Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep Play Each Other's Iconic Characters
Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep Play Each Other's Iconic Characters
Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep Play Each Other's Iconic Characters

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep Play Each Other's Iconic Characters - TheEllenShow

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For 15 incredible, eventful and sometimes life-changing seasons, Ellen has been making audiences laugh all over the world with her signature brand of humor and her powerful message of kindness. There's nobody better at making you laugh and brightening your day. You never know what funny can do!

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"The Post" co-stars divulged to Ellen what they think of a possible presidential run for Oprah Winfrey, and why Tom served as a bartender for their star-studded Golden Globes table.

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Dame Helen Mirren isn't shy about telling people her age, but Ellen broke the news to Helen that she's actually a year younger than she thought she was - and that might have made her entire life.

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George Clooney Pranks Ellen

The actor and self-proclaimed prankster gave Ellen quite the scare reaction!

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Meryl Streep e Tom Hanks (1^ parte) - Che tempo che fa 14/01/2018

LA PUNTATA INTEGRALE SU RAIPLAY TUTTI I VIDEO E LE PUNTATE - I due grandi attori americani parlano del loro ultimo film, "The Post" per la regia di Steven Spielberg. La storia trae ispirazione dalla pubblicazione sul "The Washington Post" nel 1971 di documenti top secret del Pentagono, legati alla guerra in Vietnam.

Ellen Sets Up an Unforgettable Promposal for Two Best Friends

High school senior McKenna is a huge fan of Ellen, and she had no idea that her best friend Josh secretly wrote to Ellen to ask for her help with the ultimate promposal!

Sarah Jessica Parker Wants Ellen to Play Samantha in the 'Sex and the City' Movie

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker addressed rumors of a possible "Sex and the City 3," and suggested Ellen should play "sexual beast" Samantha.

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The last time John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen was on the show, she proved she didn't know as much as she should about him. Now it 's his turn in a round of "You Don't Know Jack About Chrissy."