCRIBE Made the background Original owner : MARKIE I give him all credit I love his work

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After a fight,Beerus destroys some random alien planet..and sees..super saiyan god in it ?

Flow-Hero (English with Japanese)

I added the Japanese version to the part of the English version that was not covered. I did my best with the cuts. This is the official singer, normal pitch. Thanks for watching!

DBS AMV Hero Flow Vegito vs Zamasu

please leave a like and comment below Anime Dragon Ball Super Song Hero Flow Please support the official release No copyright infringement intended

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Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Games! Subscribe: // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! These are the video games that scream until their hair changes color...that doesn’t even make sense! What, over 9000 etc. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the TOp 10 Dragon Ball Z Games! #10. “Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit” (2008) #9. “Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super Warriors” (2002) #8. “Dragon Ball Fusions” (2016) #7. “Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure” (2004) #6. “Super Dragon Ball Z” (2006) #5. “Dragon Ball Z The Legacy of Goku II” (2003) #4. “Dragon...

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods - Flow Hero (English)

I loved this song so i created a lyrics hope you like it thanks for watching subscribe for more thx for watching subscribe for more Like me at Facebook : Follow me on Twitter : Follow me on Instagram : SUBSCRIBE!!! -

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Lyrics: (Thanks to Thomas Kain for the transcription) Reality can put you to the test from time to time, Very much like a power from above All day (all day), all night You know sometimes it makes you sick to the bone! But you'll never let go, or give up the fight! You're the one to show me how to see the light! Aw yeah! (Aw yeah!) All right! Sun is ready to shine on! Be brave and gimme, gimme power! Power, power, power! You gotta let it awake! Then no matter what, you can light up, when, you were slapped dead in the ground! That's why you're running, running. running, Running for the...