The Elite Four
The Elite Four
The Elite Four

The Elite Four - Notepaddle

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How to Train Your Dragonite

You can SUBSCRIBE here: Hello. I made this video and stuff. If you liked the video be sure to give it a thumbs up. Thanks!!! My Facebook where I post about upcoming projects: Music by my friend Thomas:


THIS is why you should pay the Magikarp seller.... A Funny Animated Pokémon parody! SUBSCRIBE HERE - NEW IN! LIGHTSEN MERCH ! ~ MORE POKEMON CARTOONS - Other GAMING Parodies! - This is also why there's a new female trainer in X and Y... this one mysteriously vanished .... SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE -- Please share this video and let me know what you think! Music used: 'The Land of the Wizard' by

Red vs Gold Pokémon Battle - How it actually happened

Official Gumbino parody of Red vs Gold Pokémon Battle Subscribe to Gumbino ►► Website ►► Follow Gumbino: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: ►Business Inquiries: Watch More Gumbino: ►Recent Uploads playlist: ►Popular Videos Playlist: ►Pokemon parodies Playlist: ►Console Cartoon Playlist: Help me Caption my videos: ►Voiced by: Austin Jay Cook: Gumbino: Lord Frieza: ►Music credit:

Twitch Plays Pokemon Animated (1) The Mis-Adventure Begins

The adventure begins! Watch as our hero fails his way through the pokémon game! A filly animated recreation of what Twitch Plays Pokemon would be like as a cartoon! SUBSCRIBE HERE - NEW IN! LIGHTSEN MERCH ! ~ *watch part 2 here* Twitch Plays Pokemon was a live stream that lets you play Pokemon collaboratively with a lot of other people by typing commands into chat. ~ Hilarity ensued, and I would like to make an animation series based on it, to keep 'T.P.P' in memory. This will hopefully be a fully animated version of the original Twitch...

Legendary Time

Groudon hates Rochelle, so he tries to HAAAAX her. It fails horribly, & Groudon is at a loss when Rayquaza helps him in his devious plans. Will they succeed in killing Rochelle or will their plans just go down the hole? ----------------------------- so me & Jason had an idea, & this is what shat out. the intro was inspired by kitty0706's videos. i promise to have an original intro the next time one of these is made. :D Enjoy! EXTRA CREDITS - Intro Music - Do It Yourself [FL Core] - Kats - Newgrounds Audio Portal Maps used - gm_flatgrass_pit_v2 - bigdady

Giga Squirtle Battle

thingy from my nuzlocke

Pokémon Generations Episode 3: The Challenger

A new challenger approaches to test his abilities against the Kanto region’s Elite Four. Will he prove himself worthy? Pokémon Generations revisits each generation of the Pokémon video game series to shed new light on some timeless moments. From the earliest days in the Kanto region to the splendor of the Kalos region, go behind the scenes and witness Pokémon history with new eyes! These bite-sized adventures, about 3 to 5 minutes long, will be released every week through December 23, 2016. Official site: Shop: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr:

Pokemon Red vs Gold FULL FIGHT

Contribute to my Patreon: Music links: This is a fanvideo I've made about the most memorable pokemon battle (for me =P). I've started this in 2013, because I always wanted to see it beyond the GSC graphics and the turn battle of the games. I am 21 and study/work is being my life for now, so I didn't have much time to do it as main activity, (and sharing the time to do animations of stories that I am creating for my career) but i've managed to finish this video because of the AWESOME feedback you all have given to me...

My Pokémon teams from 7 regions

My pokemon teams from Kanto tp Alola. This is my personal choices and maybe not the best. I don't own pokemon. I used Paint and Windows Movie Maker. Since Alola doesn't have a theme song I used an old song. Music: Pokemon Original theme song Jotho Journeys Advanced Battle Galactic Battles Black & White Rival Destinies XY Jotho League

All Gen 1 Starter Evolutions Type Swap Fanart | Pokemon Type Swap #37

Which Pokemon will be the next, please comment your ideas below for requests, thanks ! ================================================= Music: 1. All In My Head - Viktor Hallman 2. Flashing Lights - Daxten 3. Make It Rain - Johan Borjesson 4. Late Nights - Johan Borjesson ==================================================

ALL OF ASH'S POKEMON!! (gen 1 - gen 7)) 2018 SPECIAL!

this video covers every pokemon ash has caught till sun and moon episode 67...i put a lot of effort to make this video ...please leave a like! As you know, we cant update videos anymore so, I will be making changes only in the thumbnail. CHEERS!!!

Hatching Eggs | Moody Bidoofs | A Pokemon Music Video!

When you start thinking about the process of how breeding in Pokemon works, things get kinda ugly. Get the Album Here: Listen to the full album on Youtube here: Moody Bidoof Wallpapers: Lyrics: Alright Talon Flame, are you ready to hatch some new friends with me today (Ba Ka Kawww!) Ha Ha Ha Thata boy Talonflame. Lets get to work! We’re hatching eggs We’re hatching eggs We’re hatching lots of eggs tonight! I got four, need just 1 more, Then we'll bike across the shore! We’re hatching eggs, We’re hatching eggs, We’re hatching lots of eggs tonight! Is it a shiny?...

Pokemon Champion Red

Contribute to my Patreon: Fanvideo of the Trainer RED becoming the Champion. Enjoy! MUSICS :

Gardevoir Goes To The Convenience Store (English Subtitles)

Gardevoir goes to the convenience store... But runs into some trouble along the way... I did not make this. Credit goes to whoever made this in the first place. *cough* Some guy on Nico Nico Douga *cough* I DID, however, add some english subtitles for you all. Hope you enjoy it.

Eevee Riders

[Read First] Based on "Sonic Riders in 3 Minutes" by rogerfromimp & another 2MK creation. Watch the original first to fully understand. - Remember that we do not support Eevee abuse (nor pony abuse, I guess). Calm down fellas. *sweatdrop* - Cast; Leafeon - Sonic the Hedgehog Flareon - Miles "Tails" Prower Jolteon - Knuckles the Echidna Umbreon - Shadow the Hedgehog Espeon - Amy Rose Glaceon - Cream the Rabbit Vaporeon - Rouge the Bat Eevee - Chris Thorndyke Charmeleon - Jet the Hawk Croconaw - Storm the Albatross Purrloin - Wave the Swallow Nidorino - Dr. Eggman/Robotnik Lombre - Bocoe... or Decoe... Um.... Furret, Cleffa, Meowth, Lickitung, Ursaring & Mienfoo - Policemen Delcatty - Simply...

Ash vs. Professor Oak (Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon) - Kanto Professor's Challenge

Follow me on Instagram: Support the VS Network: https://Paypal.Me/VSNetwork Become a VIP: ______________________________________ A new series is here in Pika Town! Ash tries to beat all professors from the different regions! Today he battles against Gary's grandfather Professor Oak who gave Ash his Pikachu. Has the professor some tricks to beat Ash? See yourself! ___ Music: GlitchxCity - QUEEN OF THE SKIES by Nicolai Heidlas Music Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music provided by Audio Library

TRY NOT TO LAUGH! Pokemon Will You Laugh Challenge (Pokemon Comic Dubs Edition)

TRY NOT TO LAUGH! Pokemon Will You Laugh Challenge (Pokemon Comic Dubs Edition) Pokemon Comic Dubs proudly present this try not to laugh challenge! This video was made in collaboration with Pokemon comic dub creators, check out all of the Pokemon creators cited below. Remember to subscribe to them and tell them that Comic Realm sent you! Pokemon comic dub creators involved: Pokemon comics spotlighted: Pokemon character cast involved: Pokemon Comic Dubs is a Pokemon comic dub promotion channel where we showcase videos from the Pokemon comic dub community. Want to feature your Pokemon comic dubs on this channel? Get in contact with us! You can contact...

Pikachu on Acid 2

Buy T-Shirts - Download Music - The long awaited sequel to Pikachu on Acid. Join Pikachu as he ventures deeper down the diglett hole... Credits Written by Tyson Meaney and Sam Johnson Art and animation by Sam Johnson Music produced by Tyson Meaney Musical performances by The Sizlacks Voices by Chris Zambelis (TheRoosterCrow) and Mick Lauer (Ricepirate)

If Pokemon Were Real - Generation I

Most Pokemon are based on either animals, plants or insects - so I have tracked them down to see what our precious Pokemon would look like in the real world! This is Gen I - Gen II coming soon!

The Pokemon Hoarder

Written and Animated by Mosama: Voiced by Sparky-J Song credits: Pallet Town Orchestra by Chesderman Together Forever by J. P. Hartmann Lavender Town Music Box by CelestOrion Original Lavender Town Theme by Pokemon red/blue/yellow

The Voices of Pokemon - All Original 151

Follow my Gaming Channel! UPDATE: Thanks for the sudden increase in views! While this video isn't really up to date, and I'm not really doing anything on this channel anymore, I just sort of let these videos stay here. This has been in the works for a good while. Pokemon is one of my favorite franchises. So I decided to do impressions of all the 151 first Pokemon! I hope you'll like it! (Some voices may not be the one you think is right, but that's because they tend to change voices/sounds on Pokemon at times.) Follow my Facebook! Follow my Twitter! Pokémon is © to Nintendo

Pokemon Shorts

Cuz everybody loves the Pokemans. You can SUBSCRIBE here: --------- Watch another pokemon parody: --------------- My own Facebook: Music:

BULBASAUR VS MAGIKARP!! (Pokemon Comic Dub Animation Compilation)

BULBASAUR VS MAGIKARP!! (Pokemon Comic Dub Animation Compilation) Leave a like for more pokemon comic dub animation videos! ◆Checkout Dubbers, Animators & Comic Sources Below: Subscribe for the best kid friendly comics including cuphead bendy miraculous ladybug and undertale comic dub animations daily :) Dubbers Pokemon Comic Sources

10 Pokemon Theories That Will Make You Question Everything

10 Pokemon Theories That Will Make You Question Everything Subscribe for more Top 10 videos: Everyone loves Pokémon. Whether you're an OG with Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue or you're still hunting down real life pokemon in Pokemon GO, everyone knows and has shared some time in the Pokemon universe. Some people are so involved in the virtual world of pokemon creatures that they have drawn up some elaborate Pokemon Theories. Today we're going to look at 10 Pokemon Theories That Will Make You Question Everything you know about the Pokémon World. - More Top 10 Trends Videos -...

Every Pokemon owned by Every Professor in Pokemon (Professor Oak to Professor Kukui)

Welcome to my video about showcasing EVERY POKEMON PROFESSOR IN THE HISTORY OF POKEMON..This video goes over the Pokemon they give out as starter Pokemon (in both the games and the anime) and Pokemon they personally use for battle and other activities. If you enjoy then please consider subscribing for more videos like this one. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: Thanks everyone who is a part of my subscribers..It really means a lot and when I made this channel as a joke I never imagined getting all these subscribers so fast.. Its insane and thanks for everyone who is subscribed...