The Biathlon: Firing Guns Under Pressure
The Biathlon: Firing Guns Under Pressure
The Biathlon: Firing Guns Under Pressure

The Biathlon: Firing Guns Under Pressure - Tom Scott

Tom Scott
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Hi, I'm Tom Scott. These are some of the things I've made and done. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time. (Want to get in touch about anything? Use the "contact me" link below, not YouTube messages!)

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Epic shooting - Biathlon World Cup - Östersund 2013

Images : Shooting in very windy conditions during women pursuit in Östersund Biathlon World cup (01/12/2013)

Biathlon | How They Train | TIME

TIME's Sean Gregory gets a shooting lesson from U.S. Olympic favorite Tim Burke as he trains for the games in Vancouver. Subscribe to TIME ►► Get closer to the world of entertainment and celebrity news as TIME gives you access and insight on the people who make what you watch, read and share. Money helps you learn how to spend and invest your money. Find advice and guidance you can count on from how to negotiate, how to save and everything in between. Find out more about the latest developments in science and technology as TIME’s access brings you to...

The technology of the Biathlon rifle | Science of YOG with Tom Scott

With time penalties incurred for missed targets, the shooting element of the Biathlon is important for athletes to get right. Tom Scott explores how the Biathlon rifle has been developed to assist athletes and discusses how further technology could impact the sport. Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: Firing the Biathlon rifle under pressure: Discover more about the science of Lillehammer 2016: Tom Scott's channel: Find more about the Olympic Games at Follow your favourite athletes on the Olympic Athletes Hub:

The art of Monobob | Science of YOG with Tom Scott

New to the Youth Olympic Games, Monobob sees athletes competing in a one person bobsleigh. From the push start to navigating the track, Tom Scott looks at the science of the event. Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: The second largest freezer in Norway: Discover more about the science of Lillehammer 2016: Tom Scott's channel: Find more about the Olympic Games at Follow your favourite athletes on the Olympic Athletes Hub:

Sinking Ship Simulator: The Royal Navy's Damage Repair Instructional Unit - with many, many thanks to the Royal Navy and everyone at HMS Excellent! How do you train sailors to save a sinking ship? Sure, you can teach them the theory, but there's no replacement for having to hammer softwood wedges into deck and bulkhead splits that are spraying cold, high-pressure water in your face. At HMS Excellent in Portsmouth sits Hazard, a Royal Navy Damage Repair Instructional Unit (DRIU). Every Navy recruit who's going out to sea will have to go through something like this -- and on a much harder level than we did! But then, they'll have...

A Padlock with 3 Keys but no Keyholes - Illusion and Confusion

Thanks to Brilliant for sponsoring this episode and supporting Mr.Puzzle! Visit to improve your analytical and problem-solving skills! This massive metal Trick Lock comes together with three different keys. However, what to do with them if the keyholes are obviously missing!? The task, open the locked shackle. My shop: The puzzle shown in this video & further variants are available here: Download the free solution of a similar puzzle and print it: If you are interested in buying this puzzle please support me by using my affiliate links. If you click the link and buy a product, I will receive a commission...

G-Forces, Gliders, and Graveyard Spirals - - Time to learn about graveyard spirals, while trying not to be in one! I was so far outside my comfort zone for this. Thank you to Bruce Duncan from the Edinburgh University Gliding Club, who got me safely up and down again, and to Alistair Hammond from the Loughborough University Gliding Club, who managed to talk me into experiencing serious G-forces for the first time in my life! We launched from Bicester Gliding Club. I'd seriously recommend giving it a go if you can!

MOST Incredible Google Earth Images

From SECRET Alien Bases, to the CRAZIEST rock formations, these are 30 AWESOME Google Earth Images ! Subscribe to Talltanic 10.woaah Considering there is no news articles about this incident, it is safe to assume that it was part of a training exercise for EMT’s Or wait, here it is. It was actually a TV show prop for NBC’s “TRAUMA” Either way, crazy looking stuff. 9.The Bizarrrre Pentagram 52°28'47.1"N 62°11'08.4"E Perelski, Kazakhstan 8. Monkey Business Look at this guy, instead of enjoying the beautiful view in front of him, his vanity got the best of him. 7. Just Rid 6. Halloween orr…. Won’t even try to explain this one away…...

Ships, Mines and Magnetism - - This weekend, the Royal Navy was offering public tours of HMS Defender, one of their new-generation Type 45 destroyers. It's an astonishing ship: about 8,000 tonnes of steel and high-tech equipment designed to defend an entire fleet against air and missile attack. There's another type of attack it's more vulnerable against, though: the sea mine. And by luck, there was a good example of mine defence docked a little way upriver...

Big Industrial Simulators in Finland

Mevea Simulation sit in Lappeenranta in Finland, and they may well make the greatest industrial simulators on Earth. I had to go check them out. They're at BEHIND THE SCENES on the Park Bench: And no, this isn't a sponsored video: I found out about them, emailed them out of the blue, and they were nice enough to agree to show us around and use their contacts to get us to the steelworks! (See the behind the scenes video for more!) SOCIAL STUFF: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Thanks to Matt Gray for directing! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

π Tape

Follow DONG on Twitter! For Our Favorite Science Toys Delivered Right To Your Door: Vsauce PO Box: PO Box 33168 L.A. CA 90033 ***CREDITS*** Hosted by Michael Stevens Edited by Hannah Canetti ( VFX by Eric Langlay ( Music by Jake Chudnow ( ***VSAUCE LINKS*** Vsauce1: Vsauce2: Vsauce3:

The German Town That's Literally Breaking Apart

The town of Staufen, in the south-west of Germany, has a problem: a drilling operation in 2007 that went very wrong. Half a metre of movement might not sound like much, but in this town, that's enough for the buildings to crack and fall apart. Thanks to Constantijn Crijnen for both suggesting the video and being the local expert! His channel's here: And here's an in-depth academic paper explaining why and how it all happened, in far more detail than would work in a YouTube video: I'm at on Twitter at on Facebook at and on Snapchat and Instagram as tomscottgo

Why is GERMANY Growing More Than JAPAN? - VisualPolitik EN

Japan and Germany starred in two of the greatest economic miracles of the twentieth century. For three decades, both countries achieved huge growth rates, which allowed both Japan and Germany not only to recover from the damage caused by World War II, but even to become some of the richest countries in the world. However, in Japan, the model came to a sudden halt between 1989 and the early 1990s. Today, the German model has shown itself as superior and has reaped better economic and social results. So the question we ask ourselves in this video is, why has the German model...

The European City Centre With No Street Names

In the Quadratestadt of Mannheim, Germany, the streets aren't named: instead, the blocks are. It's an exception to a rule that most people don't even think about — especially not mapping companies. (Thanks to João Correia for sending me this idea back in 2015!) I'm at on Twitter at on Facebook at and on Snapchat and Instagram as tomscottgo

700 Flavours of Soda Pop: Galco's in Los Angeles

Welcome to Galco's Soda Pop Stop, and the wonderfully knowledgeable John Nese. Thank you to John for his time, and to all the team at the Soda Pop Stop! You can visit them here: In Highland Park, in Los Angeles, sits something that most business analysts would say couldn't exist any more: an independent store selling soda pop. 700 flavours of it. There was so much I couldn't include in this thanks to my dodgy camerawork -- the create-your-own soda section, John's absolutely perfect recommendation for a soda I'd like. But hopefully I got all the important parts! If you're...

How To Make Snow

In Lillehammer, Norway, it's time to make some snow. With science. As well as being one of my regular videos, this is an ad for the 2016 Youth Winter Olympic Games! Subscribe to the Olympic YouTube channel: - and see the rest of this description for more links. Discover more about the science of Lillehammer 2016: Over on the Olympics channel: The Art of Monobob: The Technology of the Biathlon Rifle: The World's Largest Underground Cavern: BONUS LINKS! If you've come down this far, you can see also my videos for Wednesday and Friday in advance: The Second Largest Freezer in Norway:...

Britain's End-of-the-World Bunkers

Made with BBC Brit Lab! See my video with Greg Foot over on their channel: -- I'm at and Deep in the Essex countryside lies Kelvedon Hatch, and the Secret Nuclear Bunker that's now an off-beat tourist attraction. Inside, I met up with Greg Foot from the BBC's Brit Lab, and discovered the rather optimistic 1980s plans for tracking nuclear fallout, and helping the survivors of a nuclear war... if there were any.

Most EXPENSIVE Mistakes Ever!

Mistakes happen, it's a fact of human existence, no one is perfect and even the smartest of minds can be forgetful or flaky from time to time. Subscribe to Talltanic 4 - Genesis Probe - Backwards Switch In 2001, NASA launched the Genesis probe into space, the probe's mission was to travel some 1.8 billion miles, in order to collect samples of solar wind. This was done so that scientists could better understand the composition of the solar system, how it was formed, and our sun named Sol. The project came to an end three years later when the probe ended...

The World's Most Powerful Tidal Current: the Saltstraumen Maelstrom

Near Bodø in Norway, there's the strongest tidal current in the world: Saltstraumen Maelstrom, a constantly-changing rush of whirlpools, boils and vortices. It might not be quite the whirlpools of myth and legend, but it's still an impressive sight to see. I'm at on Twitter at on Facebook at and on Snapchat and Instagram as tomscottgo

Why Hosting The Olympics Isn't Worth It Anymore

It's no secret that it's a pricey pain to host the Olympic Games, running billions of dollars above the estimated budget. As the International Olympic Committee receives fewer bids with each problematic games, the future of the tradition is looking unsure. We spoke with Smith College Professor of Economics Andrew Zimbalist on the matter. He should know, he's written about the Olympic issues in Circus Maximus, No Boston Olympics, and Rio 2016. -------------------------------------------------- Follow Business Insider on Twitter: Follow BI on Facebook: Read more: -------------------------------------------------- Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to tell you all you need...

Top 10 Luckiest Discoveries That Made People Rich

Some people get rich through hard work and extreme talent. You could also rob a bank. Or, you could get really lucky, like the people we’re about to meet here. Here are our Top 10 luckiest discoveries that made people rich. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Be Amazed at these Top 10 luckiest discoveries that made people rich! The wall of coins - In Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, the walls are made of candy. In this house in Windber, Pennsylvania, the walls were made of...

The Day the Sky Flashed Twice: What Caused the Mysterious Vela Incident?

On September 22nd 1979, the sensors aboard the US Vela Satellite picked up a distinctive signal from somewhere in the vast expanse of the South Atlantic ocean. It was a mysterious “double flash” of blinding light. Even today no-one knows for sure what caused the Vela incident... Subscribe now: DarkDocs is a new narrated documentary video from Dark5 taking an in-depth look at at some of the most mysterious stories on Earth. This week: The Vela Incident. Pinpointed to within a 3,000 mile radius by the Vela 6911 satellite, the mysterious unexplained double flash of light was seen from space...

Why Do We Have "Ye Olde"? Obsolete Letters, and the Mysteries of Ye Olde Ming - @tomscott - Why do we say "Ye Olde"? Why is "Menzies" pronounced "Mingis"? To find out, we have to go back into history. Filmed at YouTube Space, London, and directed by Matt Gray ( - @unnamedculprit)

Biathlon World Cup 2016 (stage 5) - Men's Mass Start race

BMW IBU Biathlon World Cup 2016 (stage 5) - Men's Mass Start race 16.01.2016, Ruhpolding Big Men Mass Win for Erik Lesser Clean Shooting World Pursuit Champion Erik Lesser of Germany won the battle with the weather to claim the men's 15K pursuit in 40:29.3. Lesser shot clean to finish 9.8 seconds ahead of the Yellow Bib Martin Fourcade of France, with one penalty. Third went to Russia's Evgeniy Garanichev, with one penalty, 13.1 seconds back. Garanichev's teammate Anton Shipulin finished fourth, with one penalty, 42.5 seconds back. Fifth went the Michal Krcmar of Czech Republic, his personal best result, with one penalty,47,2 seconds back....