The Elite Four
The Elite Four
The Elite Four

The Elite Four - Notepaddle

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Twitch Plays Pokemon Animated (1) The Mis-Adventure Begins

The adventure begins! Watch as our hero fails his way through the pokémon game! A filly animated recreation of what Twitch Plays Pokemon would be like as a cartoon! SUBSCRIBE HERE - NEW IN! LIGHTSEN MERCH ! ~ *watch part 2 here* Twitch Plays Pokemon was a live stream that lets you play Pokemon collaboratively with a lot of other people by typing commands into chat. ~ Hilarity ensued, and I would like to make an animation series based on it, to keep 'T.P.P' in memory. This will hopefully be a fully animated version of the original Twitch...

Hatching Eggs | Moody Bidoofs | A Pokemon Music Video!

When you start thinking about the process of how breeding in Pokemon works, things get kinda ugly. Get the Album Here: Listen to the full album on Youtube here: Moody Bidoof Wallpapers: Lyrics: Alright Talon Flame, are you ready to hatch some new friends with me today (Ba Ka Kawww!) Ha Ha Ha Thata boy Talonflame. Lets get to work! We’re hatching eggs We’re hatching eggs We’re hatching lots of eggs tonight! I got four, need just 1 more, Then we'll bike across the shore! We’re hatching eggs, We’re hatching eggs, We’re hatching lots of eggs tonight! Is it a shiny?...

Pokémon Générations - Épisode 4 : Le Lac Colère

Une rumeur circule à propos d’un Léviator rouge qui sèmerait la terreur au Lac Colère. Peter du Conseil 4 mène l’enquête. La nouvelle série de dessins animés Pokémon Générations revisite les moments forts de chaque génération du jeu vidéo Pokémon avec une perspective inédite. Des modestes débuts à Kanto aux incroyables aventures de Kalos, revivez l’histoire de Pokémon sous un nouveau jour ! Ces mini-aventures de 3 à 5 minutes seront mises en ligne chaque semaine jusqu’au 23 décembre. Site officiel : Facebook : Twitter :

The Great Pokéscape (Pokémon GO)

The story of how a ragtag crew of abandoned Pokémon risk death for freedom Written by Eddie Bowley Animated by HBruna Backgrounds by Mizuwolf Produced by Tom Jenkins for Mashed Voice of Pokémon By Alex Walker Smith Music By Alex Walker Smith Sound design and mix by Laura Rankin More Mashed: Game In 60 Secret Histories History of Pokémon Don’t forget to subscribe and share with your friends! Mashed end theme by: Liam Tate Hear all of our tracks here - Stay in touch with Mashed! Facebook: Twitter: Reddit: Email: Thanks for watching!

How to Train Your Dragonite

You can SUBSCRIBE here: Hello. I made this video and stuff. If you liked the video be sure to give it a thumbs up. Thanks!!! My Facebook where I post about upcoming projects: Music by my friend Thomas:

Giga Squirtle Battle

thingy from my nuzlocke

Pokemon Battle in Real Life!

Jewy Joyful Jeremy was walking down the lane and Maximum Might Martin wanted to battle! Let's see who will win? The Semi-Sequel: The Sequel: Credits: Jewy Joyful Jeremy - Jeremy Dela Paz Maximum Mighty Martin - Martin Macalino Camera Man and Everything Else - Rj Javier Music: Road to Viridian City - Pokemon Pokemon Battle Themes - Jonas B. Ingebretsen Programs: Cinema 4D After Effects CS6 Photoshop CS6 Final Cut Pro X Make sure you subscribe and like as its gladly appreciated!

Pokemon Champion Red

Contribute to my Patreon: Fanvideo of the Trainer RED becoming the Champion. Enjoy! MUSICS :

Legendary Magikarp Sweep

Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire Magikarp encounters a team of six legendary Pokémon and completely destroys it in this Pokémon Sweep. Music Battle! Gym Leader (Sinnoh) Inner Focus by Scytha Gang Background art by DeviantArt user Lil-Riku Our YouTube Network: | Our 2nd Channel: |


Mario and Bowser enter the MineCraft universe! Will they survive the dark depths of the Nether? ❤ Subscribe to never miss new MarioCraft Episodes! ❤ Help support Level UP on Patreon? ***EASTER EGG HUNT*** There's a Red coin, and Redstone block hidden somewhere in the video! Can you find both? MarioCraft was my 3rd animation ever. I'm so happy to bring you this Remaster. It's way better animated. It's polished. It has all new scenes. THIS is the definitive version of MarioCraft 1 Characters and Music by Nintendo/Mojang/C418/Cleffernotes/R3 Music Box/Heatley Bros SMG Sad Girl by R3 Music Box: Concrete halls, Ballad of the Cats by...

The Fantastic Adventures of Bellsprout

DOWNLOAD MUSIC - T-SHIRTS - FACEBOOK - Check out other music by the Sizlacks - Voices by Chris Zambelis -

If Pokemon Were Real - Generation I

Most Pokemon are based on either animals, plants or insects - so I have tracked them down to see what our precious Pokemon would look like in the real world! This is Gen I - Gen II coming soon!

Route 1

an old fashioned kerfuffle

Kung Fu Pancham

Pancham wants to go on an adventure but finds trouble along the way. Here's another Pokemon parody mixed with Kung Fu Panda. Did anyone notice the Legend of Zelda references? You can SUBSCRIBE here: Be a cool person and like, share, comment and subscribe if you enjoy my videos. Thanks, guys! Check out another pokemon parody: Follow me on: FACEBOOK- TUMBLER- Music by:

Legendary Time

Groudon hates Rochelle, so he tries to HAAAAX her. It fails horribly, & Groudon is at a loss when Rayquaza helps him in his devious plans. Will they succeed in killing Rochelle or will their plans just go down the hole? ----------------------------- so me & Jason had an idea, & this is what shat out. the intro was inspired by kitty0706's videos. i promise to have an original intro the next time one of these is made. :D Enjoy! EXTRA CREDITS - Intro Music - Do It Yourself [FL Core] - Kats - Newgrounds Audio Portal Maps used - gm_flatgrass_pit_v2 - bigdady

Pokemon Red vs Gold FULL FIGHT

Pokemon Red vs Gold fan animation. Continuation of the teaser from 2013. This is about the original Gold Silver and Crystal version, not the Heart Gold/Soul Silver remake. So, Red had an Espeon, the battle was in a cave and all that stuff from the classic game from 1999. Contribute to my Patreon: Music links: This is a fanvideo I've made about the most memorable pokemon battle (for me =P). I've started this in 2013, because I always wanted to see it beyond the GSC graphics and the turn battle of the games. I am 23 and study/work is being my life...

Pokemon Center

What if Pokeballs were never invented in the Pokemon universe?

Pokémon Ultra Sun / Moon - All SHINY Pokémon

A comparison of all 402 shiny Pokémon (including additional forms and QR codes) in the Alola Pokédex of Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. 1080p 60fps gameplay by Nintendo Unity. Our YouTube Network: | Our 2nd Channel: |

Pokemanz Amigo X & Y

In this cartoon finished in 2015, started in 2014, and based on a game from 2013, a new trainer (me) dives into the world of competitive battling. Lucario is jackal bae. I made most of this around last summer, so I didn't know a lot of ToonBoom tips and used low smoothness on the art, hence why it looks bad at times. If you want to provide constructive criticism, I highly encourage it; I'm looking for ways to get better. But if you're going to say "this sux" or are just here to tell me I'm a bad person because I...

What if Pokemon were in other anime?

*PLEASE DO NOT REPOST/UPLOAD/TRANSLATE/USE MY VIDEOS FOR ANY REASON. THANK YOU* What if Pokemon were in other anime? Patreon: tumblr: deviantART: Twitter: A Pokemon x anime crossover! 5+1 animes are featured in the video. Can you recognize them all? If not, they are: Attack on Titan, Free!, Naruto, Sonic Adventure 2, Sailor Moon and bonus Hamtaro. Yes, I'm aware SA2 is not an anime. Who cares? It still had animated cut scenes, didn't it? I didn't feel like naming this video "What if Pokemon where in other anime and SA2", you know? Stop telling me, I know! I might do a sequel to this if...

Pokemon Battle

A flash animation of a Pokemon battle. enjoy

Pokemon Type Weaknesses Explained

Ever wondered why certain types are weak to other types? In this video, I attempt to explain the reasoning behind each type advantage in the Pokemon world. Pokemon Type Resistances Explained: I make Pokémon videos of all kinds, and I try to post as regularly as I can. If you’re a Pokémon fan of any level, check my videos out! Subscribe to me! Facebook! Rob-Ez! YouTube: Soundcloud: Type Symbols in Thumbnail by falke2009 - #pokemon #pokemongame #pokemontype #typeweakness #pokemongo

Too Cute: Pokémon

Subscribe for more animations! "The flame that burns at the tip of its tail is an indication of its emotions. The flame wavers when Charmander is happy, and blazes when it is enraged." This is a parody of the Animal Planet show, 'Too Cute'; Follow me on twitter and facebook! Thanks to these lovely people for providing their voices! Egoraptor: Octopimp: All music and sounds from

Student VS Finals

A sequel to the blockbuster hit. A Student takes on his final examinations, but the road to victory is more dangerous than he can imagine. It's Student VS Finals... who will win? Student VS Homework Created by The Murphness Music/Sounds by Nintendo Sprites by The Murphness & Nintendo 2011, 2012, 2013 For those who are asking how this was made, it was created manually with Adobe Flash. The text was animated manually, as well.

Pokemon Shorts

Cuz everybody loves the Pokemans. You can SUBSCRIBE here: --------- Watch another pokemon parody: --------------- My own Facebook: Music: