The Biathlon: Firing Guns Under Pressure
The Biathlon: Firing Guns Under Pressure
The Biathlon: Firing Guns Under Pressure

The Biathlon: Firing Guns Under Pressure - Tom Scott

Tom Scott
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Hi, I'm Tom Scott. These are some of the things I've made and done. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time. (Want to get in touch about anything? Use the "contact me" link below, not YouTube messages!)

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700 Flavours of Soda Pop: Galco's in Los Angeles

Welcome to Galco's Soda Pop Stop, and the wonderfully knowledgeable John Nese. Thank you to John for his time, and to all the team at the Soda Pop Stop! You can visit them here: In Highland Park, in Los Angeles, sits something that most business analysts would say couldn't exist any more: an independent store selling soda pop. 700 flavours of it. There was so much I couldn't include in this thanks to my dodgy camerawork -- the create-your-own soda section, John's absolutely perfect recommendation for a soda I'd like. But hopefully I got all the important parts! If you're...

Biathlon | How They Train | TIME

TIME's Sean Gregory gets a shooting lesson from U.S. Olympic favorite Tim Burke as he trains for the games in Vancouver. Subscribe to TIME ►► Get closer to the world of entertainment and celebrity news as TIME gives you access and insight on the people who make what you watch, read and share. Money helps you learn how to spend and invest your money. Find advice and guidance you can count on from how to negotiate, how to save and everything in between. Find out more about the latest developments in science and technology as TIME’s access brings you to...

G-Forces, Gliders, and Graveyard Spirals - - Time to learn about graveyard spirals, while trying not to be in one! I was so far outside my comfort zone for this. Thank you to Bruce Duncan from the Edinburgh University Gliding Club, who got me safely up and down again, and to Alistair Hammond from the Loughborough University Gliding Club, who managed to talk me into experiencing serious G-forces for the first time in my life! We launched from Bicester Gliding Club. I'd seriously recommend giving it a go if you can!

Crazy moments & mistakes in wintersport

here is mistakes and some of my favorite crazy moments in wintersport

Sinking Ship Simulator: The Royal Navy's Damage Repair Instructional Unit - with many, many thanks to the Royal Navy and everyone at HMS Excellent! How do you train sailors to save a sinking ship? Sure, you can teach them the theory, but there's no replacement for having to hammer softwood wedges into deck and bulkhead splits that are spraying cold, high-pressure water in your face. At HMS Excellent in Portsmouth sits Hazard, a Royal Navy Damage Repair Instructional Unit (DRIU). Every Navy recruit who's going out to sea will have to go through something like this -- and on a much harder level than we did! But then, they'll have...

Calling The Police Doesn't Charge Your Phone Battery

In Slough, outside the headquarters of Blackberry, I talk about an urban legend that's almost true: the idea that calling 999, the British emergency number, could actually charge your phone battery. It's not quite right, but it's close. (It's easy to make fun of Slough. There's no second part to that, it's just easy to make fun of Slough.) WEB: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: @tomscottgo

Black Hole - Emma Blackery vs Katie Steckles - Game On 1x03

Game 3, and it's the first elimination match! Either Emma Blackery or Katie Steckles is out, and it's a game of pure strategy, planning, and slightly over-the-top demonstration graphics. Playing in the tournament: EMMA BLACKERY, video gamer: STEVEN BRIDGES, magician: HANNAH NICKLIN, game designer: KATIE STECKLES, mathematician: The tournament is "double elimination", which means you have to lose twice -- or lose in the grand final -- before you're knocked out. Six shows, six games, only one winner. Game on. Production Facilities: YOUTUBE SPACE LONDON Floor Manager: JOSH HADLEY Game Producer: DAVID BODYCOMBE - @davidjbodycombe Editor: MICHELLE MARTIN - @mrsmmartin Director: MATT GRAY - @unnamedculprit Producer: TOM SCOTT

Controlling An Airport From 80 Miles Away

London City Airport's getting a new control tower: but it's just going to be a large mast with 14 high-definition cameras on it. The actual tower will be 80 miles away, in the headquarters of NATS near Swanwick. It feels questionable: but is it? Thanks to all the team at NATS: you can find out more about the new tower here: Edited by Michelle Martin, @mrsmmartin London camera by Matt Gray, I'm at on Twitter at on Facebook at and on Snapchat and Instagram as tomscottgo

The World Is Slowly Running Out Of Sand

I never thought of sand as a non-renewable resource, but there's only a limited supply: and to make things worse, it keeps getting washed into the sea. At Cape May, New Jersey, the US Army Corps of Engineers have just finished rebuilding a beach: here's why. Thanks to the folks from the Corps for showing me around! There's more about their project here: I'm at on Twitter at on Facebook at and on Snapchat and Instagram as tomscottgo CAMERA AND DRONE OP: Osprey Perspectives, EDITOR: Michelle Martin, @mrsmmartin And thanks to Elmo Keep for linking to the article that inspired this video! REFERENCES: Leatherman, S., Zhang,...

Is It Dangerous To Talk To A Camera While Driving?

I'm visiting the University of Iowa's National Advanced Driving Simulator, to answer a question: how unsafe is it for me to vlog while driving? Is vlogging while driving dangerous? The team at the simulator are the experts to ask. More about the National Advanced Driving Simulator: or on Twitter: Camera operator: Jasmine Putney Edited: Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin) I'm at on Twitter at on Facebook at and on Snapchat and Instagram as tomscottgo

The Front Falls Off: Glaciers Don't Go Backwards

Glaciologists will find this video obvious. Everyone else... well, maybe I slept through a bit of sixth-grade geography, but I didn't know this, and I reckon I should have done. Pull down the description for more! I'm here because of Chris Hadfield's Generator Arctic - go check out everyone else who was on the trip, and have a look at tickets for their show at Massey Hall, Toronto, on November 12th! Thanks to all the team at Quark Expeditions - - who made it possible for us to get there, and whose crew and staff on board were just amazing!...

Ships, Mines and Magnetism - - This weekend, the Royal Navy was offering public tours of HMS Defender, one of their new-generation Type 45 destroyers. It's an astonishing ship: about 8,000 tonnes of steel and high-tech equipment designed to defend an entire fleet against air and missile attack. There's another type of attack it's more vulnerable against, though: the sea mine. And by luck, there was a good example of mine defence docked a little way upriver...

The Second Largest Freezer in Norway

The famous Lillehammer Bobsleigh Track! Massive, fast, and working in summer. Here's how. As well as being one of my regular videos, this is an ad for the Youth Winter Olympic Games! Subscribe to the Olympic YouTube channel: - and see the full description for more links. Discover more about the science of Lillehammer 2016: Over on the Olympics channel: The Art of Monobob: The Technology of the Biathlon Rifle: The World's Largest Underground Cavern: How To Make Snow: BONUS LINKS! If you've come down this far, you can see also my video for Friday in advance: The Biathlon: Firing Guns Under...

Shanghai Fugu and Mucky Fat: Citation Needed 4x04

JOIN OUR LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE! MAYBE! --- From East Asia to West Yorkshire, today we're taking on the world's culinary delights and some odd governmental manipulations. BONUS MATERIAL: FULL PLAYLIST: OFFICIAL ALL-NEW WEB SITE and MORE AUDIO EPISODES: Thanks again to our anonymous subtitler, and all the people who've helped translate last week's episode! TOM is at or @tomscott on Twitter MATT is at or @unnamedculprit GARY is @garybrannan on Twitter and CHRIS doesn't do this social media nonsense.

Crosswalks Don't Always Make You Safer

Zebra, pelican, puffin, toucan, pegasus: Britain names our crosswalks after creatures, thanks to historical reasons. But do they actually make you safer? Well, not always. Here's the DoT study: And here's the very first Things You Might Not Know video I did, two years ago, on "pegasus crossings": TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM:

How To Make Snow

In Lillehammer, Norway, it's time to make some snow. With science. As well as being one of my regular videos, this is an ad for the 2016 Youth Winter Olympic Games! Subscribe to the Olympic YouTube channel: - and see the rest of this description for more links. Discover more about the science of Lillehammer 2016: Over on the Olympics channel: The Art of Monobob: The Technology of the Biathlon Rifle: The World's Largest Underground Cavern: BONUS LINKS! If you've come down this far, you can see also my videos for Wednesday and Friday in advance: The Second Largest Freezer in Norway:...

The Collapsed Dam That Stopped Los Angeles

Los Angeles needed water, and lots of it. It still does. And that water comes from the LA Aqueduct, masterplanned by William Mulholland. The end of his career, though, wasn't such a triumph. This is the story of the St Francis Dam, and the collapse that stopped Los Angeles from taking over an entire valley. THANKS TO: Ed from Media Giraffes - go visit his channel for the 4K drone footage! AND THANKS TO: Alex from Drone Gear - go visit his channel for drone reviews and giveaways! Also, here I am: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

Big Industrial Simulators in Finland

Mevea Simulation sit in Lappeenranta in Finland, and they may well make the greatest industrial simulators on Earth. I had to go check them out. They're at BEHIND THE SCENES on the Park Bench: And no, this isn't a sponsored video: I found out about them, emailed them out of the blue, and they were nice enough to agree to show us around and use their contacts to get us to the steelworks! (See the behind the scenes video for more!) SOCIAL STUFF: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Thanks to Matt Gray for directing! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

Launching An Entire Fireworks Display At Once

Human error has launched massive barrages of fireworks at the wrong time before. We're doing it deliberately! Camera and audio mix by Matt Gray: Edited by Michelle Martin: @mrsmmartin With thanks to Jonty for lighting Thanks to the team from Titanium Fireworks: - this was not a sponsored video! I'm at on Twitter at on Facebook at and on Snapchat and Instagram as tomscottgo

Unexploded Bombs off the British Coast: the SS Richard Montgomery

BONUS PARK BENCH: -- In the Thames Estuary, near a town called Sheerness, a few dozen miles east of London, lies a World War 2 shipwreck that contains over 1,000 tonnes of unexploded bombs. Is it a risk to the area? Or is it just an interesting historical artifact? The trouble is, no-one's quite sure... I'm at On Twitter at On Facebook at and on Instagram as @tomscottgo Thanks to Matt Gray for the incredible camerawork: he's at or @unnamedculprit on basically every social network. And thanks to Maxim Harper, @maximharper on Twitter, for tipping me off to this in the...

How ski warfare created biathlon

It all started as a military exercise in Norway. We interviewed a sports expert about the truth behind "mind over matter": Subscribe to our channel! Biathlon combines competitive Nordic skiing with rifle shooting. Although biathlon is extremely popular in Europe, most Americans are unfamiliar with the sport. For many of them, the sport seems like an odd combination of physical effort and mental skill, but there’s a fascinating explanation for how biathlon came to be. The sport of biathlon evolved over a long period of time and for much of that history it was primarily a military exercise to train soldiers for...

Risk, Immortality, and the Terrifying Pulpit Rock - - In a fjord near Stavanger, in southern Norway, is Preikestolen: Pulpit Rock. It's known as one of the world's scariest tourist attractions, for good reason -- but despite the millions that visit it, it's pretty safe. At least, for current human values of safe. Let's talk about risk, immortality, and what it means to be human. Thanks to my friends Tim, who held the camera, and Matt, who got the shot from the boat below. Tim did manage to dangle his legs off the end: I got a photo of him, while muttering "no, no, no, no"...

What Counts as the World's Largest Clock?

Time is complicated. World records are complicated. Put the two together, and you've got a fight about large clocks between Düsseldorf's Rheinturm, the Mecca Clock Tower, and a laser sculpture from Burning Man. INSTAGRAM: tomscottgo FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

How To Make Something One Atom Thick

I took a trip to the University of Bristol, to have a look inside a nanomaterials lab, and to be surprised at a combination of massively expensive equipment and very basic tools... Thanks to the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials and the Chemical Imaging Facility at the University of Bristol -- and to Kate Oliver and Andy Collins! Also thanks to Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin) for a wonderful editing job with some tough material -- and to Tom Morris (@tommorris) for camera work on the day! Tom's site: @tomscott: Thanks to all the team at Bristol University! The equipment used was purchased under...

The Foil That Went To The Moon And Back

Today's guest video is from Amy at Vintage Space! Go subscribe: Amy brings with her one of the greatest props I've ever seen: an actual piece of Kapton foil from Apollo 11. This tiny little sliver of material went around the moon, and helped keep three people safe as they blasted out of our atmosphere and back. Here's why it was there, and why it changed colour!