Two failed LED bulbs for teardown to determine the cause
Two failed LED bulbs for teardown to determine the cause
Two failed LED bulbs for teardown to determine the cause

Two failed LED bulbs for teardown to determine the cause - JohnAudioTech

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I enjoy electronics, building DIY projects and repairing things. Most videos will be electronics related, but I will toss in something random here or there. Enjoy!

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In this video i will show you --- FAST & EASILY REPAIR LED BULB AT HOME ................ TECH TARUN NOW" 10000 " SUBSCRIBERS ...... THANKS FOR ALL SUBSCRIBERS & VIEWERS ........

How to easily convert fluorescent Lights to LED –Easy Ways to Save Money

How to easily convert fluorescent Lights to LED – Easy Ways to Save Money CORRECTION: At about 3:58, I misspoke. We are replacing shunted with non-shunted lampholders - not the other way around. Visit us at Replacing your fluorescent tube bulbs with LED is an easy project that can save you money on energy costs as well as saving you the inevitable time and expense of replacing the electronic ballasts in fluorescent light fixtures. You can calculate your potential savings using this helpful link: Chapter Links 00:41 Tools and Materials Needed 01:36 Steps for Converting to LED 07:44 Putting Everything Back Together 09:29 Important Tips for Choosing...

10 Amazing Invention Gadgets That Are At Another Level

10 Amazing Invention Gadgets Thank you for watching Please Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share with your friends ------------------------------------------------------ Bev Buckle PortoVino Wine Purse Insta Chain Slide To Safety SkySaver CleanseBot -------------------------------------------------------- For copyright matters please contact us at: Thank For Watching!

Free energy light bulbs Amazing with salt water & magnets - Experiment at home

Free energy light bulbs Amazing with salt water & magnets - Experiment at home

CHEAP vs. EXPENSIVE: LED Pod Lights (Unboxing)

Most expensive LED lights: Middle of the road LED lights: Cheapest LED lights: As we upgrade our LED lighting for our backhoe, we wanted to see for ourselves if there was a difference in LED lights at various price points. Were expensive LEDs worth the money for such a critical tool on our property, or should we stick with cheap LED lights made in China? We hope to torture test these lights, but for now, enjoy this unboxing where we share our immediate observations. ENJOY THIS VIDEO? SUPPORT US WITHOUT PAYING A DIME! It takes us 40+ hours a week to document...

Why Titanic's Tragic Sister Ships Sank

The trio of ships saw journeys of triumph and tragedy. Everyone knows the story of the Titanic, but not many people know that the Titanic had 2 sister ships. Bad luck seemed to follow the trio of ships, but each one of them had glorious moments that live in the minds of those who sailed in them. White Star Line, the company who built the Titanic, had high hopes for what the “unsinkable ship” and its sister ships, the Britannic and the Olympic, would accomplish. #titanic #olympic #britannic TIMESTAMPS The Olympic 1:10 The Titanic hit an iceberg 2:03 The Olympic could save the Titanic 2:28 The...

Dollar Tree $1 Greenlite LED Bulb 9w (60w) Review and teardown

Review and teardown of the latest Dollar Tree $1 Greenlite LED bulb. This bulb is dimmable, uses less than 9 watts and produces 800 lumens. It is also approved to use in an enclosed fixtures as well! See my other Dollar Tree LED bulb teardowns here:

Dual Beam LED vs. Halogen in Reflector Headlights

In this video, I compare dual-beam LED to halogen bulbs in the reflector headlights on a 2012 Hyundai Tucson. This is the first time I'm testing a dual beam LED (high and low beam in one bulb). I perform a side-to-side test of brightness, coverage and temperature of these two bulbs in both low beam and high beam settings. Find these bulbs on Amazon - LED dust caps - To see all JDM ASTAR products, go to Support my channel and buy my shirt!

Ebay LED floodlight scam warning.

If you've bought or are considering buying an LED floodlight from ebay, then this video will show you some of the pitfalls. From unconnected ground wires to MUCH less than half the quoted power rating. I'm not sure why it's so common to see the earth wires left unconnected. The fixture is mains voltage and metal, so it should be earthed, especially when the cable has an earth conductor in it. Although the LED operates at a reduced voltage, there is still the potential for water ingress, electronic failure or bad manufacturing that could result in the casing...

How to make a Ford 3G alternator into high amp.

Find your kit at

Unboxing a $500 LED...

In this video I take a look at one seriously interesting LED. Check it out here:


Teardown to get some insight on why this 2016 style CREE "SA19" 100W LED bulb failed after 6 months usage.

9 Things You Do Wrong In the Morning

How to start your day right? What do we all do in the morning? Jump out of bed because we slept through our 5 alarms, watch some TV as the coffee’s brewing, grab a bagel, and run out the door. But some of the most common morning habits are actually really bad for you! For example, when you open your messages before you've even washed your face, you mess up your priorities. You concentrate on that stack of tasks that have accumulated in your inbox. And your attention switches from really important morning activities, such as having a meal or...

Free energy device Using Magnets generator | New Technology Idea projects at Home

Hello everyone! To Day My video I want to show all of you about : Free energy device Using Magnets generator | New Technology Idea projects at Home I hope you'll like our video clip concerning " 7D Tech" here. Thank You For Watching! And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. - More Link : + Google Plus : + Twitter : + Facebook Page : Music : Electro-light - symbolism [ncs release] -

CFL Bulb Repair - How to Repair CFL Bulb at Home - DIY Dead CFL Lamp / Light Repair - NEW & SIMPLE

In this video we show step by step detail to repair a CFL Bulb and is a great demonstration experiment. We will learn how to open and replace the CFL Bulb in a very simple and easy wayat the minimal expenses. I hope you can easily repair this Lamp at home without any problems after watching this video. In my channel "science & technology experiments" where you will learn how to make hand made crafts, presents, toys etc. The main thing is that one can make it at home and with one's own hands. You are interested in handiwork, craft or you just...


This video goes over the fundamental knowledge, from the very beginning of different headlight housing styles and halogen bulb styles - all the way up to comparing the newest different styles of LED headlight bulbs. If you don't know much about upgrading your headlights, and you want to find out what you need to know, watch this video first! If you already know everything about LED headlight bulbs and you're ready to buy, check out our selection here: Love all things automotive lighting? Subscribe to this channel for more review and install videos and see why Headlight Revolution does lighting better!...

Why some LED bulbs glow or flash when turned off

I've noticed that a few LED bulbs continue to glow slightly, flicker or flash even though the power switch is off. This video explains why this happens.



How To Make A Super Bright LED Light On A DVD/ CD Disk

How To Make A Super Bright LED Light On A DVD/ CD Disk Instruments : 1. CD/ DVD Disk 2. LED Light 3. Switch 4. Charging Socket 5. Cable 6. Soldering Iron 7. Cutter 8. Glue gun 9. A Mobile charger For Checking 10. Mobile Battery/ 4v Battery Music : EDM Detection Mode by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

How to select resistor value for LEDs

Using Ohm's law to help with selecting the resistor value for LED circuits. There are online calculators and apps, but I think knowing how to calculate it yourself is beneficial.

Amazing DIY Mini Laptop

Hello Friends, in this video i will show you How to Make a Laptop Using Lattepanda Alpha. Which is very powerful PSB. it have 8GB Ram, 64GB Emmc, Intel M3 Processor. Operating System of This Mini Computer is Window is 10. its Pre installed in Board. i made its body on my Creality CR-10 3D Printer. its very useful and amazing. it Run Same as a Normal PC or Laptop, For Display im Using 10.1 inches Dispay which 1280x800 pixels IPS Display. You will also get speakers with Display. Here is link of all items that i used in video. Lattepanda...

How To Change/Replace SMD LED Chips (Simple Electronics Tricks) - Very Useful

To Replace SMD LED we use 1. Candle 2. Lighter 3. Tweezer 4. A Waste SMD LED Light

Dollar Tree $1 LEDlife 6.5 watt LED Bulb review and teardown (40 watt equiv)

See my other Dollar Tree LED bulb teardowns here: @bigclive always finds cool LED bulbs at Poundland in the UK an I finally found something similar in the US at Dollartreet in Portland. A $1 light bulb which comes out to 66 pence! Whoa! Anyway, I took it apart and as you can see here it's not a piece of crap at all. A very nice 40 watt LED bulb.

The Potential Dangers of LED Lights | quick tip 9

There is considerable evidence that LED lighting poses some potential health detriments, especially to eye health and the prevention of macular degeneration. Incandescent bulbs give off light near the infrared end of the spectrum and this aids in repair and recovery of tissues, while the LED bulbs give off blue light which as been found to cause degradation and ROS of the tissues. Avoiding LED lights is less of an issue in a sun filled room but much more important after sunset as blue light before bed decreases melatonin production. Watch the full interview of Dr. Wunsch here: Citation:

Philips LED Lamp 9.5W Teardown

A Philips LED Lamp which stopped working is dismantled to see what is inside. 9.5W, 220-240V. Warm white 2700K. The LEDs are 24 individual surface mount items arranged in series. These still work, the failure is in the power supply which unfortunately is potted in resin. Case is made from thick metal with a plastic coating over it. This was purchased in 2013, and has been used for 6-7 hours a day, probably about 5000 hours in total. Contact info, sending stuff in etc.: Support this channel at Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: