The blue marble
The blue marble
The blue marble

The blue marble - Kaplamino

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Chain reaction tricks with marbles and dominoes

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I already used two fidget spinners tricks in the previous video, but they were very simple. I knew that it was possible to do much better, because this object has a lot of potential for chain reactions and can be used in many different ways. So I made a video with 10 of these tricks, in one shot again. I hope you'll like it :)

cuboro cugolino Kugelbahn "Route 66"

Bei dieser cuboro cugolino Kugelbahn wird eine Murmel gestartet und 66 Murmeln kommen unten an. Ein passender Name für diese Kugelbahn ist daher "Route 66". Einige in der Bahn verbaute Spezialbausteine und das Kugelrad wurden hergestellt von Dietmar Wächtler ( ).

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Random screen link !

Sorry for 6 months without uploding, I had some problems like a broken camera, and not enough time to build because of studies ... And now I'm in a small appartement with carpet on the floor so I don't know how I'm going to make more videos, maybe carpet dominoes or RGM on my table ^^ But you have to know that even if I don't post new things, I'm always on youtube and you can send me a message if you want to know something ;) Ok now let's talk about this video, it's a screen link again because I like that...

Types of Domino Builders!

There are many different types of domino builders, each with their own individual style and methods of building dominoes. Which type of domino builder are you? 😊 (Or are you another type that we didn't mention?) WATCH THE BLOOPERS! 😂 This was a ton of fun to plan out and film with the ISM team! Thanks to the following for helping out :) ●The Watch Your Step Builder: ●The Machine Builder Who Tries To Build Dominoes: ●The Will It Work Builder : ●The Elderly Man Who Doesn't Understand Dominoes: jackofallspades98's dad :) ●The Safety Gap Spammer: ●The Builder Who's In The Zone:...

giant rafting track marble run

You are the yellow marble on the rafting track. From the entrance it goes 200 cm upwards in a special elevator. Followed by 500 cm of acrylic glass tube. Downwards it goes through a 1500 cm distance. Good luck on the dangerous track. There are already some crashed. A wooden marble run designed as a rafting track. A work of Ortwin Grüttner Murmiland 2016

Experiment Hydraulic Press Compilation | The Crusher

Experiment Hydraulic Press compilation the crusher Subscribe to my channel and ring the bell to get updated for new videos : facebook page: instagram page: For more awesome videos checkout: Shredding Experiment | The Crusher Popular Uploads | The Crusher Latest Uploads | The Crusher 1000 Degree Metal Ball Experiments | The Crusher Mega Hydraulic Press 500 Tons | The Crusher Hydraulic Press Oddly Satisfying | The Crusher Sponsored By :

Marble Demagnetizer 2 - Marble Machine X #39

I am assembling the Marble Machine X and that gives me more content to film so i thought i should share the progress with an extra Making Monday Upload. The first Marble Demagnetizer had weak magnets and a problem - the Marbles passed it too fast leaving traces of magnetization in the marbles. With this new design i am letting the marbles pass the demagnetizer twice and slowing down the marbles to 25% speed in the demagnetization zone. The Neodymium block magnets in the new wheel is also very very strong, 7,6 kg pull force each! Thanks to for providing...

AMAZING !!! Chain Reactions

rube goldberg machine ! Watch my video here : Games only available in Japan

Fun with fidget spinners and super strong magnets!

In this video I muck around with some cool fidget spinners and super strong (but small) neodymium magnets! I show off the fidget spinners, and their variety of colours. You can use the magnets to build your own custom big fidget spinner. I've linked below some super strong magnets (even some big ones, be careful!) But now I've got a whole series of fidget spinners as this video was quite successful, so check them out :) They include some with lasers, LEDs and other great stuff. Buy the materials I used here: (Affiliate links) Watch this space, because soon i'll be releasing...

Minecraft rube goldberg machine

I built a rube goldberg machine that was inspired by generikbs 1.2 features video: I know this is long and repetitive but the fun I had making is all that matters to me

The fails

A compilation of a lots of fails from differents video. Not all the fails of course, but it's just to show you how it's hard to be a domino builders ;)

AMAZING Chain Reactions!

Dominoes, Kapla, popsicle stick bombs, cobra weaves, chain reactions, and other cool tricks! Click to tweet: Click to share on Facebook: WATCH PART 2 WITH MORE STICK BOMB TRICKS! ► Many keep asking me where to buy these sticks, so here's the kind that I used: (they're basically just 6 inch wooden craft sticks) This video is mainly to test my new Canon 70D with the 18-135mm lens and my table dolly which I got for Christmas. All the main camera views are with my new camera. The quality and autofocus of the Canon 70D is amazing! Sometimes it has...

Pokémon GO Marble Race: Which Team is Best? - Toy Racing

*** Comments will contain spoilers *** Check out our Pokemon Channel! Pokemon Rush Get some Pokémon booster packs here: The SAME track we use: The SAME marbles we use: Time to settle this once and for all... Which Team is Best?? Is it Articuno and Team Mystic? Zapdos and Team Instinct? Or Moltres and Team Valor? Choose wisely as only one team will end this epic race on top. Toy Racing is the #1 toy racing channel on YouTube founded by two brothers, Rob and David. They have the closest, most epic races on some of the most wild tracks! Make...


After 2 months of work and 187 fails, we finally present to you, The Tape Dispensing Machine! Click here to Tweet this video: Click here to Share this video on Facebook: 🔴 Buy Dominoes and Camera equipment that we use: Purchases from the link above will help support our channel! ▶️ Support us on Patreon to help make our videos even better! ● For Business inquiries: ▶ Contact us: ▶︎ We can do Custom Domino Art for advertisements, logos, intros, product placements, events, etc. ▶︎ We are based in Iowa ▶︎ Visit our Official Website to learn more: 🔴 To use this video...

Marble run

A computer generated animation using blender rigid body simulator

Domino 50 tricks !

For my first video, a big screen link with 50 techniques of domino !! :) 1 month to make the video !

Epic Hubelino Marble Race Tournament (all events)

All events of the Hubelino Marble Race Tournament in one long video! It is consisting of 12 events where 8 marbles teams will battle to win the gold. Hubelino is a duplo-like toy to make marble runs and is available in a large number of (online) toy shops. NOTE for MarbleLympics Fans: Please check the community tab on my channel and Facebook for the last news about the MarbleLympics 2018 final event. === The Marble Master === Please subscribe to see my newest Marble Machines and Rolling Ball Sculptures: My Facebook: My Instagram: My Twitter: My homepage: Forums: © Jelle's Marble Runs (all rights reserved) Do...

Marble Machine Toy for iPad and Android - puzzle app for kids demo

New app videos every day! Subscribe: Full review, rating and download link for Rube Goldberg Machine Tricks (Marble Machine Toy) by monois Inc. click here: iPad/iPhone:,id_150063,path_0.php Android:,id_179191,path_0.php About the app: Design your own domino rally/marble machine race toy on the iPad/iPhone or Android. First design the marble run layout by simply drawing it on the screen. The replace the straights, turns, u-turns with a variety of mini-machines and contraptions (similar tu Rube Goldberg Machine tricks) like inclined planes, bouncy balls, walls, rails etc. Start the machine - the camera will automatically follow the ball (or dominoes). Track design can be saved for...

Chain Reaction Trick Types: 11 Builders Collab!

Contact me / business inquiries: Facebook: Instagram: One of the largest collaborations of purely machine builders is here! 11 builders each created a clip demonstrating a type of chain reaction trick and it is all screen-linked together into this video. This project actually started back in September and it took a long while to create, and I would say it was well worth it. The original creators of this were Sirgabealot G and I. We contacted each other over e-mail to organize this and made transition clips to put all of this together. I'm glad with the way it worked...

The Minecraft Marble Race

Welcome, to the Minecraft Marble Run! In this Marble Race in Minecraft 16 different sheep will race against each other on a big track full of obstacles. Choose your favorite sheep and follow him, see if you & and your sheep can win the race! Be sure to comment who you are siding with. And if your sheep dies, just switch to another (You do get less credit tho :P) and see how fast you can win! This is a very experimental video, and it might just stay as a one-time thing. However, depending on YOUR response, we will consider making more...

UNCONVENTIONAL Domino Tricks ! - Hevesh5 & Kaplamino

Music : Good For You by THBD Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library This type of domino video is called a domino "screenlink" where each clip is built separately, then edited together to make it appear like one continuous chain reaction. Hevesh5 and I live in different countries, so it was impossible to do it all in one take. Doing this video as a screenlink was simply a way for us to make a collab video together :) The first half the video was built by Hevesh5, then at 1:44 it switches...

9 tricks to make cool domino rally !

A screen link made in one week =D With sonimod, doors, direction changers, wall, speedwall, fallback, magic trick, la ola, and corner. What is your favourite trick ? Music : " -Hexagon-Force- " by Waterflame :


Check out these amazing useless yet fun wood marble machines videos. Machines that do nothing yet are so cool and awesome. Subscribe for more 👉 Full videos in order of appearance: Marble Machine - Ring Gear Lift - Figure 8 Transfer - Vortex Funnel Wood Rolling Ball Sculpture 1 - 01 Marble Machine 3 Modern Marble Machine giant rafting track marble run Marble Machine - Double Gears Lift (2 Blocks Marble Race) cuboro cugolino Kugelbahn "Maximum"

99 Amazing Chain Reaction Tricks Part 2

A collaboration between Kaplamino and: 101 gabed (part 1) : StickTrickDominoDude (part 3) : Music : 8 bit beat Machine by Indigo rain :